Luv Kush 14th January 2020 Written Update

Luv Kush 14th January 2020 Written Update by Amena

Luv Kush 14th January 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Kaal following Lav and Kush, Sahukar follows Hanuman. Hanuman sees some sweets and stops. He eats all the sweets. The man tells Sahukar that some Maharishi just finished all the sweets. Sahukar stops Hanuman and questions him. He asks how did you come here. Hanuman says I m from my Lord’s Rajya. Sahukar asks the man to check the Rishi well and find out. Hanuman asks them to find out. Sahukar says we will take him. Ram asks everyone where did they go and come. Everyone makes excuses and say they were at home. Bharat says I can’t lie to you, truth is I had gone to hear Lav and Kush’s Ranayana, I changed my disguise and went there. Everyone say we also went there. Kaushalya says it means we all went there in disguise. Kush says I was taken to the palace as culprit, I was punished, I served it and apologized to mum, I don;t have strength to walk to Ayodhya now, we shall take rest in this jungle for some time, we will go tomorrow.

Lav says your tiredness is mental, not physical. He jokes. Kaal comes there and leaves many snakes. Kaushalya and everyone praise Lav and Kush. Kaikeyi asks do you regard us wrong. Ram asks how can I call you all wrong when I did the same mistake, i also went there by changing disguise. Kaikeyi says I think they have come here to free me of the sins burden, you and Sita are bearing the separation, I m the main reason. Ram says its not your fault. Kaikeyi says you know I get a hope in my heart after listening to Lav and Kush’s Ramayana, Sita and Ram will unite. Kaushalya says you are right. Sumitra asks who was that Maharishi who have guided Lav and Kush the right path. Hanuman chants Ram’s name and comes. Everyone greets him. Hanuman asks them not to greet him.

He comes to his real avatar. They see Hanuman and get surprised. Hanuman says I was just following Ram’s command, he asked me to help Lav and Kush. Ram says yes, I had sent him, since he never disappointed me. FB shows Ram meeting Hanuman. Hanuman gives him Sita’s hairpin. Ram cries. Hanuman says Sita is fine, she is waiting for you. Ram hugs him. FB ends.

Ram hugs Hanuman. Hanuman says I understood your pain that day and even today, everything will get fine, Lav and Kush got together, now your and Sita’s reunion will happen. Everyone smiles. Lav goes to get some water from the lake. He drinks some water. His leg gets stuck. He tries to pull his leg. He sees the snake wrapping his leg. He shouts Kush. He hears Kush shouting for help. Lav removes the snake and runs to Kush. He sees Kush under the snakes and gets shocked.

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