Kundali Bhagya 16th May 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 16th May 2023 Written Update by Sona

Kundali Bhagya 16th May 2023 Written Episode

Preeta asks where is Palki so they can perform the ritual, Daljeet informs that she has gone to the house of Mahi but will come back very soon. Preeta informs that she would need some more boxes to pack the sweets, Gurpreet informs she will ask Mohit to bring them from the local vendor. Gurpreet once again asks Daljeet to call palki who says that she would e coming back very soon.

Palki is being held in the car when the driver informs that there is police in front of them so he is going to be a little cautious, Palki seeing the opportunity tries to run away when they once again catch her and pull her into the van when one of them questions why did the driver not put the child lock. Palki sees karan in the car so recalls that she had asked him for an autograph, she tries to call him for help but is pulled back before he sees her. Shaurya stopping the car behind them informs his friends how he has changed his mind and feels like he should bring Palki, Sanju says he himself said that they should not see her, when Shaurya replies but he is feeling as to what is the matter. Karan gets out of his car after seeing the van and sensing that something is wrong.

Shaurya sees Karan stepping out of his car so hides thinking he might have made a mistake, Sanju questions why is he coming back so Sandy says it is because of his father, Chunky in the van gets tensed seeing karan coming towards them so instructs the driver to be really fast, Karan thinks why did he felt as if he has seen someone. Karan gets into the car and leaves.

Rajveer asks Mahi to let go of him because how else would he open the door, Mahi mentions she is feeling suffocated, he still tries to open the door while Mahi is constantly smiling hugging Rajveer, he asks her to call someone, but she says her phone is outside. Rajveer starts banging the door calling someone for help, Daljeet wonders who is calling for help from inside when the door opens from there, Mahi wonders why did her mother come here when her love story was just about to start. Daljeet gets shocked hearing the voice of Mahi. Preeta questions what has happened when Rajveer says that Daljeet can not open even a single door. Preeta is shocked hearing the voice of Rajveer, Daljeet asks Preeta what is her nephew doing inside, Rajveer signals mahi asking her to see what is happening. Mahi apologizes to Rajveer and tries touching him but he stays back from her Preeta manages to open the door when both Rajveer and Mahi come out, Mahi asks Daljeet why is she talking like this, she apologizes to Rajveer informing how her tongue slipped.

Mahi says that she thought Daljeet would have gone to pick the heels, Daljeet says palki had gone and it has been very long, Daljeet however is not able to reach palki mentioning she is not answering her call, Mahi suggests she should call her friends house and ask them about Palki, Daljeet says it is her best friend so she herself should call her, mahi says that she has her phone with her, Daljeet gets shocked after answering the call and informs that Palki never reached her house. Preeta suggests they should look for Palki near the house.

Palki keeps requesting them to let her go since she is innocent, Chunky slaps Shiva questioning if they have come to see his face, Shiva then asks his men to bring a rope with which they tie her around a chair. Chunky thinks that he will inform that they have got the bird, Palki keeps requesting them when Chunky instructs them to tie her mouth since she will create a lot of noise.

Preeta along with everyone else is searching for Palki, Mr Khurana also comes out asking what has happened when Preeta says they were thinking of coming into his room, he mentions he felt worried so came out. Mr Khurana informs he knows where is palki, Daljeet angrily explains that he is always ready to scold her when she has not made any mistake, Mr Khurana says she herself asked him to go and get the heels from Mahi’s friend, but he refused to do it so she send Palki. Daljeet replies he is the one who thinks she is irresponsible, but it is not the case. Preeta says they meant that palki never reached the house of Mahi’s friend, Rajveer says and in the time that she has been missing, they could have come back from her friends house three times. Mr Khurana gets worried. Preeta asks Rajveer to go and look for Palki near the society. Rajveer leaves assuring he will surely find Palki from the bike and bring her back.

Shaurya reaches the house with his friends and is glad that his father ahs no come back, he gets a call from someone so starts searching for his phone, Sanju and Sandy explains his phone would have fallen in the car, Shaurya finds out it is Chunky who informs they have properly tied Palki to the chair. Shaurya angrily warns him to not harm her, Chunky assures they will not do anything to her but if Shaurya likes then he himself can come and do whatever he desires, Shaurya asks if the room is clean when Chunky informs it can be if he likes it, Shaurya says the room should be clean and even the bed sheet must be new, Sanju and Sandy ask if he is really going to do such a big thing, Shaurya replies it has already happened in his mind. Shaurya starts the car to leave but just as they are about to get out of the main door, Karan stops his car in front of them, he coming to Shaurya asks why is he feeling as if they are going somewhere, Shaurya replies he will stay back if this is what he desires, Karan takes out the key, demanding everyone step out of the car.

Shaurya along with his friends step out, karan warns that he will go straight to his room as there could not be any work which needs to be completed, Shaurya says there is one work, Karan asks about it when Shaurya says he would not like it at all, Karan then says he does not want to now it but mentions he must go back to his room. Karan asks Sandy about his name and questions if he should call Rishab, Sandy gets scared so leaves informing his father has already gotten angry at him. Karan then turns to Sanju questioning if he would have to ask him separately. Shaurya says that his father is not at home, Karan replies but his father is standing right in front of him, Sanju leaves. Shaurya also turns back to go into the house when Karan questions where is he going without parking the car, Shaurya mentions the guards and drivers can do it. Karan instructs him to do it by himself.

Rajveer rushes out of the house while calling Palki, he is shocked seeing the tire marks on the middle of the road and wonders if Palki has gotten kidnapped, he thinks he would be able to find palki quickly on the bike. Shiva is placing the tape on Palki’s mouth, she is really scared.

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