Kundali Bhagya 24th January 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 24th January 2023 Written Update by Sona

Kundali Bhagya 24th January 2023 Written Episode

Rishab while on the call mentions he can understand it but wen they are on the right side so what is the reason to be afraid off, he demands they should try to find an answer. Rishab angrily throws his phone after seeing Anjali standing on the door, Arjun also enters the room. Rishab angrily exclaims he has seen a lot of bad people but none of them are like him, Mahesh advises Rishab to calm down. Arjun asks Anjali if what he is doing is right since he is not feeling like it. Anjali explains he must control his emotions, arjun advises Rishab to look at these files, Rishab angrily demands Arjun should get out from his sight. Sameer confronting Arjun informs Rishab bhai is not like this and is really a polite person, but he always gets furious seeing Arjun, Sameer says Arjun should leave. Rishab throws the file mentioning he for the first time has met a person whom he feels like hating but cannot do it, he mentions he is a nice person so Arjun must not exploit it. Anjali picking the file informs their lawyers are going to come in seven days, they all can pack their bags by that time.

Preeta runs to Rakhi showing the results informs Arjun is Karan, Rakhi replies she knew it an felt it in her heart, she takes the reports. Preeta mentions his writing and fingerprint are a match to Karan, Rakhi hugs Preeta thinking she was right to believe he is Karan, Karina angrily says Arjun is not Karan, she mentions if he was karan then would not have asked them to leave this house.
Arjun is glad that the relation broke before it was joined, she feels he would have really come to stay here after they found out the truth, arjun stops Anjali asking what was the behavior and why did she ask them to leave this house, Anjali replies because she never wanted them to find out the truth about him, Arjun angrily explains he is trying to prove he is Arjun but would never ask his family to leave this house.

Karina angrily questions Rakhi why she is not understanding since he is not Karan, Rakhi replies to Anjali has asked them to vacate this house, Karina argues questioning why is she not able to understand the truth, Preeta gets emotional when Rakhi is adamant to accept he is Karan.

Arjun informs Anjali he is Karan and would never ask his family to leave this house, Anjali tries to mention their plan would fail but Arjun does not care about it so reveals that he will not harm his family anymore. Anjali mentions if he doesn’t hide his identity then would not find out the reason Preeta and Rishab deceived him and tried to murder him, Arjun warns her to not talk about Preeta but Anjali informs he must act because only then he would be able to find out the truth, as he himself said they both threw him into the river

Rakhi is arguing with Karina explaining she is right to believe that he is Karan when Preeta is quietly sitting on the chair, Karina inquires if Arjun is actually Karan then why is he not telling them the truth abut his identity, Rakhi exclaims it might be possible that his face changed after the accident, Karina still not want to believe it when Rakhi informs that she only feels he is her son and nothing else matters.

Anjali comes informing Preeta that Arjun is calling her, they all are tensed when Preeta leaves. Rkahi stops Anjali, mentioning she wants to talk with her, Karina inquires what does she want to talk about, Rakhi asks Anjali for how long does she know Arjun, Anjali leaves replying she knows him since the past ten years, Rakhi is sure Anjali is lying.

Arjun is smiling staring at the photo when Preeta slowly walks behind him and is not able to understand why he is doing it, she is standing behind him while he is smiling staring at the photo of Karan. Arjun feeling someone is standing behind him turns to find Preeta who has tears in her eyes, Arjun also feels a bit emotional, he mentions he has an offer for her, Preeta inquires it when Arjun reveals he is not going to snatch this house from them if Preeta agrees to marry him. Arjun picks her hand, when Preeta gets emotional, and they both start crying. Preeta closes her eyes remembering when she got married to Karan, she is shocked after having the same feeling. Preeta recalls how Arjun and Karan are vey much alike each other, she agrees to marry him. Bani Dadi and Shristhi come and are very tensed, the rest of the Luthra family also walk towards them. Rishab notices Arjun is holding the hand of Preeta, when she agrees to marry him. The Luthra family is stunned when Arjun gets excited informing he is going to get the suitable time for their marriage, Arjun leaves Preeta walking out of the Luthra Mansion. Rishab is not able to believe it.

Dadi immediately asks Preeta to not do anything of the sort as there is no need to sacrifice herself for them, Shristhi also explains why Preeta cannot marry him when she is just marrying Karan once again and even has the proof to explain it, she shows the video where Arjun is trying on the clothes of Karan. Karina replies that Arjun has told them that he likes Karan and so wants to collect his belongings, Rakhi explains but the fingerprint and handwriting cannot be wrong, Shristhi informs that in this century it can be manipulated.

Arjun and Anjali are walking out of the house when Anjali asks what is he saying, and is he really going to marry Preeta. Arjun explains that he feels she might not have tried to kill him at all, Anjali is shocked asking what is he saying because he himself blamed her, Arjun replies this house belongs to his parents and he can not oust them, Arjun reveals both Rishab and Preeta are not parents because he heard Dadi praying, who revealed that Rishab and Preeta are not like husband and wife but are just really good friends and they respect each other. Anjali is stunned when Arjun revels he is her husband and they both have vowed to spend the lifetimes together. Arjun leaves while Anjali is shocked.

Rishab kneeling in front of Preeta asks why she agreed to marry Arjun when he is a bad person and Preeta je should have at least thought about it, Rakhi questions why can she not marry her again when they all know that Rishab assured he is going to protect Preeta as she is the wife of Karan, Rishab tries to explain just because Arjun beaves like Karan does not mean he is the same person. Rakhi inquires why are they not believing her and she is sure he is Karan, Karina also enters the room asking how many times does she have to say it that he is not their Karan but is just obsessed with everything that belonged to Karan. Rakhi cannot understand why they are not believing her, Rishab informs that the most important thing is they should stop Preeta jee as she has made a wrong decision, Rakhi angrily replies Preeta has made the right decision to marry Arjun.

Precap: Arjun on the call asks Preeta if she knows she is going to marry him very soon, and it means within the next two or three days, so she should go and take a divorce from Rishab and complete all the other formalities, Rishab is shocked hearing this while standing at the door.

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