Love Ka Hai Intezaar 20th September 2017 Written Update

Love Ka Hai Intezaar 20th September 2017 Written Update by Amena

Love Ka Hai Intezaar 20th September 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rajjo going to tell Vijaylaxmi. Madhavi says Ayaan loves someone else. She tells what Vijaylaxmi told her to do. Vijaylaxmi comes and looks on. Madhav gets shocked hearing Madhavi. Kamini asks Inder can’t he take wedding date ahead. Inder says I understand you have to make arrangement, but leave everything on us, just you agree for this. Ragini says its already our yes. Vasu says our pandit suggested a good mahurat. Inder says I think you are thinking something. Kamini says no, its fine with us. Inder says then this relation is fixed, congrats. Vasu feeds them sweets and hugs them. Ayaan asks Mohini is she happy. They both congratulate each other.

Madhav asks Vijaylaxmi how did she misguide Madhavi. Vijaylaxmi says I did right, Madhavi will get whom she

wants. Madhav says Ayaan told her that he loves someone else. Inder says I have booked a resort, we can do marriage there. Ragini agrees. Kamini hugs Mohini. Ragini cries happily.
Madhav asks Madhavi how can she agree to her mum without thinking right and wrong. He asks her to call Ayaan right now. Vijaylaxmi says enough, you will teach me now. Madhavi apologizes. Vijaylaxmi asks her not to call Ayaan. She threatens her. Madhav asks her to stop it. Vijaylaxmi says my decision will be same. Madhavi asks them not to fight because of her.

Mohini and Ayaan talk on phone about their marriage. Vijaylaxmi sees Madhav drunk and taunts him to have no courage to argue. Madhav and Vijaylaxmi argue. She says Madhavi will get Ayaan by my idea. He says if she doesn’t get Ayaan then….you won’t have time for heartbroken Madhavi, it would be good if Madhavi accepted this, but you have played with her emotions, you have shown her a dream, you left her alone just for your greed, I will not let you ruin her life, I m doubting you are doing CBI raid in Inder’s office, all to build pressure on him. She argues.

He says you just get your anger out and break things, and I will join things. Mohini says my family is also happy, so this happiness is special to me. Ayaan says same here. She says I wish I could close eyes and come in front of you. Ayaan says I will fulfill your wish, close your eyes, and now look into your heart, what did you see. She says mum and Kamini. He asks her to see him. He says there can be a dream sequence. She says oh like in films. He says yes, you should see your would be husband. She opens eyes and sees Ayaan. Tumhe dekha hai jab se….They both romance and dance. Her imagination ends. She looks around and smiles.

Mohini says I just have you with me for two days. Vijaylaxmi threatens Inder.

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