Kumkum Bhagya 3rd June 2016 Written Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 3rd June 2016 Written Update by H_Hasan

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd June 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sarla calling Pragya and says she is very happy today as Tanu has left from their lives. Janki takes the call and says they will come to her house. Sarla asks Pragya to visit temple and make mata rani wear chunari. Pragya says she will visit temple but she is more happy as her mum is cleared from the accusations. Sarla blesses her and says it is your good works that you are seeing this day. Pragya says this is your values which you have given me. Sarla blesses her.

Tanu is stepping down the stairs and thinks about Abhi. Tai ji asks Mitali to give money as she is leaving. Mitali says she don’t have money right now. Tanu hears them..Mitali thinks she is inauspicious to make me lose. Tanu thinks about Aaliya and misses her. Abhi sees her and calls her. Just then Tanu looks at him and falls down the stairs. Abhi and Pragya rush to her. Pragya asks Raj to call ambulance. Abhi asks Tanu to open her eyes, and gives water. Dadi asks Abhi not to worry.

Nikhil thinks he has to do something to break Abhi and pragya’s relation. He thinks what to do? Shall I kidnap her…then think whereever she is in trouble, Abhi saves her like a hero. He thinks to give her injection to make her fall in coma. He thinks if he has lost from Pragya, and thinks about her. He gets Pragya’s call. Pragya informs her that Tanu has fallen down the stairs while stepping down. Nikhil says someone might have pushed her. Pragya says nobody has done anything and asks him to think about his responsibility towards his baby. He says you are baby’s father and that’s why I am informing you. Nikhil thinks if something happens to baby then Tanu can’t marry Abhi and my dream to become CEO will fail.

Pragya tells Dadi that Tanu has fallen down in our home and that’s why she is responsible. They rush her to hospital. Abhi tells Doctor to save Tanu and her baby. Doctor says he will do the needful. Nurse asks Abhi to fill the form and asks about baby’s dad name. Abhi tells his name. He thinks baby is mine, and nothing should happen to him. Nikhil comes to hospital and thinks if this is Pragya’s trick to frame him. He thinks I will not go inside, and then her plan will fail and then she will come to know what I am. Then thinks he thinks to check out Pragya’s plan. Mitali thinks if Tanu is acting or doing drama. She thinks she has won the bet and tells Tai ji. Tai ji says I will never bet with you. Dasi asks about the bet. Mitali tells she has won. Dasi scolds them.

Purab tells Raj and Akash that Abhi might be feeling guilty. Akash says Abhi is emotional for the child. Rachna is sad and says don’t know why this has happened. She says everything has changed. Purab asks him to say clearly. Rachna says if Tanu acted like Dadi, so that she couldn’t stop at home. Raj says she is a mum and will not harm her baby intentionally. Akash says knowing that Abhi will marry her only for the baby. Pragya thinks Abhi couldn’t see Tanu’s pain. She sits beside him. Abhi says you said that you will support me like a friend in every situation, and says I need you. He says my baby’s life is in danger because of me. May be Tanu got shocked when I call her, and slipped. He says my baby didn’t get my name and may be life also. He feels guilty. Pragya tells Abhi that nothing will happen to baby.

Pragya says you have taken good care of baby when he is not ……just then doctor comes and scolds Abhi holding him responsible for Tanu’s condition. He says they would have done premature delivery, but it is risky for both mother and baby. He says Tanu was crying badly when I asked her how she fell down..He asks him to take care of his wife. Abhi looks on. Pragya hears him. Nikhil also hears doctor’s advice and scolding. Doctor says we have shifted her to private room and asks him to consult psychiatrist for her. Pragya thinks she was about to tell him about her truth. Nikhil thinks he shall hide before Abhi sees him. Purab asks what happened? Nikhil hides. Abhi tells Purab that Tanu got consciousness and he is going to meet her. Purab doubts on Tanu. Pragya thinks Tanu might trap Abhi and thinks to go. Nikhil comes infront of her and says you called me here to trap me.

Nikhil tells Pragya that Abhi will never throw Tanu out of the house after this accident happened. Pragya looks shocked..

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  1. ravi
    June 07, 01:25 Reply

    stupid serial i had stopped watching this serial

  2. Baby
    June 07, 00:55 Reply

    Full of shit…..i curse the director to fail to get an award for this show…

  3. SKK
    June 03, 23:58 Reply

    completely bullshit

  4. unknow
    June 03, 17:52 Reply

    never seen so much crap in a show, stupid, no sense. they will repeat stories again and again for four years. so 2 more years to go and Abhi will again marry tanu and pragya stopping the wedding may be for another ten times. What I don’t understand how the main characters accept to play this stupid roles. I will be ashamed.
    Viewers just stop watching, not worthed your time.

    • riyan shabir bhat
      June 04, 10:43

      It’s very very cheap show I just want to stop watching this

  5. Karlene
    June 03, 17:43 Reply

    Same crap over & over again!!!! This show is a joke.

  6. Dragon
    June 03, 17:10 Reply

    Uhh….stuck again…should have seen it coming!

  7. Dolly
    June 03, 15:47 Reply

    This will not change
    Waste serial ever

  8. Fan
    June 03, 15:17 Reply

    stop tanu dramas stop non sence plz

  9. Fan
    June 03, 15:15 Reply

    Worst serial worst episodes

  10. Fan
    June 03, 15:15 Reply

    Worst serial so dragging worst worst

  11. Fan
    June 03, 15:14 Reply

    Such a worst serial ever seen plz don’t drag stop tanu dramas plzzzzzzz

  12. Guest
    June 03, 15:11 Reply

    Such u worst serial I have ever seen day by day dragging draaaaagggiiinnggg please stop dis non sense nd end up Tanu dramas

  13. Mini
    June 03, 15:00 Reply

    WU are enough.
    It is so funny Nikhil dreams still of CEO, I would like to see Pragya choice Purab as new CEO and in the presence of Abhi, Nikhil and Tanu.

  14. sarah
    June 03, 12:39 Reply

    no mother can use his child like this and look nikhil an tanu it s a bad exemple for young couple because sometime we said that drama are an exemple for the people who see it

  15. sarah
    June 03, 12:37 Reply

    its too much its becoming boring now

  16. fan
    June 03, 12:22 Reply

    as predicted..tannu is not going to leave that house. both her and nikhil are selfish and using baby to get ahead in life. i wish abhi shud find out the truth that its not his kid. when is praya going to tell him? when he finds out from someone else and realises pragya knew this all along but never said anything to him?

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