Lag Jaa Gale 19th March 2023 Written Update

Lag Jaa Gale 19th March 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Lag Jaa Gale 19th March 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ishani telling Shiv that she will do anything, but don’t apply color to her. Shiv asks her to say sorry for all the problems which she created in his life. She asks what did I do? He says let me think, and then asks her to say sorry for the lion’s tail. Ishani says sorry. He asks her to say sorry for bringing outside food in his 5 star hotel. She says sorry. He asks her to say sorry to him for fighting without any reason. Ishani says sorry. He asks her to say sorry for her attitude. She says sorry and holds her ear. He asks her to say sorry for the stupid arguments which she does. Ishani says sorry. He asks her to say sorry, as Pooja shouted at him in hospital. Ishani says I was unconscious then. She says sorry. Aniket says how he can make Ishani say sorry many times, he don’t have right to live, I will kill him. He takes coconut seller’s knife. Ishani says sorry many times. Shiv says ok, I forgive you and asks her to go. He smiles. Ishani goes happily. The coconut seller looks for his knife/cutter. Aniket keeps it back. Ishani hears Shiv telling the men that nobody has guts to apply color to his face. Ishani thinks to apply color to him. Aniket thinks where did he go? Ishani comes near Shiv, while he is talking to someone. She takes a chair and keeps behind him, and then takes color in her hands. She climbs on the chair. Shiv turns to her. Ishani applies color to his cheeks. Lag ja gale song plays……She whispers to him happy holi. He says you asked me not to apply color. She says I asked you not to apply color to me. He asks her to wait and watch. He takes Color and runs behind her.

Sulochana asks pani puri guy to make spicy panipuri. A lady comes to Sulochana and asks if she is family friend of Dhoopers. Sulochana lies that she is Kiran’s college friend who had done BA with her, and their relation is cordial and they hang out together etc. Kiran comes there and calls the neighbor there. Sulochana tells that the arrangement is good. Kiran asks the pani puri guy to keep his stall at other side and asks Sulochana to have food at some other stall. She taunts her saying her words, just then she looks at the necklace peeping from inside her saree and asks her. Sulochana lies that Jagdish had given her for today. Kiran looks at the necklace. Meena is coming there and just then the color falls in her eyes. Sulochana says she has worn special necklace for special occasion. Kiran asks the lady Simmy to come there. Simmy says she said that she is your friend. Kiran says she is a big liar. Sulochana hears her.

Shiv looks at Ishani who is sitting with Tina, and thinks to apply color to her. Shiv tells something to waiter and he goes and gives juice to ishani along with tissue. Shiv says you think yourself smart, now pick the tissue and apply color on your face. Ishani takes the tissue and looks at him in the mirror. She throws the tissue down. Shiv says Ms. Fried rice, I will not leave you. Yash sees Pooja and comes to her stall. Pooja says I thought customer came and calls him Sir. He asks her to call him Yash and says they are friends. She asks if you are not celebrating holi. He says he is going for urgent meeting as next week is fashion week. She asks him to try some snacks. He asks her to make it spicy for Punjabis. Just then color falls down. Pooja picks it. She collides with Yash, just as she gets up and the color gets applied on his shirt. He says its ok and goes.

The boy comes to Ishani and says I want to color your face. Shiv is waiting. Ishani asks the boy what is his name? The boy says Himesh. Ishani gives chocolate to boy and asks either he can apply color to her face or can have chocolate. The boy takes the chocolate and asks her not to tell that uncle. Ishani says ok. Shiv thinks I have to think something. He asks Pooja to take a break and come with him. Pooja comes to him. Shiv says he needs her help and tells that Ishani has colored his face. He talks to her. Rachna tells Neeti about her kidnapping. Pooja asks Ishani to bring extra plates kept there. Neeti asks if you saw his face. Rachna says no. Neeti says we shall tell this to Police. Rachna says he will kill me again. Neeti says we shall tell Aai. Rachna says no, Aai will do a big drama and tells that she wants to kill Ishani.

Ishani comes to get the plates, but she don’t see it. Shiv comes there. Ishani says you took Pooja’s help. She says I applied color on your face, but you can’t apply color on my face. Shiv says everything is fair in holi, and runs and holds her. They have an eye lock while the song plays….

Precap: Shiv and Ishani get drenched in muddy water. Ishani asks Shiv, how can tall and handsome guy leave a girl in this situation alone. They go to the washroom and fall in romantic posture. Neeti takes their photo. Later Bhupen finds Aniket in the holi celebration.

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