Kundali Bhagya 5th February 2020 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 5th February 2020 Written Update by Sona

Kundali Bhagya 5th February 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sherlyn coming to meet Preeta. Preeta asks you… Sherlyn says yes, I was missing you a lot, you know everyone is celebrating Ramona’s birthday, you are here in jail, you aren’t habitual to be here or at your home, you used to come to Luthra house anytime, I had to spend time with you, I told everyone that I m going to get the cake, I wanted to give you good news. Preeta asks her to leave. Sherlyn says I will tell the news and go, you know what happened, I have left my Sasural today and went to my mom’s house, I got bit angry, you know me, I react instantly, but it happened as I thought, Rakhi and Kareena came to take me, I went with them, I did this drama to leave the house, they did as I wanted, we got the news that Mahesh is not able to breathe, I went there and saved him, Rakhi and entire Luthra family thanked me, they all got quiet, everyone hates you, their love ended for you, they love Mahesh more than you, they have seen Mahesh’s state today, won’t you like to know what happened to him, leave it, everyone is happy there, they respect me, they worship me, since I saved Mahesh’s life. She asks Preeta to go to a big jail, she will be declared as the culprit. Preeta asks her to hear her good news. She says Karan came to meet me and promised me to get a clean chit for me.

Sherlyn says you are too innocent, you trust anyone easily, you will be in pain when Karan breaks your trust, you tried to kill Mahira. Preeta scolds her and asks her to just leave. Sherlyn says I m your friend, so I m telling the truth, Karan is trying to get you close so that you depend on him and not find a good lawyer, then he will break your trust, you will be far from his heart and life, you will go to jail, then there is Kuldevi puja, Karan and Mahira will sit together. She taunts Preeta. Preeta pushes her and shouts. Sherlyn says its out last meet, we won’t meet again, won’t you ask me today about the father of my coming child. Mahira comes there and looks on. Preeta says I know, its not Rishabh. Sherlyn says fine, you will hear the name of my child’s father today, maybe its Rishabh, or maybe not, sorry I have to go and get cake for Ramona, bye. She gives a flying kiss to Preeta and goes. Mahira hides. Preeta cries.

Everyone sings the birthday song. Ramona cuts the cake and feeds everyone. Kritika says we know Sherlyn isn’t good, what to do. Sameer says yes, but she did a good thing by saving Mahesh. Sherlyn asks Rishabh to call pandit, Kareena asked her. He asks her to call and make arrangements as she likes. She asks Rakhi to go and rest. Mahira sees her. Ramona says Rakhi, Sherlyn is really nice, you got a nice bahu. Inspector asks the court hearing time. Constable says 3.30. Inspector gets a call and says lawyer will fight the case as you said, I gave the number to Preeta’s mum. Sherlyn says good, your wife got the fees. She says lawyer Sharma will take money from Sarla, but fight for me, I will win, Preeta will lose. Mahira comes and asks what did you do now. Sherlyn says I won’t let Preeta come out of this evidence, judge will see the evidence and know its fake, I chose the lawyer, Sarla would have felt the lawyer will free Preeta, I bribed lawyer and inspector, Sarla will feel lawyer is good, he will take money from Sarla but fight from my side. Mahira says its big risk. Sherlyn says Preeta is a big problem, I m ready to take any risk, we should not think what we will lose, we have to think what we will get, how we will win. She goes.

Karan says Rishabh, its Preeta’s court hearing tomorrow, do you think I have something to save her. Rishabh says you have nothing, how will you save her, did you have any idea. Karan says lawyer uncle gave suggestion. Rishabh says if Mahira tells that Preeta did this, I don’t think she will withdraw her case. Karan says I can’t let Preeta get punished, she is so innocent. Rishabh says I know, you don’t need to say. Karan says it depends on Mahira, I will talk to her. Rishabh says you will talk, but its not easy. Karan says I promised Preeta that I will get her out of jail on a clean chit, I will talk to Mahira, I hope she won’t refuse to me. Rishabh hugs him. Karan goes. Rishabh says I don’t ask anything for myself, bring Preeta and her family out of this, they are good people. Sarla shows Kumkum Bhagya hall papers to someone.

Shrishti asks who is he. Janki says he gives money loan on interest. Sarla asks the man to give money on time. He says fine. Shrishti checks the papers and thinks its hall papers. Sarla says give him the papers. The man goes. Sarla says we have to get Preeta out of jail, I have mortgaged the hall. Shrishti says you should have told me. Sarla asks why, I found this way right, I love this hall, but Preeta is my life, she is in jail, she didn’t do the crime, lawyer was asking for money, I didn’t sell the hall, its mortgaged, we will give money and get it back, we have to save Preeta, I can do anything for her. Shrishti says you are rockstar. Janki asks Sarla to talk to Karan, maybe he gets this case over in police station, then we won’t need any lawyer.

Karan says I promise to marry you if you give statement in Preeta’s favor. Mahira smiles. Sherlyn is shocked.

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  1. Prisha
    February 06, 00:24 Reply

    Very boring serial.Only rubbish.when will Sherlyn unmasked of her devil behaviour.

  2. Mtay
    February 05, 23:37 Reply

    Rubbish, same hall was mortgage for pragya now preeta
    Who is the writer of this series, wake up from your slumber and write a better script….. And Rishab can’t request for the video from his so called fake wife… This is becoming boring

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