Kundali Bhagya 14th May 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 14th May 2023 Written Update by Sona

Kundali Bhagya 14th May 2023 Written Episode

Palki and Rajveer both keep staring each other, he apologizes explaining he just wanted her to stay behind him because it feels as if this room has not been opened in a very long time and there might be lizards and other such reptiles so he did not want her to be scared, palki questions if he thinks that every girl is scared, Raver replies not all girl but just her because she is exactly like her aunt, Palki questions now if he would call her as his aunt, Rajveer laughing informs he will never call her.

Rajveer explains he is going to take the lights which Daljeet aunti asked him to get, Palki says she will turn on the lights so he does not fall, Rajveer gets scared while trying to pick the lights and then jumps to sit on the chair, Palki seeing his condition starts laughing out loud, Rajveer is not able to take his eyes off her, palki questions what has happened when he says she must never think he is flirting but it is just genuine compliment, he says she has a very beautiful smile. Palki start looking at Rajveer who is also just smiling.

The men which Shaurya has hired reach the house, they start looking if the have all the things required to perform the task.

Rajveer apologizes to Palki if she felt bad about what he said, palki asks since when has it started happening that they tend to get angry from their friends. Rajveer once again goes to pick out the box containing the lights, Palki helps him place them on the chair when explaining tat they have to take out even the other lights. Palki does not notice the lizard at first but after seeing it she hugs palki, Rajveer requests Palki to not scream while hugging him as then everyone would feel as if he is forcing her, Palki replies that she is feeling good while hugging him. Palki realizes what she said was wrong so she immediately steps away, she explains she did not meant what she just said, as she meant she felt safe when Rajveer replies he knows what she meant, Palki asks the reason so he explains he is really smart. Mahi sees them both wondering where is Rajveer, he asks palki to call him whenever she is any trouble as he knows to do a lot of things and the neighbors tend to help each other. He asks if they should leave when palki agrees, they both get stuck at the door when Rajveer signals Palki to go before him.

Shaurya is hitting the ball against the door when Sanju asks if he really mad, Shaurya says they should look at the time since it has been one hour and there is no update from Jackie, Shaurya asks for his phone which Sandy throws at him, he manages to catch it but Sanju gets scared when Shaurya replies he is the son of Karan Luthra and has very good catching power. Shaurya asks Jackie who says it seems everyone is busy in the house and they are writing for the right time.

Palki climbs on the stool trying to fix the light and flowers, Rajveer asks her to step down revealing he will do it, Palki starts getting a call from ketan so does not answer it at first, Rajveer instructs her to answer it, Ketan asks what has happened questioning if she has changed her mind, palki questions why is he talking like this, Ketan suggests she should stay away from Rajveer, Palki stepping away says she does not know why he is asking her to stay away from him when Rajveer is a very nice person.

Rajveer stepping down informs that he feels they would need some other lights for the decoration, Rajveer and Palki both walk to get them when Jackie along with his accomplice leave planning to kidnap Palki when everyone else is asleep.

Mr Khurana is talking with someone on the phone when he sees Palki and Rajveer working together, he exclaims he has heard that a partner is someone is the one who helps his partner in need, he pray that Bhagwan should do what is best in their life.

Daljeet comes asking Mr Khurana if he has invited everyone, Mr Khurana informs that he has invited all those who are ticked, Daljeet gets furious saying that he has not completed even half of the people.

Daljeet sees Mohit coming so says he should invite the rest of the people while she will leave with his uncle, Mr Khurana explains that Mohit can leave with Daljeet, but Mohit says why should he go with her when Mr Khurana married her, Palki scolds him when he apologizes explain he got tensed after being scolded since the morning.
Daljeet mentions she even has to get the heels from the friend of Mahi, since tomorrow she has to wear them for her shooting, Mr Khurana explains that he is not going to go to anyone’s house, Daljeet says she will herself go and get those heels, Mr Khurana leaves after taking the money.

Mohit sitting explains there is no network here and he will call them from his own house, Rajveer replies that he has a problem in his mind because he is very lazy, Mohit angrily says that whatever relation they had amongst them has ended, Mohit leaves.

Rajveer and palki are working when they both stumble and start looking at each other, Mahi comes asking him to fix the latch of their bathroom door since it is broken, palki also asks Rajveer to fix it since they would need the extra bathroom. Rajveer asks where is the bathroom when Mahi walks with him to show the bathroom.

Jackie is standing with his men outside the house, when he explains he is very hungry so Jackie asks him to go and bring something to eat but his accomplice informs he does not know any place here, since they have just come here to kidnap someone. They both get scared when someone places his arms on their shoulder.

Rajveer reaching the bathroom asks if this is broken, but he notices it is fine so questions if it is broken from the inside, he enters the bathroom when Mahi thinks how she purposefully ruined the latch so they both get stuck together after which she is able to force him to love her. Mahi starts smiling thinking now her plan would be fulfilled.

Jackie and his accomplice are glad to see Shaurya, he asks if they both are going to kidnap someone like this when they inform they are very hungry, Shaurya asks if anyone has seem them, they reply everyone hearing which Shaurya gets furious, they reply they meant their own family. Shaurya suggests they both should quickly go and eat something while he would stay here and keep an eye on the house, however Jackie remains standing when Sanju and Sandy instruct him to leave, Shaurya exclaims tonight is going to be the night when the life of Palki is ruined as she is surely going to suffer.

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