Kumkum Bhagya 3rd December 2020 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd December 2020 Written Update by H Hasan

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd December 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rhea asking Abhi to marry Meera. Abhi asks what are you saying? He says how can you think like this, what will Meera think if hear this. He says I will not marry anyone. Rhea says it is absolutely clear that you will not marry Meera and will not leave Pragya and Prachi. She says when I was in school, my friends used to tell that I don’t have a mother. I used to come home and sleep sadly, but when you used to wake me up calling me sweetheart, I used to think that I was a fool to believe those school children. She says you was like a mom to me and even left your singing career for me and removed rockstar tag from your name, when you found me slept in the garden. She says you used to feed me food Dad and became my mom. She says you have broken my hope and shared my love with Prachi, I was feeling insecure and was afraid that she will snatch my dad from me and that;s why I started harming me. She asks who is in my life other than you, nobody. Abhi is shocked. Rhea says I am understanding and will tell you directly on your face. She says if Prachi and her mom are important for you, then why will you marry Meera. She says your family will complete, but what about my family. Abhi says Pragya loves you a lot. Rhea says she don’t love me. Abhi asks do you know, how much happy she was when she came about you. Rhea says she is not happy, and hates me. She asks if she loves me then why she is not here. Abhi says they are just upset with you. Rhea says whatever I did was when I was not aware that Prachi was my sister. Aaliya says you didn’t do anything wrong. Abhi asks her to stop. Rhea says Prachi said that I am so bad that I don’t have a mother. Abhi says she must be angry. Rhea says if Prachi has a mother then I want my mother, and that mother you will bring. Abhi says your mom loves you.

Rhea says I want Meera as my mom. Abhi says I will not do marriage due to your stubbornness. Rhea says then I will not stay in this house, don’t know how will I stay here, as I shall be habitual to stay without a mother. She says if I meet with an accident then it is ok, else I will come infront of any car. Abhi asks her to stop it and hugs her. He asks her not to cry and says I will do whatever you want, I will do it. Rhea says do you want what I want? Aaliya says Bhai…you have to marry Meera for Rhea. Abhi looks at her and says I will talk to Meera. Rhea says if she agrees…Abhi says I have a headache and will take medicine. He goes from there.

Ranbir is in the hospital with Pallavi. Vikram is troubled hearing Pallavi and Ranbir’s conversation. Ranbir thinks of Pallavi’s love for him.

Abhi calls Doctor and tells about his headache, says he will meet him tomorrow. His wallet falls down. Abhi looks at Pragya’s pic and thinks of Rhea’s words that Prachi said that she is such a bad girl that nobody will become her mother. He recalls promising her that he will talk to Meera. He thinks Meera knows that how much I love Pragya, she will never agree for this alliance. Rhea says Prachi said that nobody will become my mother, now I will show her that I have my mom and then nobody will call me motherless girl or unlucky girl. Mitali closes her eyes and prays to God, to fulfill Rhea’s wishes. Aaliya asks what are you saying? Mitali says she was praying to God, as Meera might refuse. Rhea says I am 110 percent, that Meera will not refuse. Aaliya says she is not sure. Rhea says I will see to it, that Meera aunty agrees to Dad. Aaliya smirks. Mitali smiles.

Vikram tells Ranbir that today he is very angry with him, he has done a big mistake. Ranbir says yes, mummy is here because of me. Vikram says I will slap you if you say this. He says I used to play good cricket and your Dadu took promise from me to take care of business and forget cricket. He says even now I feel bad about that day. Ranbir asks what is Dadu’s mistake in this? Vikram says if he had taken good care of himself, then I wouldn’t have seen this day. He says just like Pallavi took promise from you and you agreed to leave Prachi. Ranbir says I will do anything for mummy. Vikram says marriage is a relation which is for 7 births and the love will be for many births in your heart. Ranbir thinks of his promise and says if mummy wants then I will marry Rhea or anybody else. Vikram says marriage with Rhea will be a compromise and says do we wear shoes in wrong feet. He says Pallavi is forcing Rhea on you and it is not right. Ranbir says I love mummy. Vikram asks what about Prachi, can you live without her?

Shahana finds Prachi crying and asks her to tell what she was thinking? Prachi says nothing. She says she was missing Papa a lot. She says when I was going to meet him from the PS, I thought to hug him and call him Papa. She says when I met him for the first time, I didn’t know that he was my Papa, now I can’t meet her due to Rhea. She hugs Shahana and cries. She says don’t tell Maa and tells that she was crying a lot and loves Rhea a lot. She says I will not forgive Rhea. Shahana says I didn’t like Rhea since the start and says she brought you at the place, where you didn’t think about Ranbir? She asks her to call Ranbir and ask about the reason why he didn’t come? Prachi says he must have some reason and asks her to go. Shahana says I will not go as I can only wipe your tears. Prachi hugs her and cries.

Abhi comes to talk to Meera regarding Rhea. Meera asks him to come inside the room. Abhi says I told you about my wife. Meera says I know Pragya, whom you love a lot. Abhi says I found her. Meera says I know that Prachi’s mom is Pragya and I thought her as Anuradha ji. She says Pragya and Prachi had come here, I have seen and heard everything. She says I have seen Prachi and Rhea’s fight and says Prachi told so much to Rhea. Abhi says I know. Meera says you thought me as a family and involved me in the family matter, thank you for that. I don’t think it is so important that you came to discuss it here. Abhi says it is important. Rhea hears them from outside. Abhi says few things are not in our hands. Meera says I know what you want to say, that Rhea’s mother returned and will take up her responsibility then give me a week time, I will leave from her and will miss Rhea a lot. Abhi says no and says actually, I didn’t come here to tell this and says I came to tell that, and says you can refuse if you want…and says Rhea wants me to marry you. Meera is shocked. Rhea smiles and gets hopeful.

Precap: Abhi sends voice message to Pragya and asks her to meet him at 12:30 in the hotel, as he needs to talk something urgent. Prachi asks Ranbir to listen to his mother. Ranbir says I have a feeling that I will never meet you again. Prachi is shocked.

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    December 04, 16:38 Reply

    This show is going around in circles how many time they send prachi to jail and she was innocent….rea is guilty of so much crime and the writers have her that as princess rea…and prachi as a pauper and evil….. please..its time alia face get paint black…she is getting away with to much…..

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