Luv Kush 24th January 2020 Written Update

Luv Kush 24th January 2020 Written Update by Amena

Luv Kush 24th January 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Lav and kush awaiting Dhoban kaki. Dhoban gets the ladies abandoned by their families. The lady says I didn’t see my sons, they have left me, but you are like my sons. Lav and Kush happily start building a house. Nagarseth scolds them and asks the men to stop Lav and Kush. The lady stops him and says we are from Ayodhya, no one can make us out of here. Kush taunts Nagarseth. Lav says these women aren’t a property of their family, if anyone has a problem with this, then they can wait for Ram’s return. The men agree. Lav asks what happened. Kush asks Nagarseth to go. Nagarseth goes. Lav and Kush work hard and feel tired. Kush rests. He says I thought you will never get tired, how could I say seeing the people working hard. Lav and Kush sing the Ramayana story to inspire them.

FB shows Ram and everyone seeing the bridge. They reach Lanka. Sita sees the flower blooming. She recalls Ram. She thinks Ram has come on the land of Lanka. Ram says we have to give a last chance to Raavan so that he frees Sita and apologizes, Angad you will take my message to Raavan. They all chant Ram’s name. Angad goes to Raavan’s place and shouts I got a message from Ram. Raavan says you get the messenger to me. Angad comes to meet Raavan. He says I will make a throne for me first and then we shall talk. He makes a throne for himself by using his long tail. He warns Raavan. He says I m the minister of Ram’s vanar sena, free Sita and apologize to Ram, save yourself and your Rajya, Ram has come to your land, if you don’t agree, then no one can stop him, listen to him, else you won’t get saved. Raavan says you did a mistake to come here, you came yourself, I will kill you first and then Ram and his army. Angad says you can’t kill me. He steps on the ground and shakes it. He says you can’t even move my foot, if anyone moves my foot from the ground, then its promise that I will ask Ram to leave Lanka and accept defeat. Raavan laughs and says foolish Vanar, you don’t know what you have told in anger, this is the most easy victory of my life. He asks soldiers to throw the vanar out. Raavan asks everyone to try together. They fail to move Angad’s leg and fall down. Raavan signs Meghnadh. Angad calls Meghnadh.

Meghnadh goes and uses his powers. He tries hard to move Angad. Angad says try more. Meghnadh tries again. Raavan worries. Meghnadh falls down. Raavan says Ram has no courage to face me, that’s why he sends such cheap soldiers all the time, he is scared. Angad says enough, you have lost the final chance. He hits the ground. Raavan’s crown falls down his forehead. It goes to Angad. Raavan gets angry. Angad throws it away. He says my work ends here, now we will meet in the battle ground. He leaves.

Ram sees Raavan’s crown falling outside. He says its a sign for us. Hanuman gets it in Ram’s feet. He chants Ram’s name.

Shurpanakha attacks Lav and Kush.

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