Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 10th June 2021 Written Update

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 10th June 2021 Written Update by Amena

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 10th June 2021 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Randhir saying I m proved wrong today, you fell down in my eyes today. Amrit cries and goes. Veer goes to his room and drinks. Amrit comes. He scolds her for saving Randhir. He says you cheated me, he was thanking you. She says I know you framed him, Randhir blamed me for supporting a wrong person, he was framing you, you risked your mum’s life to frame him, I could have not removed the bottle from this room, I could have shown it to Nalini, I didn’t wish you to fall in her eyes, your relation is already weak with her, what shall I do, I m Amrit, not Veer, I supported you knowing you are wrong, I tried to save your and your mum’s relation. He takes her outside and pours a bucket of water on her.

He says if you want my betterment, then why did you go to him, hug me and prove you love me, what are you thinking, love me, remove him from your heart. She feels cold. He gives her coat to him. Uday brings Saroj and Bhanu to come house. He says Vashma used to stay here for four years, Saroj was asking her again and again, this family went abroad, the day they come back, you can meet them anything you like. A man greets Vashma and poses as neighbor. Uday says Saroj can meet Tai and ask anything. Saroj says no, I have work. Bhanu and Saroj leave. Uday says now Saroj won’t ask anything. Veer brings Amrit to room and asks why do you force me to behave like this, can’t you understand and give me love. She says I told you, you can buy a relation, not love, you can try your best but you can’t get my love. She cries. He goes out and drinks. Randhir also gets angry thinking of her words.

Randhir sees Veer coming. They both exchange angry stares. Veer says its enough, you are not Nalini’s PA, and I m not her son, lets forget our status and see who is the real man. Randhir says then I will make you forget your status and manhood also. They go somewhere to fight. They start fighting. Servant comes to Amrit. He says Randhir and Veer are fighting there, save them, else they will kill each other. She asks what… She runs to see. Amrit reaches there. She sees Randhir taking a rod to hit Veer. She shouts no Randhir…. Randhir stops. Veer takes the rod from him to beat him. Amrit comes in between and gets hurt. Randhir and Veer faint. She gets them home. She takes care of Veer’s wounds. She thinks to go and see Randhir, he is also hurt. She says I will send someone with this medicine, I think there is no one here. She goes to Randhir’s room. She thinks its not right to go there, but I can’t leave Randhir alone, I have to go to him today. She does the aid to his wounds and cries. Randhir asks why did you cheat me Amrit, I wish we never met. She leaves.

Uday asks why are you writing that family’s names. Vashma says I have to remember the names, else Saroj will keep asking me and trouble me. Uday talks about the kids. She cries and says Kabir would have played with you. He hugs her. He says we will find Kabir soon. She asks what will Saroj do on knowing the truth. He says I know you have spent the four years with difficulty, but I will fill much happiness in your life. Amrit comes to Veer. He says you are coming from Randhir, right. He gets angry and laughs. He says I can write your name on my hand. He pushes her. She asks him to listen. He says I wish I could get your love, I wish we didn’t meet ever. He goes. She recalls Veer and Randhir’s words. She leaves. She walks on the road and cries. She asks can I live my life peacefully or not.

Amrit prays to Sita. The chunri goes and falls over someone. She smiles. She dances in the hospital for that patient.

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