Lag Jaa Gale 16th March 2023 Written Update

Lag Jaa Gale 16th March 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Lag Jaa Gale 16th March 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Bhupen seeing Aniket and gets stunned. Aniket goes to the wine shop. Bhupen thinks Shiv is in the phone and also here. Shiv asks if something needs to be ordered. Bhupen says no. He gets down from his car. Aniket comes out of wine shop and goes. Bhupen asks the bar owner and the customers if they saw the tall guy. They say no. Bhupen sees the CCTV camera and asks the bar owner to show him CCTV footage. He gives him money. The bar owner asks him to come. Aniket drinks wine and thinks of Ishani. He says since I saw you, you are in my thoughts, dreams, breath and heart. He says I never felt this before, which I feel seeing you, you are mine, I love you Ishani Kulkarni. He says I will search you anyhow, everyone is available on social media. He searches Ishani Kulkarni, but couldn’t get any account with her name. He finds Rachna’s account, but finds just her photos and her family photos. He searches for Pooja’s account and finds just food photos. He finally finds Ishani’s photo in background in Rachna’s photos. He searches Ishani’s photo in snapsearch and gets her address from where she works. He thinks nobody can keep you away from me.

Bhupen comes to room, and says Meena, today a big thing happened. Meena thinks thief came to room and starts beating him. Bhupen tells her that today he saw Shiv’s lookalike, and tells that he tried to get the proof, but CCTV was not working. He says if he was Aniket. Meena asks are you drunk?

Bhupen says we didn’t get his body and says once we find him, and make him to our side, then all the property and power will be ours. Meena smirks. Bhupen says everything will be ours. Meena smirks.

Pooja asks Ishani not to think about Aai’s words. Ishani asks why Aai thinks that I called them for party because of Shiv, and says Kiran aunty was upset about Aniket, and that’s why I called them to cheer her up. Pooja says she will massage her head. She tells Ishani that Shiv and your Jodi is good. Ishani says she is illegitimate, nobody will accept her. Pooja says it doesn’t matter now. She asks if she likes Shiv Dhooper, the way he looks and walks. Ishani thinks of Shiv. Lag ja gale plays….Ishani says he is not handsome, he is lamp post. Pooja says yash told that Shiv didn’t like maroon color, then also he worn it. Ishani says he is Shiv Dhoopar, I have to climb on stool to give him water.

Pooja says relations are made by God, and one day he will sign you, then you will believe my words. She sees Ishani getting Shiv’s call, and asks her to pick the call. Shiv says she has sent maroon hangings. She picks the call. Shiv asks who sends maroon for holi. Ishani asks if you remember this at 2 am in night. Shiv thinks last dialed number was of Ishani. He says Sorry, call went by mistake, was calling someone else. He turns and sees Yash and Randeep sleeping, and thinks thank god, they are sleeping else don’t know what they thought or say. Yash thinks it is mind blowing miracle, now confession is needed. Pooja says it was God’s sign. Ishani asks her to go and sleep, and she gets thinking.

Yash feels thirsty and going to kitchen. He sees Shashi having sweets and saying you are having diabetes. He asks if there is some matter? Shashi says she had chosen Ishani for Shiv. Yash says it is good and asks what is the problem. Shashi says your mother doesn’t like this alliance, and says once she becomes our bahu, she will keep the family united. She says once their kundalis get matched then Kiran can agree. Yash thinks if Ishani and Bhai’s marriage is fixed then even Pooja and he can marry. He says he will bring the kundali and asks her to get their marriage done.

Aniket is coming to Kulkarni house. He comes there and thinks she stays here. He peeps inside and sees Ishani sitting on the sofa and folding her clothes. He smiles looking at her. Main phir bhi tumko plays…..She places the mat on the floor and covers it with bedsheet. She then rests on the floor to sleep. Aniket smiles admiring her.

Episode ends.

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