Kundali Bhagya 25th March 2020 Episode Watch Online

no new episode of the show telecasted today. Most of the shows have stopped shooting due to global covid-19 situation, new episode will be posted when it gets telecasted, sorry for inconvenience!!

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  1. unknown
    April 23, 12:46 Reply

    the entire family is dumb even Karan except rishab I think she’s better with rishab or non of them because at least he believes in her. Karan acts over smart and always blames preeta for whatever happens to him he’s so dumb honestly. I always watch the show having hope that they will all be exposed and if they did its always a dream in the show and preeta is also annoying because she’s so nice she always tries to help but she gets blamed later if only she ignores them the show might be a bit interesting because they make her look like she’s the one ruining their dumb family all the time and she doesn’t care she still wants to help?????? I’m so disappointed with Karan because he always proves me wrong so I don’t care as much if he reunites with preeta because she’s too good for him.

  2. Rahul
    April 12, 15:13 Reply

    Truth always wins but here its the opposite, very bad show…Also bad teachings for young people. Very Poorly written.

  3. amy
    March 25, 22:21 Reply

    hahahhaha…rishab and karan is just a character name why u guys r saying good and bad about their behavior ..the main problem is script writer well all creative team … they try to make us fool all the time.. and showing that indian culture and family .

  4. Yaya
    March 25, 19:07 Reply

    This series is so stupid the villain always wins and get off
    Mahira n sherilyn will pay big time stupid
    I never see an idiot like karan
    Good thing about rishab he believe preeta no matter what

    • liala
      March 25, 21:39

      stupid people are always looking for a reason to insult people,stop insulting karan without knowing what his next step is.
      softy rishabh believes preeta but says nothing when others insult her very well.
      best example sherlyn rescues mahesh and rishabh is so grateful, even though he wanted the video 5 minutes before,
      rishabh is as much a victim of brainwashing as karan.

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