Kundali Bhagya 13th May 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 13th May 2023 Written Update by Sona

Kundali Bhagya 13th May 2023 Written Episode

Daljeet bringing the lights explains she s kept them safe for so long but they are very dirty and he would have to clean them, Mr Khurana says that he was trying to count but she made him forget it all, Gurpreet coming mentions she has heard what he was telling so she will clean it, Palki coming informs that Bua jee should leave it since she is allergic to dust however Gurpreet says she will have the medicine. Mahi comes to them mentioning she has to bring her dress but does not know how she would do it, mentioning her skin has gotten tired, Mr Khurana explains that all such people had to be associated to his house, he asks Palki to come and help him count the money. Mr Khurana is shocked to see Preeta and Rajveer enter their house, Daljeet asks what are they both doing here when Preeta informs they have come to help them all in the decorations, Daljeet mentions she has done a very good thing because she was not able to take her beauty sleep. Preeta advises her to rest.

Rajveer starts staring at Palki who is also looking at him, Mahi noticing them both comes to stand between them when she also starts smiling seeing Rajveer before going to sit with her father, Daljeet mentions to Preeta how they have planned to use so many lights that all the guests would be left awed, as even their son in law works in the film industry. Daljeet is not able to pronounce function properly so Preeta is forced to think for a moment. Mr Khurana informs they also have a lot of lights and would make sure that nothing is left in the preparation, Preeta instructs that Rajveer would handle the lighting, suggesting that he should start from the terrace.

Preeta asks Daljeet what is the plan of the food, Daljeet informs that it is a very small function so she believes they would make the food in the house and not call the cricketers, Preeta asks if the cricketers are also coming to the function, Mahi corrects her saying how she meant caterers. Daljeet informs she feels they should purchase the sweets, Preeta hesitantly suggests she can make very tasty sweets so they should just arrange the ingredients, Daljeet getting emotional asks if Preeta would really do so much for them, Preeta replies that it is nothing to be worried about, she can do this all for the happiness of palki.

Daljeet exclaims all her problems have been sorted, she asks Rajveer to go and start decorating the terrace with lights, Mohit also suggests Rajveer how he should not forget decorating the two walls, Mr Khurana explains he should just give ideas and not do anything himself, Mohit informs an idea can change everything. Preeta first ask Palki to help but then informs she must rest after applying a face pack, Mahi informs that she would take care of Palki, Mohit explains this is what she does since she has no idea about anything else, Mr Khurana asks Mohit to come with him since they have a lot of things to do, Mohit explains he will not go on the scooter so Mr Khurana asks him to take his own bike.

Preeta suggests Daljeet to rest for some while, she instructs Rajveer to start decorating the lights and asks if he needs the help of someone, she leaves to prepare the sweets with Gurpreet while Palki informs she will clean this place.

Shaurya steps out of the car when Sanju comes asking if he is fine, Shaurya questions why is he so concerned for that girl because he is not that bad a person however these people have really irritated him so now he has to teach her a lesson. Sanju informs that Shaurya can do something else but his plan is very dangerous. Shaurya seeing the van coming informs that now they can not even back out from this plan, Shaurya greets the men who come out of it, and informs he ahs already sent the address and picture of that girl, he says that now it would happen right now, they all leave while Shaurya exclaims now the ear ring girl would pay the price for what she has done to him.

Gurpreet informs Preeta she is really nice and talks very politely, Gurpreet explains she cannot understand how Preeta is making these laddo when she is not able to do anything, Gurpreet informs that Daljeet never lets anyone speak in her house but today Preeta is instructing everyone what they have to do, Preeta mentions now she is under pressure. Palki comes mentioning the sweets have a very good smell, Preeta asks her to taste one of it when Palki informs they are indeed very tasty and she has never had laddo like these, Preeta is glad that now she got the desired result, she prays that Palki should get married to someone who is also worthy of her.

Daljeet is handing Rajveer the decorations when she questions Palki where are the needles, she stops Palki while herself going to bring them. Rajveer is about to fall due to poor balance of the wooden stool, Mahi and Palki both come to him when Mahi leaves after getting a call explaining she will come back very soon, Rajveer says she was talking as if she was doing all the work, palki informs that mahi is like that. Rajveer leaves to bring some paper which he can place under the stool, Palki in the mean time gets up to the stool, she is about to fall but Rajveer catches her and they both get really emotional. Daljeet comes informing that she found the needles, Daljeet asks Rajveer to go and bring the decorations from the store saying they were really heavy, she even sends palki to help Rajveer.

Daljeet enters the room searching for something when Mahi comes informing that all her friends have very big heels but she does not have even one of them, Daljeet says she will go and bring for them when Mahi replies they are very expensive, Daljeet gets emotional asking when has she ever refused to her, assuring she will surely bring them for her. Mahi keep correcting her which angers Daljeet, she finally leaves saying she was searching in the wrong room.

Mahi staring at the mirror wonders why does Rjaveer never compliment her for being beautiful, when even the strangers keep saying how beautiful she is looking but he does not feel anything even when she tries her best to impress him, Mahi thinks it might be because of the dress so she opens the wardrobe, Mahi keeps throwing them on the bed one by one until she finally gets the dress which she likes to wear. Daljeet entering the room scolds Mahi questioning what has she done to the room, mahi informs she must change since her clothes are very uncomfortable, she leaves to change when Daljeet also thinks that Palki would herself clean the room.

Palki enters the store when Rajveer suddenly pulls her back but she instead hugs him tightly, Palki and Rajveer both start staring each other in the eyes and get very emotional, Rajveer also gets nervous.

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