Kundali Bhagya 20th November 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 20th November 2023 Written Update by Sona

Kundali Bhagya 20th November 2023 Written Episode

The criminals threaten Shanaya but Karina hits him in the hand saying he would shoot only with his un however he takes out the knife, Palki immediately runs to bring something while the criminal says now he would surely remove this ring but Rakhi refuses saying it belongs to her daughter in law, Palki runs to Rishab asking what is he doing with the roller when he says this is what he got, she throws it to the criminal who falls but then gets up once again, Palki covers his eyes then calls Kavya who comes with Daljeet to take Rakhi away while they all start beating the criminal until Mohit comes to help her. Kritika asks Rakhi to come and all the women are standing together when Kavya tries to go back to her father but is stopped by them all, they start fighting with the criminals together.

Karan is overpowered by Shekar and one of his accomplice who start beating him so Kavya runs to help him but Karan sends her away, Shekar explains now he has had enough and they will surely teach everyone a lesson, he explains he said they should let them steal peacefully when Karan replies this is the Luthra Mansion and did they think it would be that easy. The entire Luthra family is beating the criminals, Shaurya seeing Rjaveer thinks if he does not kill Rajveer right now then would not get a second chance and so at this time the blame would be on the criminals. Rajveer questions what is Shauyra doing with the remote when Karan also notices him, Rajveer asks what is with the remote when Shaurya says that Rajveer really liked it, Mahesh removes the jacket from Shekar and throws it always just then Shaurya hits the button causing the jacket to blast, everyone is shocked seeing it. Shaurya gets scared along with the rest of the family who are stunned but this give Shekar the time to grab his gun once again and he puts it on the head of Karan threatening to kill him if anyone moves from their position, Shekar demands that they should all bring the entire jewelry and cash from their house within two minutes. Shekar even demands the jewellery that all the ladies are wearing, Rajveer warns that nothing should happen to him. Karina also explains they can take everything but nothing should happen to her son, Rishab explains he has all the cash and will bring ti but nothing should happen to him.

The criminal then demands all of the women to remove their jewelry which they quickly give to the criminals. Rishab returns with two bags which are full of cash and jewelry, they check it when Shekar asks all of his accomplices to come ahead when he thanks Sandy for bringing him to this house. Shekar then pushes Karan while they slowly start walking backwards, not knowing that Garesh and Girja are bringing the spice powder which they throw on the criminals who fall down as their eyes start burning, giving time to the family members to quickly grab their guns and all of the jewelry, Rishab then asks everyone to tie the criminals giving Nidhi the time to come out of hiding. Nidhi is glad that they all have been caught. Rishab then calls the police informing the Inspector to come quickly to the Luthra Mansion there are a lot of criminals present here, karan is helping when he tells Rakhi he will come after finding Preeta. Nidhi gets worried seeing Karan leaving to find Preeta.

Kavya is helping when a lady asks if the lady is fine whom she took away, Rajveer calls Mohit who quickly comes to him so they both leave along with Gurpreet. Rajveer asks Mohit to find Maa and take her away before Mr Luthra sees her, Gurpreet asks where can they find Preeta je when karan jee knows this house and she is very worried. Rjaveer is also tensed when Mohit remembers that Kavya took Preeta je away and she told them that she took Preeta je to the guest room, Rajveer asks Mohit to quickly leave with Maa.

Preeta waking up gets tensed realizing she got unconscious and wonders how are everyone, Gurpreet and Mohit rush to Preeta who asks how is everyone outside as the criminals were attacking when Gurpreet assures that everyone is fine, Preeta insists on helping them but Gurpreet explains that everyone went to file the complaint to the police station and they must return, Mohit asks Preeta to come and they leave.

Rishab asks Nidhi to take the bags inside, Rakhi is scolding them saying what teachings would have their parents given to them and explains she was telling the criminal to not take the ring but they did not listen so how can she even slap them. Mahesh tells them that his wife is very innocent and does not insult even the criminals but is very furious today so is cursing them.

Palki is slowly checking the injury on her hand when Daljeet asks Shanaya what happened to Palki so Shanaya informs she saw that Palki got hurt while trying to help Rakhi mom. Daljeet explains she is the one who should be hurt when Shanaya hits her wrist twice then yells, so Rakhi rushes to her asking if she is fine when Shanaya explains she got hurt but now is fine, Bani Dadi praises Shanaya for caring a lot for her future in laws, when Daljeet says this is the teachings that they have given to their daughter. Karan comes when Rishab asks what happened so he informs Preeta is not in the house.

The inspector enters when he says that he is glad they have caught them because they had been trying to catch them, Rakhi says she is glad the Inspector came otherwise she felt like slapping them, Bani Dadi says she is glad her daughter in law did not slap them otherwise they would have become half dead. The inspector takes all thee criminals away while Rishab hands them the guns belonging to the criminals.

The Luthra’s then see off all the guests who leave their house, Sandy asks if Shaurya will drop him to his house when Shaurya says Sandy should go by himself, Rajveer tells Karan sir he should also leave along with Palki who hugs Rakhi while Daljeet and Shanaya also leave.

Rajveer standing outside asks Palki and Shanaya to wait for a little while when he will call the cab, Shaurya coming out asks if Palki is leaving when she says she would indeed leave, Shaurya says if he is going to drop Sandy so might as well drop them both so Sandy asks if he is sure when Shaurya says that Sandy is his best friend and he said he would drop him. Shanaya explains that Shaurya is very nice as he is always ready to help others. Palki looks at Rjaveer who signals her to go and so she sits in the front seat when Shaurya asks Sandy to drive so Rajveer sits in the back seat but Shaurya then asks Sandy to come out as he will drive. Rajveer feels it is a bit strange and is furiously looking at Shaurya, he says he is a good driver.

Kavya is walking in the Luthra mansion thinking about how her mother came to save them from the criminals hit them in the head while then herself got injured so she rushed to help her, Kavya is not able to forget the moment when her mother was looking at her. Kavya is still crying when Karan comes down and notices her sitting there, Karan asks if she did not go to sleep when she tries to leave but he stops her, karan asks what happened when she refuses, he says he is her father and they cannot tell how much they care and love their children either in words or expressions so he can also not explain how much he loves her which is why he cannot see her crying so can she tell him the reason for, Karan promises to hear it whenever she is comfortable and he can do anything to end the tears. Kavya still says that she does not have anything to say.

Shaurya in the car is continuously looking at Palki, Sandy sees Shanaya looking at the photos and exclaims she is only worried about her designing and then even thinks that Palki is not bothered by what Shaurya is doing and has no idea how many boys are after her. Shaurya purposefully causes the gear knob to be stuck in the dupatta of Palki and asks why can she not keep it to herself, Palki replies he is talking as if his car got broken due to her, Rajveer says that Shaurya cannot talk to Palki ike this when Shanaya stops Rajveer saying he cannot talk to Shaurya like this, Sandy says someone should even talk to him, he explains he felt weird and left out so asked them to also include him. Shaurya suddenly stops the car when Rajveer gets out along with Palki while Shauyra insists that nothing would happen to them as their house is not that far away. Shaurya says he does not know what is happening to him, he also follows them all.

Kavya still says there is nothing, Karan replies this is why he was saying that she should tell him when she feels comfortable, Kavya leaves but karan is also emotional.

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