Luv Kush 9th December 2019 Written Update

Luv Kush 9th December 2019 Written Update by Amena

Luv Kush 9th December 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Lav singing the story. FB shows Sugreev showing Ram the tree that signifies Bali’s strength. Ram says sure, but give me a chance to show my strength. Sugreev says sure. Ram goes and shoots the arrow at the trees. He shoots all the trees by his one arrow and also shoots the stone. Sugreev gets glad and says great, Bali will get an answer from us now, we should attack on Kishkandha Rajya. Ram says I can’t do this, I m a vanvasi and I can’t enter any Rajya, if we attack him, don’t know how many innocent people will lose life. Sugreev says what’s the option then.

Hanuman says Ram can’t go to palace, but Bali can come here when we challenge him for the fight, you can get him to the jungle. Sugreev chants Ram’s name. Sugreev comes to Bali. He says I have come to take revenge on you, come out Bali. Bali goes to him. Roma sees Sugreev and smiles. Bali says I should be praising your courage Sugreev, everyone knows that none can challenge Bali, my soldiers are enough for you. Sugreev runs. Bali goes after him. He scolds Sugreev. They argue. Sugreev says I will always challenge you and fight for my rights, time will show who will win. He hits on the ground. Bala attacks him. They have a fight. Ram and Laxman hide far with Hanuman and others behind the tree and watch the fight. Laxman says its a right chance. Ram nods and aims at Bali. Bali pushes down Sugreev. He asks Sugreev to get ready to die. Sugreev throws the big boulder on Bali and makes him fall. Bala uses his powers. He catches Sugreev. He says I will always be more powerful, your power is also mine now. He gets free from the boulder. He gets up. Ram aims. Bali and Sugreev fight.

Ram aims at them. The fight goes on. Ram thinks they both look similar, how shall I guess who is Bali. FB ends. The man asks how did Ram kill Bali. The guard comes. He says its time to eat food, stop singing. The people run to have food.

Lav and Kush also go to get food. Kaki gets food for Lav and Kush. Guard says you can’t give comforts and needful to them. Kaki says its my mistake. Dhobi signs him to take the food. Guard says fine, I will give the food. She thanks him and goes. Dhobi says you know me, Lav and Kush are my enemies, my plan is to add poison in it. Guard says I agreed thinking its a small thing, but… Dhobi gives him money and bribes him more. Lav and Kush take food. Lav says we have eaten food in ashram, but we are not able to eat the food in prison. Kush says we can’t eat this. Lav says we will always be similar, we will always stay together. Guard gets the food and says Dhoban Kaki got this for you. Dhobi looks on.

Lav gets poisoned. Kush begs them to let him take Lav, he is serious. Guard doesn’t listen. Kush uses his powers to break the prison.

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