Kundali Bhagya 26th March 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 26th March 2023 Written Update by Sona

Kundali Bhagya 26th March 2023 Written Episode

There is a fight on the road, Karan and Rishab are shocked to see Shaurya fighting when Karan asks what has caused it, Shaurya is arguing with them when Rishab stops him, Shaurya questions what are they all doing here because he can handle it, the people explain he hit their houses and they would have died it, Shaurya angrily says there is not going to be any talk here when the people say he can call the police if he desires, Shaurya is constantly arguing with them which angers Karan who scolds him, Karan asks the people what has happened here so they inform him that Shaurya ran over their houses causing such loss to them, he explains he is glad they were not in their houses otherwise they would have surely died, Shaurya explains that the footpath is no place to make such houses as it is for driving, Karan angrily says that he said it correctly that the roads are made for driving but he must not drive it on the footpath, Karan demands he should apologize to those who he has wronged, Karan forces him to say it louder, Rishab takes Shaurya away.

Karan apologizes to the people assuring that he is going to pay for rebuilding their houses and nothing wrong is gong to happen to them, they praise Karan for being a very good person because he has taken care of them. Rishab asks Shaurya to not even utter a single word, Shaurya explains that his father has ruined his image in front of these people because he is always cursing him and scolding him in front of everyone, Rishab takes Shaurya away explaining that Karan is his father, and it happens.

Karan in the office directs his manager to go and arrange the new housing for that family, he explains there are a lot of boys like his son who do not know how to live their lives, Rishab comes to sit in front of Karan who is really furious, Rishab requests him to drink the water and calm down but Karan says Rishab should not ask him to calm down at this time, he explains he has to talk with Nidhi to talk some sense into Shaurya. Rishab gets up to leave explaining he must do some work, Karan is furious.

Rajveer with a smile on his face enters the bus when he helps Preeta get on it, they both sit on their seats and Preeta informs she had once before went to Mumbai where she practiced but cannot remember when Shristhi got married and gave birth to him, Rajveer thinks how Shristhi informed that Preeta is his biological mother but they cannot tell her as she does not remember it and might not be able to survive the news, Preeta explains that whenever Rajveer is by her side she feels he would not let anything wrong happen to her, and has the thought that he is very close to her. Rajveer thinks that she feels like this because she is his mother, he had said it before that he feels Preeta is his mother while she explained he is just like Krishna as he tends to make mistakes and cause a lot of problems. Rajveer cannot stop thinking of all those moments when he felt really close to Preeta, even during the time when she was admitted to the hospital. Preeta refused to let him go to Mumbai alone because he has to establish himself there for which he needs his family’s support. Rajveer thinks when she went to Mumbai the first time a lot of bad things happened to him but this time he is going there to take revenge from his father for all those wrong things which she has suffered. The bus starts going to Mumbai, Preeta informs that lot of people have fulfilled their dreams after going to Mumbai and it is called the city of dreams. Rajveer explains he is also going with the dream of fire, Preeta is shocked asking what does he mean when he explains he is going with a lot of dreams. Preeta mentions she would surely support him in each matter.

Nidhi enters the room when Karan angrily calls her questioning if Shaurya reached back home, she replies he has not come back till now. Karan explains that she should not let him leave the house when he comes back today, Nidhi asks him to calm down questioning what has happened, he explains Shaurya was about to kill an entire family that lives on the footpath, Nidhi explains she is survey going to talk with Shaurya and there is noting to be worried about, Karan ends the call.

Nidhi calls Shaurya who is driving the car and asks if his father once again said that she should ground him in the house and not let him leave till he mends his behavior, Nidhi explains this is exactly what he said, Shaurya asks if she is going to do it with him when Nidhi replies she is always there to support him but he should not do anything wrong till his father forgets about the incident. Shaurya is glad that Nidhi is always there to support him and is not like his real mother Preeta who story their Dadi always tells him, he jokes that he is fed up hearing the stories of the elders of their family. Rakhi is heartbroken hearing their conversation and leaves.
Preeta is sleeping while resting her head against the shoulder of Rajveer, he smiles noticing a couple who are eagerly waiting for their son to grow up and call them as his father and mother, they are sure he would surely grow and call them as his parents. Rajveer recalls when Preeta once before explained that he is just like her son and she is always going to stay by his side, he thinks he is going to take revenge from his father The Karan Luthra who has ruined the life of his mother.

Shaurya is in the jeep with his friends thinking how his father humiliated him in front of so many strangers when his friend informs, they are going to the farmhouse of Shaurya hearing which the girls ask why did he not tell them as then they would have made some preparations, His friend explains that the farmhouse is the best place to enjoy as they would be there without any supervision. Shaurya thinks he hates both his father and mother, he demands some more beer from the girls who say that it has ended, his friend mentions there is a local eatery from where they can get the beer and even alcohol, Shaurya smiles.

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