Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 21st September 2017 Written Update

Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 21st September 2017 Written Update by MA

Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 21st September 2017 Written Episode

Suveer tells Mahi that Evan provoked all of us and says you are saying he is like me. This is what he is. Mahi acts to be shocked and says sorry for misunderstood him. She thanks him for telling him truth and says if you had not told then I wouldn’t have known. She asks him not to tell anyone that he told her as this is a big thing. Suveer nods.

Abeer asks Amla to come to side and sit. He asks her to relax and take a deep breath. He says only you will win this case, as you have moved on and faced the truth. He tells about ant’s story about climbing the mountain and says she will get success at last. He asks what she would like to have. Amla asks will you make. Abeer makes bread sandwich and makes her have it. Amla makes him have it too and says it is good.

Amla and

Abeer come to meet the magistrate. He holds her hand. Magistrate asks her to sit and says I want to hear everything. Amla tells everything about her rape, Viren threatening to make her silent, Evan beating Abeer and threatening to kill them after she stops Suveer and Mahi’s wedding. Magistrate says he is taking this case seriously and wants others involving in this case to take it seriously too. He signs on the papers and asks his subordinate to file it immediately on priority basis. He says he has asked local police station to start enquiry against Maliks and Viraj Mehra. Amla thanks him. Amla smiles.
Amla, Abeer and the lawyer come to the police station. Inspector is surprised to see the magistrate orders and asks Amla to sit. She asks Amla to tell the names of the guilty. He says they will reopen the case according to court orders and says Senior Lady Inspector ACP Sandhya Singh will handle and asks her to give her statement. Amla thanks him. ACP Sandhya Singh tells Amla that she is an investigating officer and asks her to record the statement. Amla gives her statement. She asks Amla not to worry and asks Constable to tell Inspector Kadam to arrest Maliks and Viraj Mehra now itself.

Mahi gets happy hearing the good news and says Suveer has confessed his guilt and I have video recording for the same. Amla asks how did you do? Mahi says I don’t know how much truth was in that, but he has taken all three names. Amla asks if they will give evidence to Police. Mahi says no, and says she will bring evidence on first hearing and will give directly to Judge. Viren is shocked to know on phone that Amla has filed rape case against Suveer, Viraj and Evan. Rishan and others are shocked. Rishan says he wants to shoot them both. Evan says if you have mind then you can solve everything, it is a small matter.

Rishan asks if this is a small matter? Suveer says problem was many, but you got married to Mahi and brought here here. Evan says it is good that Mahi was not here. Rishan slaps him. Evan raises his hand to slap Rishan. Viren, Hema and Suveer stop him. Viren asks them to calm down and says this time is not to fight with each other, but to give reply to them. He says Amla and Abeer are raising fingers on us, calls them blo*dy gutter insects. He says they have just file the case and have not won the case. He says he will file anticipatory bail application and will get bail and come. He asks Evan not to do anything. Evan thinks now I will tell Amla what is rape is, and Amla’s respect will be taken off. Evan calls someone and asks to do something. Viraj comes and asks what is happening. If Police comes to tell this. Evan says who will tell. Viraj says Amla, who else.

Suveer thinks shall I tell Evan that I confessed infront of Amla. Viraj says I don’t want to go to jail and cries. Evan asks Suveer to handle Viraj and says he will check if Mama ji got bail. Inspector Kadam comes there and shows arrest warrant. Evan says how did you come here? Rishan says this is a cooked up story. Inspector Kadam shows the arrest warrant. Hema says they need time. Media also comes there. Inspector Kadam asks Hema to let them do their work. Rishan tries to stop them, but in vain. Constables handcuffs Evan, Suveer and Viraj. Viren comes back with bail papers and asks Inspector to stop, says you can’t take these three guys, he gives anticipatory bail. Mahi is shocked and upset. Inspector asks Constables to leave them.

Reporter asks Viren if you knew that Police is coming to arrest them. Reporter then asks Rishan if he can claim that the report is a fake. Rishan says they are innocent and trapped. Viren asks Media to come to him and says these kids are innocent and he will free them. He says it is a big conspiracy to target them, don’t know why. Reporter asks why they are trapped. Viren says you will get my statement soon. Evan says I will give you statement and tells that the girl Amla was actually a pr*stitute who is blackmailing us for money. Amla watches the news along with Abeer. He switches off the TV and gets upset. Amla asks him to call her whatever they want. She says if we want to win, then we have to hear this. Evan tells Media that Amla is an escort and works with another escort Anisha. He brings Sunny there. Amla and Abeer see Sunny and are shocked. Dev and Anisha also watch news in their respective homes. Amla and Abeer are shocked.

Rishan and Viren come to Amla’s house and asks her to take 50 Lakhs and take the case back. Mando is about to take the bag, but Amla throws the bag, asks them to pick the dirty bag which is bad like their thinking and leave.

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