Kundali Bhagya 1st February 2020 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 1st February 2020 Written Update by Sona

Kundali Bhagya 1st February 2020 Written Episode

Karan assures Preeta of her release pleading with her to not worry, he explains that they are all with her, she asks if he also meant himself to which he explains that he is also standing beside her, he holds her hand at which Preeta starts to cry, he asks her to look at him explaining that he is with her, she asks if he meant only the present situation, , he explains that she knows why he said it all.
Sherlin is trying to leave the house, Maira comes to ask her what has really happened as leaving the house over such a small thing is not the right thing, Sherlin explains that she is really smart as everyone in the Luthra family believed her story but it was Maira who knew that she was lying and so she must do anything that she can to make her come back to the house, Maira asks her then is it really necessary that she should leave, Sherlin explains that she overreacted as she also had the original video where Maira was pushing Preeta hearing this Maira gets shocked, Sherlin mentions that she can check her phone if she does not trust her as she has deleted the video, Maria takes the phone starting to check it which leads to Sherlin getting nervous, suddenly Maira gets a call from her mother asking her to come in, Sherlin seeing the opportunity takes the phone from her and after getting in the car warns her to be cautious as there are still a lot of well wishers of Preeta in the family.
Karan is walking out of the police station both him and Preeta are remembering the moments spent with eachother, he gets confused about his feelings, when he reaches the car he starts to smile wondering what is happeaning to him and is lost in the memories of Preeta, she is also continuously thinking of him, Preeta thanks god for showing karan the right way as he is helping her in the difficult time, she plans to do everything that she can to correct all the wrongs in her life.
Sanjana is in her house, there is bell on the door she wonders who it is, when the worker opens the door it is Sherlin who is standing there, she asks the worker to take her suitcases in the room and then prepare the food, Sanjana asks her what the matter is to which Sherlin explains that she came back as she cannot live in the Luthra mansion because Risahb does not trust her, Sanjana does not trust her so orders her to explain the truth, She mentions that she created a big scene out of a small fight that happened between them both as she wanted to prevent him from finding out something, so now will make sure that they all come to apologize to her and she will be eating dinner when Risahb will be getting scolded.
Risahb is with Sameer wondering what is taking so long, he asks Maira to come and asks about Sherlin, she explains that she has left the house, Kartika comes asking Risahb to follow her as Karina is calling him, he goes to the room then sends Sameer back to attend the party, he is also trying to send Kartika but Dadi asks her to stay then she also demands her to call karan, he explains that karan is not in the house, she gets curious about where he is.
Karan enters the room and wonders where everyone from the family is, Maira comes explaining that he is getting scolded by the family members, so karan immediately rushes to help him.
Risahb is standing in front of the family members, they all scold him saying that he has made a mistake and they want him to correct it, Risahb explains that the only mistake which he made was to leave the room thinking that she will cool down after he leaves but never thought that it would not be beneficial for him. Karan tries to defend him but Risahb advises that he remain quiet as everyone is really angry with them so if he says anything then they would be beaten, Dadi demands that they both listen to her and obey her orders as she is the elder of the family, she explains that she loves them both and also loves Sherlin as her daughter, so she wants that Risahb go and apologize to her so that she can come back, Rishab is left stunned hearing her verdict.
Sarla is anxiously waiting for Preeta to come, when she arrives they explain that there are two surprises for her, Shrishti mentions that the first surprise is that she was the one who prepared the entire Tortilla which are in her lunch box, Preeta is left stunned hearing this, janki says that there are all different from one another so it seems as if they are the maps of the cities that are in India, Sarla scolds them for creating a scene in the police station,.
Sarla takes Preeta’s hand and sits with her, Shrishti is called and when she comes explains that the second surprise is that they have hired a lawyer who is very professional and are now sure that Preeta will be released very soon, Preeta explains that she feels that she would no need any lawyer as Karan came to meet her and even promised that he will get her released from the jail, she even feels that he would make sure that the charges filed against her are dropped, Sarla starts to weep explaining that she really wishes that what Preeta is saying comes true.

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