Kya Hua Tera Vaada 23rd May 2013 Written Update *Last Episode

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Kya Hua Tera Vaada 23rd May 2013 Written Update by sen_madhuban

Kya Hua Tera Vaada 23rd May 2013 Written Episode ***Last Episode**

so episode starts…

with bulbul trying on d necklace in front of her grandad…but refuses to take d oder set and insisits on giving it to anika on her wedding (jogi ki balle balle )… grandad & bulbul share a few tears…

d newest love story anika jogi starts…..
jogi searching for 1 glimpse of anika & mona’s mom catches him & jogi makes excuese…mona’s mom makes him accept it & mona’s FIL too comes in and tells jogi dat he needs to get d acceptance of d family first. & jogi tells dat he wil go to any extent to get anika’s love & mona’s FIL says dat he shud take care (bcoz anika bites…ask vihaan )…& shudnt hurt anika’s emotions…

mona’s mom comes to bulbul and tells how she doecnt want to let her go away but has to…(WHY??? if jatin mona can stay here…why not vibu? )…& she says dat she talked to mona’s MIL also…(really??)… she also tells about jogi-anika and bulbul wishes dat dey both b happy.

mona’s fIL talking with MIL on phone and tells him dat every1 is missing her…& vibu will go to Australia for honeymoon (why on earth every1 in ekta’s serials go to Australia for honeymoon??)…& she shud come back till den. he praises jatin for supporting mona…

baraat comes and vihaan looking delicious……
mona does aarti and brings him in…
mona’s FIL goes to call bulbul who is crying but he consoles her…
jogi come in with vihaan’s shoes and accepts dat he is helping anika to hid eshoes as she is new and is unaware of indian customs…
mona’s fil teases jogi and bulbul tells dat he shud prevent anika, rano, rajbeer from asking too much from vihaan.

marriage starts…everyone happy (mona looking dressed for kitty party )…as vihaan puts sindoor everyone claps (????……really??…is dis some convocation??). jatin asks mona if he can do kanyadaan if she feels he has fulfilled his fatherly responsibilities. mona says not to make her feel more ashamed (???is dat possible??) and agrees…..

Post marriage everyone attending guests and Anushka walk in (looking super gorgeous ). she comes to mona and accepts dat she took too long to realize dat mona was always right. in her desire to get her love she forgot to love. she praises mona for fulfilling all promises (even her husband’s also ). anushka syas dat shez going back to australia with babalulu to take care of him (oohhh noo…poor guy…anushka’s husbands’ generally bump off once she decides to take care of dem )..

she blesses vibu & hugs anika & whispers dat jogi is a good guy & she likes him (when did she come to know about him???). anushka is about to leave (why??? she …mona…& pradeep potrait cud have lived happily ever after..) but mona calls her and hugs her. anushka promises to come back for anika’s wedding.

empty house post wedding…only mona & pradeep potrait. she starts talking to it and says dat as he always said dat everything wud b fine…everythng has becum okk… as obviously bcoz hez using direct approach with babaji . mona says dat she feels as if a story is over …and she asks for pradeep’s support in fulfilling d rest of her responsibilities so dat he can never say KYA HUA TERA WADA



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  1. Xia
    June 17, 07:34 Reply

    Anuska was fantastic throughout the show my frnd is a big fan of hers

  2. Sandy
    May 24, 03:51 Reply

    Good to know tht the serial has ended. However, the conclusion is not at all convincing. In fact, it was a hurried conclusion and climax was like a roller coaster ride.

  3. Sonya
    May 23, 18:38 Reply

    I loved this serial. Watched every one of them. Great cast, very talented. Mona and Jatin were superb and so was Bulbul, Vihan, Anika and our gorgeous Anushka. Good choice Ekta! I am really gonna miss this serial and hope you will bring the same cast again in one of your serials. Ekta you rock!

    All the best to the entire team for keeping us entertained.

  4. Abdul
    May 23, 16:19 Reply

    Am a great fan of Kya hua tera vaada, I am going to missed this emotional drama though…

  5. Hanan
    May 23, 14:46 Reply

    Woww am gonna miss kya hua tera vada it ws rili gud,well done Ekta kp d good work going

  6. zeej
    May 23, 14:42 Reply

    U r vry stupid nobody is askin ur opinion jst update wat u ve seen

  7. abc
    May 23, 14:06 Reply

    plz update fast sen

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