Kundali Bhagya 15th May 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 15th May 2023 Written Update by Sona

Kundali Bhagya 15th May 2023 Written Episode

Rajveer is trying to fix the latch when mahi also enters, he says it is not a very big problem since only a screw has come out so he thinks og going to bring the tool kit, Mahi explains she made the right call by informing him about it, he leaves to bring it while Mahi gets excited. Rajveer turns back to leave when Mahi stops him, he asks if anyone has told her that her conversations are really weird, she replies that no one told her so he leaves. Mahi goes to open the door when Daljeet enters explaining her father has really irritated her, so she left him at the vegetable market. Mahi getting emotional explains if this means she has decided to divorce him, Daljeet hits Mahi mentioning she just meant that she left Mr Khurana to bring the vegetables. Mahi ask where are the heels, Daljeet apologizes explaining that she forgot about it however assures she will ask Mr Khurana to bring them, Mahi gets mad when Daljeet informs that she gets these wrinkles on her face when she is angry, Daljeet texts Mr Khurana who enters the house with the vegetables, he questions what has she sent him, Daljeet explains that it is the address of Mahi’s friend from whose house they have to bring the heels, Mr Khurana replies he had already warned her that he will not ask the shoes from anyone, Daljeet gets furious asking what is the problem with it, Palki also comes when they both are arguing, Daljeet says that he does not care about her and is always scolding her, Palki calms him down so he leaves warning he will not go anywhere. Palki informs Maa that she will go and get the shoes of Mahi, Daljeet is relieved, she thinks of teaching Mr Khurana a lesson for what he has done.

Rajveer is trying to fix the door but the screws are not going inside when he requests Mahi to bring some new screws for him, she getting excited goes to bring them but then also picks some of her bangles which she places in the corner of the door. Mahi asks Rajveer to first close the door then try screwing it, she closes the door however Rajveer removes the lock explaining that he will call the carpenter since it is not that easy. Rajveer gets worried thinking the door is stuck, Mahi acts as if she is getting suffocated so hugs Rajveer who feels really uncomfortable, he assures he would open it but Mahi keeps hugging Rajveer and is smiling.

Sandy asks Shaurya why is that girl so important for him, Shaurya does not understand anything when Sanju says he meant that girl Palki. Shaurya says she is not important for him but he just wants to teach her a lesson since if she gets hurt then Rajveer would feel the pain since she is really important him.

Mohit starts walking while talking on the phone, he feels as if someone is standing behind him so turns back but there is no one there, he leaves for the Dadar station in an auto. Shaurya sees palki coming out of her house, he instructs Sanju to call Chunky and instruct him to come here, Palki is walking when she feels as if someone is following her but before she can do anything, two men hold her from both hands, Palki screams for help, Rajveer hears the scream so gets worried.

Shaurya is really excited seeing palki being kidnapped, when Sanju and Sandy come asking why is he so happy, Shaurya says that she has gone to the place where she has to spend the night.

Rajveer asks mahi if she heard the scream of someone, Mahi mentions it is from her heart, Rajveer says he felt as if palki was calling for his help, Mahi gets angry informing that they have to listen to her only as she is stuck with him in this bathroom, Mahi mentions she is feeling suffocated and restless here. Rajveer gets furious explaining she is like a child and her behavior is very strange, Rajveer realizing it assures she is a very nice girl but he never wanted to ruin it all however just felt the pressure since they both are stuck in the bathroom. Rajveer mentions she is really mad, he says she is really a weird person and is talking like this to him. He informs she is not a heroine and this is not any scene from a movie, Mahi thinks he feels she is a not a heroine but thinks he would surely accept it, she acts of bring dizzy at first but then falls so Rajveer holds her, he helps her stand up when she exclaims that now they both have become the hero and heroine. Mahi thinks she first never liked him because he was not that wealthy however now he has become her choice. Mahi hugs Rajveer asking him to open the door, he is really frustrated.

Palki in the van keeps requesting them to let her go, Shaurya is following the van when palki seeing the opportunity jumps out of the van to try and escape, Sanju and Sandy ask Shaurya if they should catch her but he says that no one amongst the three of them is going to show their face otherwise Palki will understand the truth.
Palki while running falls on the road, Chunky along with his accomplice ask if she thought she would be able to run away, they both once again push Palki into the van after which they drive off. Shaurya asks his friends to see how everything got sorted but she forgot in this world they get what they deserve. Sanju says he is talking very religiously; Shaurya informs he has two Grandmothers who keep talking about the religious matters.

Palki and Gurpreet enter the house and are praising the decoration and the preparations, Preeta mentions she does not know about the rituals in Mumbai but where she used to live there was a ritual that they would perform the Nazar of the bride before any event. Gurpreet mentions they would surely do it since it is a good thing. Daljeet coming mentions this person has really irritated her, Gurpreet asks what has happened when Daljeet complains about Mr Khurana’s behavior and how he never lets her do anything, Gurpreet tries to defend her brother but Daljeet is not ready to listen to anything. Preeta suggests to Daljeet that she must not get affected whenever Mr Khurana tries to irritate her in the future, she replies then he will find some other ways to do it but Preeta is adamant asking her to try this reverse Psychology, Daljeet says if Preeta is right then she would consider her as the Guru of this house, Preeta smiling says then Daljeet should start considering it, they all start laughing.

Precap: Palki gets kidnapped and she shouts Karan’s name. Karan, inside his, car looks toward Van. Shaurya is standing outside the Van and tries to get in. Rajveer sees tyre prints on ground and says did someone kidnap Palki?

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