Love Ka Hai Intezaar 19th September 2017 Written Update

Love Ka Hai Intezaar 19th September 2017 Written Update by Amena

Love Ka Hai Intezaar 19th September 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Inder telling Ayaan that he will explain Vijaylaxmi by political game, she gave me two days time and I have to fail her, I should get Mohini and Ayaan’s marriage in two days, then Vijaylaxmi can’t do anything. Ayaan smiles and says I love you dad. They hug. Ragini asks what did Ayaan tell you. Kamini asks her to say the problem. Mohini asks her to wait for some time. Ayaan calls Mohini and says I know its late, but my parents want to meet your family and want to fix marriage in two days. Mohini asks what, so soon, did problem get solved. Ayaan says not yet, so dad decided this, we are leaving now. She says fine, I will tell mum. She says Ayaan’s parents are coming home to talk about marriage, they want marriage to happen in two days. Kamini asks why in hurry,

what’s the problem. Ragini says its good they are coming, we have tested Ayaan, he is a nice guy. Mohini says I will go and get sweets. Kamini says no, I will go, I will get sweets, Mohini and Ayaan like each other, its good if this relation happens soon.
She hugs Mohini. Mohini thinks Kamini and Ragini will get shock knowing about Vijaylaxmi, I will message Ayaan and ask him not to tell family about Vijaylaxmi. Ayaan gets the message. He tells Inder about Mohini’s family, Kamini Mathur is her sister. Vasu says she was a film actress. Ayaan says yes, something bad happened in her life, she is living a difficult life, Mohini asked us not to talk about Vijaylaxmi there. Inder says yes, we are going to talk about marriage. Vasu says I know Mohini’s family is not rich like us, but Mohini is an actress’ sister, I know its too late to talk about this, Mohini belongs to middle class family. Ayaan says who thinks like this. She asks him to see the future and think sensible. Inder asks Vasu to forget it. He reminds Vasu that she married a simple middle class guy because she loved him. She says I loved you and married you. Inder says exactly, Ayaan loves Mohini, don’t create pressure on him by this richness and poverty lecture. She apologizes. She says I got love is biggest asset, my happiness is with Ayaan’s happiness. Ayaan thanks them. They leave.

Ragini makes Mohini ready. She prays nothing wrong happens this time. Madhavi says Ayaan would be missing me a lot. Rajjo keeps an eye on her. Ragini greets Inder and Vasu. She asks Inder about his health. Inder says I m fine now. Vijaylaxmi asks someone to tap Inder’s phone. She says I don’t want to take risk, Inder can play a game. Rajjo comes and gives her useless news about Madhav and Madhavi. Vijaylaxmi asks her to go and get imp news. Rajjo goes.

Kamini gets Mohini. Inder and Vasu smile seeing Mohini. Ayaan and Mohini look at each other and smile. Vasu says she is beautiful. Ayaan says Mohini is getting shy, she is practicing to become bahu. Vasu asks him not to pull her leg, I like her. Inder says we didn’t make any mistake in choosing life partner, we liked Mohini for Ayaan, they love each other and want to marry, we wanted them to marry soon. Kamini says Mohini told us, but marriage in two days. Vasu says I can understand. Ragini asks is there any shubh mahurat. Inder says you can think like that, I feel good thing shouldn’t be done late. Kamini asks about engagement, can’t they postpone marriage date. Madhavi sees Ayaan’s pic and says I feel I m not doing right with Ayaan. Madhav comes there and asks her why is she worried. She says nothing, I m fine. He insists her to say. Rajjo comes there. Madhavi says I have blocked Ayaan’s number.

Vijaylaxmi scolds Madhavi. Madhav asks her to stop it. Ayaan and Mohini dance.

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