Kyun Rishton Main Katti Batti 24th July 2021 Written Update

Kyun Rishton Main Katti Batti 24th July 2021 Written Update by Atiba

Kyun Rishton Main Katti Batti 24th July 2021 Written Episode

Scene 1
Samaira says now the kids would speak the truth. I want to meet the kids today. Kuldeep says in heart I have to do something. Samaira says I am very smart. I have an interesting plan. Since we came here my focus was on our wedding not on Shubhra. Otherwise, I would have seen Shubhra’s weakness, Rishi and Roli. Kuldeep says what? She says this isn’t the Shubhra I made a servant. She has changed. So much confidence. She tried to defeat me. The kids she would never go away from her aren’t living with her? She is hiding something. Let’s go ask your kids how do they like their new papa? Kuldeep says don’t drag kids in this.

Samaira says why? You are their dad. Ask them if they like the new papa more than the old one. Kuldeep says what are you saying? I am their father. They are my blood, they have only one dad that’s me. Samaira says Harsh might take your place. Go and ask what’s in their heart. Let’s see how Shubhra convinced them. Kuldeep says we have a meeting with decor. We can meet them tomorrow. Samaira says we will meet them right now. Kuldeep says they are at their nana’s place. You know he’s a Hitler. He might not stop me but he won’t let you go in. Shubhra says what’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine. He can’t stop me from meeting them. Kuldeep says he might say something to you. I would get angry. Samaira says I won’t let you. We will go to meet Rishi and Roli right now. Otherwise, I will get angry. Do you want me to cut my hand again?

Scene 2
Shubhra says breakfast is ready. Roli says I don’t want to eat poha. Shubhra says we have pizza. Roli says don’t you get tired? You work all day. Shubhra says I do but then I see your smile and forget about it. Roli says then you should gift us. Shubhra gives them gifts. Rishi says aai this must be expensive? Shubhra says yes but it’s a gift. Rishi says mama please take us home. We want to go meet our friends. Shubhra says not now.

Scene 3
Samaira calls Phirki. Phirki says I missed you so much didi. Samaira says pack your bags and come to Pune. I am getting married. Phirki says to who? I mean Kuldeep. She says come fast or I will cut your tongue.

Bell rings. Vithal opens the door. It’s Samaira. He says yes? She says move aside. I don’t talk to small people. Where’s the family? She sees the house and says oh wow. You never told me you married such a rich girl. She looked middle class but omg. He says this is Shubhra’s dad’s house but not hers. She says Shubhra will get it all in the end.

Shubhra says let’s prepare for the dance. Rishi says but why? Shubhra says we might have a wedding of relatives. They play music. Samaira says to Vithal to call the kids. Narain says get out of my house before I kick you. Kuldeep says my kids are in this house. I won’t leave without meeting them. Narain says go sit in your car. Samaira says you can’t stop a father from meeting his kids. He says I am a father too. You haven’t seen my anger. Get out. Kids and Shubhra play music. They can’t hear. Shubhra recalls Kuldeep texted and told her everything. Samaira is coming to meet Kids at Narain’s place. Shubhra said you wanted to go home? Let’s go. The kids were very happy.

Madhur says get out of our house. Samaira says I won’t tolerate my to-be husband’s insult. Why can’t he meet his kids? I am their mother-to-be as well. Madhura says let me call the police and tell them there are two goons at my place. Kuldeep says I will send a legal notice. Narain says take left from here and there’s a court there. Get out. Kuldeep says you will pay. Narain says you like cheap things like this girl. All her wealth is equal to my servant quarter. Get out now. Mahi says thank God Kuldeep mentioned.

Shubhra says Madhura we have to be careful. The kids enjoy ice cream with Madhura and Narain. Rishi says aaju ba’s house is the best. Shubhra says mama will tell you a story today. This story is of mahabharat. He never lied. But there was a battle once. So he had to say a half-truth. There was no selfish motive. Guru asked Ashwathama died? He was Guru’s son. An elephant died. His name was also Ashwathama. He said yes, Ashwathama died. Don’t know if he was a human or animal. Roli says isn’t that wrong? Shubhra says Krishna did it. It can’t be wrong. sometimes you take support from lies when the fight is with such people. Rishi says are you asking us to lie? Roli says he’s an idiot. I will lie and cheat. Shubhras ays you know how Samaira is right? She says yes. Shubhra says whatever she asks you, you have to stay silent. Rishi says will she question me too? Shubhra says yes and you will have to do what you aai says.

Episode ends.

Precap-Samaira says I want to meet the kids. Shubhras ays relax. You can meet them. But do all the work. She makes her work as a maid. Chandrani says should we get the toilet cleaned as well? Shubhra says let it be. It’s her first day today. Samaira asks Rishi you never lie, who’s more important to you? Kuldeep papa or Harsh papa?

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