Kumkum Bhagya 30th July 2021 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 30th July 2021 Written Update by H Hasan

Kumkum Bhagya 30th July 2021 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Vikram telling Prachi that she is Ranbir’s wife, so shall stay here. He asks Pallavi to get their room cleaned. Prachi says I will clean it myself. Pallavi gets upset. Ranbir says I will go and see my room, I love you Dad. Vikram says I love you too. Pallavi angrily asks Nurse to call Doctor and inform him that Vikram got consciousness and asks him to check him. Dida thinks Prachi has tears in her eyes, Pallavi has anger in her eyes and Vikram has happiness. She thinks don’t know what will happen, and how Prachi will handle.

Prachi comes to room and cries. Ranbir comes there and asks what happened? He asks if this is tears of happiness or afraid that you have to clean the room yourself. Prachi says she is happy that her Baklu has returned to his home, to his Maa and Papa. He asks why she got tensed. Prachi says she was tensed, when his Dad asked her to leave his son, she thought that he just wants him, but when he asked to get the room cleaned for them, then she was relieved. She says if the suspense would have continued then I would have died. Ranbir says we will be together always. Prachi says everything is perfect as we came to our house, with our family. He says when Dad called me my bahu, I felt happy. Ranbir says even me, tells that he is getting feeling from inside that everything will be fine. He hugs her. Dida comes there and asks if they need help. She teases him. Ranbir is happy. Dida says she has stopped talking since he went. She says she missed him. Ranbir says even I. Prachi and Ranbir hug Dida.

Sushma asks Manager and Abhi to either pay the damage or go to jail. She says Police is standing out and I asked him to arrest you both. She thinks if he is inside, then can’t trouble Pragya. Aaliya says Bhai didn’t do it intentionally. Sushma says but he did that accident. Abhi says accident happened due to that guy. Tanu asks who was with Pragya? Sushma says she came here to cover the loss and not to hear their family drama. Manager says I was unaware that Abhi took the car. Sushma says she don’t want to hear. Manager agrees to give 1 lakh cheque in the morning. Sushma goes. Abhi thanks Manager and says I will not forget your favour. Manager says I haven’t done any favour on you and says he shall pay the interest and principal amount to him every month. Mitali says even you was about to go to jail. Manager says if I go to jail then will be out on bail, but do you have money for bail. Tanu says from where we will get the money, we are already in debt. Mitali says atleast we came to know that the earring was of Pragya.

Pragya thinks why did I drink this lemon water, it seems to be like alcohol. She thinks of Abhi. Her innerself comes infront of her and asks her what happened to her, if he means nothing to her, why she gets disturbed and effected by his presence. She says you tell that you are not his wife, but gets jealous hearing Tanu’s name. Pragya says she is not jealous. Her innerself tells that you have come here to take revenge, but whenever you fought with him, either due to Tanu or for property. She says you can’t take revenge from you. Pragya says she is still angry with him. Her innerself tells that you might tell that you are changed, but you are still the same Pragya and he can change you whenever you want. She says when you pushed him, it was your arrogance. She says his love will win infront of your arrogance. She says when you had gone to his home after marriage, he didn’t think you as anything, but things changed. She says his love will win from your arrogance. She says if you slap him, then he will forward his other cheeks, as he is sure that his Pragya will touch his cheeks and will hug him. She says you are still the same and still thinks about him. Pragya regrets to love him like mad, who has no feelings for her. She says she wants to ask him, why did he tell that she is inauspicious for him and why did he ask me to leave, why did he ask me to die. Her innerself says the guy who wants to kill you, why he wants to save you. She says he saved you in the mehra mansion and had beaten Gautam when he was with you. She says he had saved you many times, as he loves you and will love you always.

Abhi thinks he is sure that Pragya has sent Manager and Sushma aunty here, as she can’t do it herself. Tanu asks Abhi if he fought with the guy, who was with Pragya and asks if he was jealous. Abhi says I will leave. Tanu asks him to face the truth. Abhi thinks if Tanu is saying right, that I have beaten that guy, as I couldn’t see him with Pragya. He then thinks why is he thinking about her, who had sent Police to get him arrested. He thinks why is she doing this? She shall answer me. He thinks Tanu is right, the more I run away from truth, it will trouble me more. He calls Pragya and says I have done wrong with that guy, and feels apologetic. Pragya asks him to answer her, which happened 2 years before. She says you answer me, and we will get the clarity. Abhi says you didn’t want to talk about past. He asks her to ask. Pragya asks why did you save me from that guy? Abhi says he was talking bad about you. Pragya says when you saved me today, then why did you do…..Sushma comes there and says I had gone to Abhi’s home. Pragya asks why? Abhi says I respected Sushma ji as she supported you since 2 years. Sushma takes the call and asks him not to call her daughter. She ends the call. Abhi calls Pragya and finds his battery low. Pragya asks why did you take Police. Sushma says even you had taken police before. Pragya says that was a different thing. Sushma tells that Abhi did the accident and the car is in bad shape. Pragya asks if he is hurt?

Precap: Pragya says Abhi had saved her and had beaten Gautam thinking she has danger with him. She says he had beaten him to save him. Sushma asks due to misunderstanding or jealousy. Pragya says whatever may be the reason, but intention was to save me.

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