Kundali Bhagya 20th May 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 20th May 2023 Written Update by Sona

Kundali Bhagya 20th May 2023 Written Episode

Rajveer is standing in the balcony of his house, Palki also walks to stand in the window when Rajveer manages to see her, he just keeps smiling looking at her when after a while Palki also notices him standing there so recalls how he came to protect her when she was kidnapped, she starts smiling seeing him while Rajveer is also smiling. He is not able to take his eyes off her, palki gets emotional thinking how he cares for her unlike anyone else, they both keep standing there for a while. Mahi comes calling Palki so she turns back rushing to the bed, Rajveer also enters the room once again.

Gurpreet asks Rajveer what is he thinking about, palki also replies to Mahi there is nothing of the sort. Mohit says because his behavior changed when he heard the news about her wedding. Rajveer questions if they would believe only if he starts dancing, Palki asks Mahi to let it be as she is very tired and needs to sleep. Rajveer also informs that he has a lot of work to do in her wedding, Gurpreet agrees informing that Daljeet has given them the entire responsibility. Palki and Mahi also lie down on their bed when Mahi hugs Palki who also holds her hand. Palki even while lying down on the bed is constantly thinking about how Rajveer has always been there to protect her from al the problems in her life, he does not let her get injured. Rajveer is also not able to sleep and is constantly thinking about Palki.

In the morning Gurpreet comes asking Daljeet to have the tea, she says she is very worried as they have gotten late. Gurpreet asks her to have tea while Preeta gets ready. Mohit comes all dressed up to take the blessings when Gurpreet says that he should learn something from Rajveer who is very simple and always ready to help others, Gurpreet asks Rajveer to come and have tea as then he would not get a chance due to the immense work. Preeta comes mentioning she is ready, everyone is left shocked seeing how beautiful she is looking, Gurpreet also applies the tika so Preeta does not get the evil eye of anyone, Daljeet asks Preeta why did she not wear the saree that she bought as it would look very nice. Preeta says she will change after coming back from the Mandir, Daljeet gets excited asking if they should leave so Preeta leaves with her. Gurpreet asks Rajveer to have the tea while she puts the cup in the kitchen.

Gurpreet and Rajveer both go to the house of palki when Rajveer hears the guests informing it is very hot here and she has not even had anything to drink, Rajveer takes the juice tray from mahi which he starts distributing to the guests, Mr Khurana is asked about Rajveer so he says that he came as their neighbor but has become a part of their family. Mahi asks Rajveer if he would help put the decoration, her friend asks if she likes him when Mahi informs that anyone would like him due to his behavior and him being very handsome.

Rajveer starts appearing decorations when he sees Palki getting ready in the room, he keeps staring at her when palki notices him so turning calls him but Rajveer says that he is working, so Palki also turns back an starts getting ready once again she secretly notices Rajveer is still staring at her but she accidentally drops her ear ring, Rajveer runs to pick it up before she can knee down, Palki is not able to say anything when Rajveer asks if he can help her, Palki does not say anything while he helps her wear the ear ring. Gurpreet enters the room calling palki, Rajveer immediately leaves informing he has some work.

Gurpreet praises palki for looking very beautiful when she notices that palki is just staring at Rajveer who is standing behind them, she asks if Palki is fine but she does not say anything.

Shaurya is sleeping when the alarm starts ringing, Shaurya mentions today is the engagement of palki, so he gets up from his bed thinking it is going to be the best morning, he picks up his guitar to play some music. Shaurya after sitting on his bed starts singing the same song, which he usually sings in the morning however he is disturbed by the call on his phone from Sanju. Shaurya refuses to meet anyone of them informing he is busy. Shaurya explains he will only meet the girl with the ear ring.

Preeta after ringing the bell enters the Mandir with Daljeet, she wishes the Pandit jee who performs the ritual. Pandit jee asks Preeta je where was she during the past three days informing even the people from the committee were asking about her, Preeta informs that there was a lot of work, Daljeet informs that her daughter is getting engaged and even married today, she reveals Preeta je also did a lot of help. Preeta informs she wants to hold a pooja for Palki Khurana and she prays that whatever Palki gets in her life should be the best for her, Pandit jee informs that Preeta is right as they do not know what is best for them but Mata Rani is the all-knowing, he says she would have also thought something for Preeta as she usually comes to the Mandir.

Preeta holding her hand starts praying while Rakhi also enters the Mandir with the Thali in her hands, she stands beside Preeta.
Mr Khurana is talking on the phone mentioning everything is ready and they should not be worried about anything, Gurpreet comes to him when Mr Khurana asks if there is anything which she wants to say, Gurpreet replies she did not say anything to palki since everything else was fine but Palki seems really tensed, Mahi coming informs it is because she is leaving them. Gurpreet says it is not the case as she had already left them for her medical studies but this time it feels ass if something is empty in her. Gurpreet notices Rajveer helping the guests, so recalls how she saw Palki noticing Rajveer.

Mahi stops Rajveer asking why doe he not care for her as she is also thirsty, Rajveer quickly picks the glass of orange juice when Mahi asks how did he know she likes orange juice, he replies he did not get the intuition so Mahi should not think that he has understood her feeling as it is not the case. He leaves to give Gurpreet the juice, Mahi calls him for being a grumpy boy.

Rakhi standing in the Mandir prays that Preeta is still alive in their hearts and she prays that Preeta should remain happy wherever she is, she turns to leave however is shocked seeing Preeta, Rakhi starts searching for her in the Mandir but is not able to find her, she then rushes to the pandit jee informing that she really loved her daughter in law but she left them all years ago however today when she came to pray for her, she saw her in the Mandir and feels she is alive. Pandit jee gets confused as Rakhi starts crying.

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