Ladies Special 1st August 2019 Written Update

Ladies Special 1st August 2019 Written Update by MA

Ladies Special 1st August 2019 Written Episode

Amar takes Bindu towards car when Meghna with Mandar walks to Bindu and asks how is she. Bindu asks who is she and how does she know her name. Mandar stops Meghna and reminds Meghna and MP’s conversation where MP informs that Amar has taken Bindu to hospital for tests as she has lost her past 1 year’s memory and forgot even Amar. Out of flashback, Meghna says she just heard about her from Dr. Amar. Bindu says looks like she knows her well and they met before. Mandar says his wife is a famous Marathi heroine. Meghna asks not to joke. Bindu says looks like her due date is nearing and for her goad bharai she should call her for mehandi. Meghna agrees and hugging her emotionally asks to call her Meghna ben. Bindu says she is trying to cheer her up, but she is crying. Mandar says

they have doctor’s appointment. Bindu says why didn’t they take Dr. Amar’s help. Mandar says it is a gynecological problem and Amar is a cardiologist. Amar leaves in his car with Bindu. Meghna cries saying Bindu forgot Amar. Umedh’s father lawyer Kotak calls Mandar and asks to meet him soon. Meghna says she does not want to seeing Bindu’s condition. Mandar says Bindu and Amar are fighting their battle and they should fight their battle.
Meghna and Mandar meet Kotak who asks if their case is true, only then he will take their case and usually he loses 90% of his cases. Mandar says he will win their case for sure. Kotak sees Meghna tensed and asks if she is not confident about her case. Meghna says she is worried for Bindu, god gives her troubles always and now she lost her 1 year’s memory. Kotak says Umedh didn’t inform him anything and says they should first concentrate on tomorrow’s court hearing and he will study file again. Mandar asks his fees. Kotak says he will ask fees after winning case. Mandar asks if he is trying to give up fees like his children do knowing his financial situation. Kotak says he will take fees for sure. They both walk out of his office. Evil boss’s aide notices them and informs boss. They both travel in train hoping to win case. Meghna continues her worries for Bindu.

Amar takes Bindu in his car towards home. She insists to travel in local train, have pani puri and watch beach. Amar tries to stop her but gives up seeing her adamancy. They walks into local trains station where Bindu insists to have pani puri. Amar says they will have somewhehre else as open stall is unhygenic. Bindu insists. Panipuriwala challenges Amar that his pani puri is most hygenic. Bindu challenges Amar for a pani puri competition and wins. Amar stands huffing having hot pani puris. Bindu says she won, so he will take her to beach. After watching beach, Amar and Bindu return home, and Bindu describes all her day’s activiites. MP says Bindu looks well. Amar says yes and burps and says sorry. Bindu also burps and asks if it is wrong to burp. MP says no, air produced in body should come out from somewhere. Amar burps again and feels relaxed. He gets Kangana’s call who says reports are back and her father is coming and will check reports in the morning. Amar thinks he will not let anything happen to Bindu.

Precap: Kangana’s father tells Amar that they will work hard and cure Bindu at any cost. Amar asks howmuch time Bindu has, informs MP that reports are normal. In court, all evidences speak against Meghna and judgement goes against her.

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