Kya Hua Tera Vaada 30th April 2013 Written Update

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Kya Hua Tera Vaada 30th April 2013 Written Update by tiny15

Kya Hua Tera Vaada 30th April 2013 Written Episode

epi starts -BB entering in daadi’s room as daadi called her.BB wid daadi whos selecting dresses . daadi shows difft designer’s dresses 2 BB .BB says that she never worn designer dresses so watever daadi likes she “ll wear.daadi asks her 2 select ehrself as its BB’s engagement &then she shows her a saree & tells her that this saree is selected by her 4 vihaan’s mom & she’d worn it on her engagement but these days gals choose 4 themselves.BB sees the saree & asks daadi if she can wear that saree as harsh uncle & vihaan may like it. BB says her grandmom says that bride’s beauty cums out wid the blessings of elders &…daadi completes the sentence & wid bridegroom’s luv. daadi blesses BB & praises her that shes not just b’ful but also v.nice human being.
@mona’s home preparations r going on.mona wid h r mom. Alok cums & praises the decoration. Alok brought RB also.mona gets emotional & both hug each oder. RB apolgises saying he was influenced by anu’s talks & now he”ll never go from this house. Mona says she also won’t let him go away & if he does it again she”ll bring him back. RB says not 2 cry much & save sum tears 4 BB’s marriage also.RB also hugs his naani & asks mona 2 feed him.

Anu gave a parcel 2 driver & asks rano 2 take care of it as its v.fragile.and then asks that she knows that she has 2 shoot sumthing. Rano tells her not 2 worry abt it!!rano thinks now she”ll teach anu a lesson by pretending 2 b wid her. Car goes & anu thinks that now rano”ll know wat has she gotten herself in2.

@mona’s home vihaan,his dad & daadi & jatin r sitting wid RB,alok & RB telling abt anu’s antics & all r laughing. Mona says that both RB & rano r v.Naughty. So RB says but they r doing sumthing constructive while doing mischief. jatin says says u do sumthing construtcive & i”ll go & see BB. But daadi stops him & says that during haldi & mehandi ceremony gents can’t go not even father & bro.vihaan asks the reason. Daadi says 2 ask those who made these rituals.& tells him not 2go in her room.vihaan says then he shud go back 2 his house.RB says jokingly that he hasn’t cum 2 meet his sis only but wid him also & BB must’d told him that he has also 2 get the permission from them & marriage can still get cancelled. Vihaan asks RB 2 take sum money 4 it.mona says 2 RB tell ur BIL that we don’t take bribe.vihaan agrees not 2 go in BB’s room.mona says yeah we”ll see & all laughs. Vihaan takes RB outside & asks him 2 call him BIL instead of bro & now he”ll let RB meet wahida the mehandi gal’s sis sakina.both laughs.

Rano in the car & talking on phone wid BB. Suddenly car stops 2 sum deserted place. Rano asks driver. Driver says hes going 2 check. Driver checks & tells her that radiator is heated & he needs water 2 cool it & says he”ll go & bring it. rano gives him her bottle but driver says its not sufficient & neede more water. He asks he r 2 wait in the car. Rano in the car & wnats 2 call RB but then didn’t call thinking he”ll b busy.suddenly sum1 knocks on the window.rano asks & saw rohan in the light of her mobile.rano panics & start calling 4 driver.rohan started opening her window. Rano opens oder side of window& gets out but rohan stops her. Rano pushed him away & ran away . rohan is behind her.its sum deserted area.

@mona’s home all r busy. Suddenly a woman in burqa cums. Mona goes & asks her. Woman tells that shes sakina who has cum 2 put mehandi on BB’s hands.mona says theres still puja is 2 b done so who’d sent her so early.woman says BB’s ofc frnd ria sent her. Mona asks he r 2 cum inside & asks her 2 take off her burqa.but woman says no she can’t as there r so many gents here & she”ll sit in bride’s room & after she gets ready she”ll start putting mehandi. Mona agrees &s ays she”ll show her BB’s room. Woman going 2wards BB room. Mona asks how she knew abt BB’s room. Woman start making excuses that ria’d told abt rooms.mona says but ria never came here so woman says then mona tell her abt room.mona shows her the room.meanwhile rano running 7 stops @ sum gate which is locked. Rano asks rohan not 2cum near her but rohan doesn’t listen & start saying wat she can do. Rano took out pepperspray can sprayed it on rohan &runs away.

BB in the room & saw the woman & asks abt her. Woman says shes sakina & if BB is getting ready 4 her fiance.BB asks again abt her. Sakina says shes mehandi gal & again asks the same quesn. BB says yeah but 2day he can’t see her as its mehandi.sakina asks his name. BB says vihaan. Sakina says its bakwaas name. Then asks BB 2 show his photo. BB shows on mobile.sakina again says hes not gud luking & face is alos not gud.BB says sakina is mannerless & she doesn’t want 2 put mehandi from her & asks her 2 go& herself go & stand in front of miror. Vihaan take off burqa’s upper part from his face & asks if he shud go & hold BB from behind. BB surprised but asks him 2 go as its considered not gud omen but vihaan doesn’t listen & says now her challenge is also completed so he shud get reward. BB refuses. Both were laughing. Outside mona thinks that she shud go in & see if sakina is putting gud mehandi or not.mona opens the door & saw both BB-vihaan. Mona smiles & closes the door & went & thanx god 2 bring happiness 2 her daughters.meanwhile rano running in a building. She climbs stairs & hides. Rohan cums but cudn’t see her & goes 2 oder side. Rano cums out & starts going away but rohan reaches & grabbed her. Both cum out on terrace.rohan started misbehaving wid her. Rano trying 2 get away & pushes rohan. Rohan fell from the terrace.rano panics. In BB’s room bb asks vvihaan 2 go away & vihaan getting romantic.but BB pushes him away . vihaan covers his face & started 2 go awya but mona cumds &a sks him 2’ve sum food. Vihaan in sakina’s voice says no he doesn’t want. But mona forces & caught hold of vihaan’s hands & asks why her hands r like man’s then herself that she must’d started working from childhood.BB also trying 2 make excuses. Mona asks 2 show face 2 her. BB also gets nervous.mona take off his burqa from his face. all 3 laughs.mona says now cum & eat food & also “daant” from his GM & BB’s naani. Vihaan says can’t he eat only food. Mona says wat”ll she get?? Vihaan says anything she wants. Mona says 2 take care of BB.mona takes vihaan away & asks BB 2 close the door. Rano cam e down & saw rohan & starts calling 4 help.anu cums in the car. Rano says she didn’t do anything & anu also knew that rohan’d always misbehaved wid her.anu goes & sees rohan & said hes dead. Rano is shocked.

Pre-cap rano asks 4giveness from jatin & RB asks if they can call jatin dad.all BB, mona, their naani, rano & RB r present. Jatin & mona luk 2 each oder & gets emotional.

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  1. Sonya
    May 02, 12:36 Reply

    A beautiful episode. I loved it. Superb acting by Vihaan.
    Rano too is very talented ofcourse BB, jatin and Mona there is no need to talk about them they are awesome. I like Jatin’s voice and he acts so well with a lot of emotion. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode.

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