Luv Kush 12th September 2019 Written Update

Luv Kush 12th September 2019 Written Update by Amena

Luv Kush 12th September 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Guru ji asking the students to not let any hurdle comes in the yagya. Pushkar thinks to teach a lesson to Dheera. He takes the scarecrow to trouble Dheera. Kush stops him. Luv scolds Pushkar. They argue. A devil comes there. Pushkar makes excuses. The devil troubles the pandits. Pandit says this devil will kill us. Kush and Pushkar argue. Luv says we have to save Rishis, this is our duty. The devil laughs. Luv, Kush and Dheera get a tree bark. Dheera says its a giant devil. Pushkar looks on. The devil Lavnasur walks over the wood log and falls down. He laughs seeing the kids.

Lavnasur warns them and asks them to get away from his path. Luv says an ant can also defeat an elephant, just go back, its our Guru’s command that we protect this ashram. Lavnasur shouts. He burns

the jungle and asks them to get away, else they will get burnt too. He laughs.
Pushkar also warns Lavnasur. Rishi says I think our end is close. Luv says no, we will protect you all. He asks Dheera to take Rishis with him. They all run. Luv, Kush, Pushkar and others trap Lavnasur’s leg and pill him by ropes. Lavnasur says foolish boys, leave me leg. He goes ahead. Luv says Kush, we will know the reason behind the jungle called Madhuvan. Kush says yes, there are many honey bees. They shoot arrows at the honeycomb. The bees fly to Lavnasur and trouble him. He blows fire at the bees. He sees Rishis gone. He gets angry. Lavnasur says I thought you boys are weak, I did a mistake, I will kill you before killing Rishis. They ask him to come, they are ready to face him. They shoot arrows at him. Kush says I have an idea, he will be surely hurt by it. He gets a star weapon and throws at Lavnasur. Kush smiles. Lavnasur gets angry. Dheera says Rishivar, you are safe now, I will go to my friends. Rishi says its not easy to defeat Lavnasur, I will get help. Lavnasur blows wind.

The boys lose their weapons. Luv says we have to make new plan to defeat this Asur, we have to work together. Pushkar says I don’t have interest in your plans and support, what if he has snatched our weapons, we will handle him. Lavnasur asks them to run away. Pushkar says we didn’t learn to run away, we are Raghukul’s heirs, we are Ram’s nephews. Lavnasur says so you are Ram’s relatives, you should choose your words before you speak, Ram had killed Raavan, you have invited your Kaal by saying this. Ram sees the diyas flickering. Sita also gets tensed. She says Luv Kush….

Dheera comes. She asks what happened. Rishis come to Ram. Ram asks what’s the problem. Dheera tells Sita about the devil Lavnasur. She worries. Pushkar says call Kaal, we can face Maha Kaal also for Ram’s sake. Lavnasur bounds them in fire ring. Luv and Kush get shocked.

Kush says our mum has come. Sita comes and hugs Luv and Kush. Shatrughan gets shocked seeing Sita.

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