Maati Se Bandhi Dor 7th June 2024 Written Update

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 7th June 2024 Written Update by Amena

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 7th June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Vasundara saying I know my son well, a life partner should be right for the person, Vaiju is right for Ranvijay, I have decided it, I don’t care if you all respect this decision or not. He says I also have an equal right on Ranvijay, I m his dad, I won’t let you ruin his life.

Vaiju is in her field. Vasundara comes there and cuts the harvest. Vaiju recalls Ranvijay’s words and smiles. She says you… your saree will get spoiled. Vasundara says I m also a farmer like you. She asks Shambu Kaka to get the gift. She says this gift is for you, thanks for showing maturity. Vaiju says you want to talk to me. Vasundara says yes, its imp, I want your one acre and our 100 acre to get one. Vaiju says you still want my field, I won’t give it, I don’t want your gift. Vasundara says I don’t want your field, but you…..I want our families to become one, I want you to become my bahu, will you become Ranvijay’s life partner. Vaiju is shocked.

Vaiju says I don’t understand, you want to make me your bahu. Vasundara says I understand you well now, I wanted a girl for Ranvijay, who is Annapurna and Durga, you are perfect for him. Vasundara wipes Vaiju’s tears. Vaiju asks did you talk to your son about this matter, I don’t think he will like a girl like me. Vasundara asks why, he studied in the city but his roots are of village, he is my son and our choice is same, he loves me a lot and scolded you that day. Vaiju says I understand, but this won’t happen.

Vasundara thinks to ask Ranvijay about the matter. Jaya calls Vaiju and tells about her BF. Vaiju asks who is he and what does he do. Jaya says he will call you, you take his test, I m sure you will like him, don’t tell anyone at home, I want you and his mum to agree first. Vaiju says I m happy for you. Jaya says he is a nice person. She asks about the picture guy. Vaiju says I will talk to you later. Jaya thinks to talk to Kaveri.

Vasundara cooks the food. Ranvijay comes and asks what are you making. She says your fav sheera. He asks why, you make this when you make me do something tough. She says you are my smart child, have the sheera. She feeds him the sheera and asks how did you like Vaiju. Vaiju comes home and talks to her Aai. Ranvijay asks what are you thinking. Vasundara says I think Vaiju is the right life partner for you. Aai asks what, Vasundara wants to make you her bahu, are you in your senses. Kaveri gets happy for Vaiju. Vaiju says I refused to them. Aai says she did right, what’s the use to say yes. Vaiju says I have no hope this time, this relation can never happen, I know. Ranvijay says this relation can’t happen, I can’t marry Vaiju. Vasundara asks why can’t you forgive her, she took her complaint back. She praises Vaiju and asks him to meet her once. Kaveri asks Vaiju not to refuse to Vasundara. She says you say yes to her, don’t get scared. Ranvijay says this can’t happen, you know what I think about my life partner. He thinks of Jaya and describes her. He says I have no place for Vaiju in my heart and I won’t have any place for her in my house. Aai drinks and talks to her husband’s pic. Ranvijay gets angry and recalls Vasundara’s words.

Ranvijay meets Vaiju. She makes tea for him. She asks will you accept me. Ranvijay gets shocked seeing Jaya.

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