Kundali Bhagya 28th January 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 28th January 2023 Written Update by Sona

Kundali Bhagya 28th January 2023 Written Episode

Anjali asks what is the good news, Arjun informs that the wedding time has been fixed for the day after tomorrow, Anjali congratulates him when he requests if she can ask the designer to come at the Luthra Mansion, Anjali asks why there, he informs that he is shifting to the Luthra Mansion, Anjali ends the call, she asks Prithvi what is he going to do that would force Arjun to become her, he explains he will think about the plan and tell the truth.

Dadi gives the glass to Karina asking Kritika what is going on as she seems really tensed, Kritika replies she does not know why she feels that he is thinking of harming their family and would surely try to hurt them, Karina wonders what can they do that would reveal his plans and make sure they win from him, Shristhi standing at the door exclaims they have to ruin the wedding, she mentions they have to stop it.

Anjali requests Prithvi to do something since the wedding is just after two days, Prithvi advises her to make sure that he doesn’t get close to the Luthra’s, Anjali asks how it is possible when he has decided to go and live with them in their house, Prithvi is really shocked explaining he cannot understand Arjun, even when he has dealt with a lot of weird people. Prithvi sitting down exclaims sometimes he gets furious with his actions while the other times is delighted by it and feels he has done a very good thing. Anjali asks what he is going to do that would stop this marriage, she reveals that he would first consult her before making any decision but is now taking without taking her advice and is planning to marry Preeta. Prithvi is shocked.

Shristhi says to Dadi they have to support each other and make any plan which would stop this marriage, and it should be such that Arjun would not be able to harm them. Kritika agrees they would do something but will have to work together, Karina also agrees with her. Dadi asks who would talk with Preeta when Shristhi replies she would talk with her later.

Sherlin explains that Preeta has very good destiny because she all the nice people tend to marry her, Prithvi exclaims he was the only one who was not able to marry her, Sherlin and Anjali are shocked. He explains he is the best of person because of which he is with Sherlin. Prithvi assures Anjali that Arjun would only sit with her in the Mandap and not Preeta, she asks what he is going to do when he informs that she should believe in him as he will figure out the plan, Anjali is about to walk away but Prithvi stops saying that he will send her the bank details.

Rakhi is searching for the number in the diary, Mahesh enters the room so she asks if he has the number of Rocky who won the award of the best designer, Mahesh inquires why does she want his number when he reveals he has to talk with her, Rakhi relies she is not interested in talking with her, he request her to at least listen to him, Rakhi replies he would say she is depressed and lost her mind but she does not want to hear those things, Mahesh walks out of the room saying she can do whatever she desires, he informs he has sent her the number, Rakhi is glad so calls him informing she wants to make a transaction.

Arjun enters the kitchen and is about to pick an apple, kavya stops him mentioning she likes him but not that much that she will allow him to take her favorite apples. Arjun helps her sit on the table, asking if she can really eat such a big apple but he says that they can share it, Kavya picks the knife and he tries to take it but Preeta comes to the kitchen, she asks Arjun why is he taking the apple from a child. Arjun informs he just wanted to take the knife, Preeta does not believe him so scolds him but Kavya informs Preeta that she was lying and he just wanted to take the knife. Kavya force Preeta to apologize from Arjun, and then even asks her to shake his hands but Preeta is not convinced however agree due to Kavya. Preeta starts getting a strange feeling, Arjun also exclaims Kavya has become naughty.

Rishab while going into the room notices Arjun with kavya, and how he is taking care of her, Preeta starts smiling but Rishab is just looking at them, and how they both are enjoying their time together. Rishab feels emotional but then smiling turns away.

Rakhi while selecting the jewelry exclaims, she doesn’t have words to express her happiness, so seeing Preeta asks her to come inside informing she came on the right time. Rakhi asks Preeta which jewelry would match the dress of her wedding, Rakhi starts showing her all of the necklaces, Preeta explains she felt there is no need to do this all, Rakhi asks why she would not do it with such joy as Preeta is going to marry Arjun and he is Karan. Rakhi replies they both know he is Karan but what about all the guests, as they might think wrong of them. Rakhi exclaims there is no need to worry about them, when they both know he is Karan and even the fingerprints matched, along with the signatures so these are all the proofs that reveal he is Karan. Rakhi informs she feels this is what Mata Rani desired as Preeta and Karan are getting married, so what else can she desire. Rakhi reveals she thought Preeta, and Rishab would become husband and wife but they both remained like friends and have utmost respect for each other, it might be because they both thought of Karan, she knows Preeta missed him a lot but did not reveal her feelings, however Karan has once again returned to her life, she just desires Preeta should remain happy and Bhagwan always does things for the better. Mohan listening to their conversation leaves.

Preeta prays every girl should get a mother-in-law like her, Rakhi replies she is her mother so does not want anything other then to see her happy.

Prithvi is shocked when Mohan informs that Arjun is really Karan as even the fingerprints have matched. Sherlin asks what has happened which caused him to react like this, Prithvi says he cannot even understand what he heard, he says why did they not search into the life of Arjun. Sherlin demands him to reveal the truth, Prithvi questions why they never thought why Arjun would be interested in the Luthra’s and desire to do business with just them, Sherlin mentions she thought about it, Prithvi asks then why she not shared it with him. Sherlin is confused when Prithvi informs that he just found out that Arjun is Karan, Sherlin exclaims it is not possible when Prithvi replies he has found the proof. Sherlin says that he himself told her that Karan fell into the river, Prithvi questions where the poof is when someone might have saved him, Sherlin says it might be a coincidence, Prithvi reveals Mohan informed him that the fingerprints of Arjun and Karan are a match, and it is not possible that two different people have the same fingerprints. Prithvi angrily exclaims they cannot let this marriage happen, since it was their desire to ruin the Luthra’s which would not be possible if they both get married. Prithvi exclaims they must stop this marriage and there is only one person who can help them, Sherlin asks who is that person, Prithvi smiles staring at her.

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