Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 14th June 2012 Written Update

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Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 14th June 2012 Written Update by drashsree100

In house :

Trish says you made them go away Madhu ! Trish n Roma both can’t believe ‘
She says pple will think I told you Madhu ‘.. so the latter replies ” di I wanna see you as top actress ‘
From now on you dream less for your own and think more about my dreams which is seeing you as a big star and by this marriage what u wanna prove huh ? I’m fed up only hearing abt your dreams !
U can do anything with your life but before everything you’ve to fulfill my dreams of being a top actress !”

Paddy overhears this n she leaves from there ! Madhu says mom is not wrong in this but what you did was wrong di ‘.. be it your own or step mom ‘ she loves you dearly ‘.
Tell her u want some time more to fulfill your dreams ‘ hug her once !

Paddy cries silently ‘ Trish comes there ‘she says ‘ I wanna fulfill glycerine’s dream .. give me a chance , if am unable to do so .. I’ll marry anywhere you want I promise ‘ I will pass and prove it to Madhu ‘ I’m saying this from my heart ..
Paddy says I’ll give 1 year to our dreams ‘ this is just not your dream but the dream of this home ; and anyways I also need a year to become from step to your own mum ”. emotional re-union of Paddy n Trish ‘.
Roma comes n says enough emotional syapa ! Trish you’ve to become 1 among those in a lakh actresses !…all smiles ..


Paddy tells Sheru [Malik] ‘ if am doing anything wrong you shd say ‘
I think its good that the rishta did not happen .. Malik says I’m seeing a carefree mum ‘ be like this only ‘.

In room :
Madhu and Trish doing prep for studies ! sibling stuff ensues ‘ their cute nautanki ! they enact a scene from Deewar ‘.

Madhu brings meds for Sheru . Then both sisters retire to bed ! Paddy’s voice comes that there’s some Pooja tomorrow that later Madhu reveals that married women keep for their husbands ! Madhu n Trish both are confused why Paddy is doing it ? then at night Trish crazed RK Talks continues ‘ she drools over that magazine and imagines herself to be a damsel in distress where RK her prince charming riding on horse comes to save her ‘ few more talks where Trish drools over RK and Madhu being the ever patient listener continues ””.
Roma sneaks up on their bed ‘ both get sacred seeing Roma like that ! Roma breaks the superb news that she has fixed Trish’s audience for RK film ! Trio gets maha excited ‘ group hug follows ! Roma tells Trish you continue to dream I’ll help you to fulfill the same !
Here Madhu prays to Ganesha and recites “Sankoton mein dheer’..
Balveer ho ”

Precap: The current promo . Madhu reading a horoscope & some news article on RK … intro of Mukund in bus .

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  1. Mythi
    August 24, 00:25 Reply

    Actually yest i forgot to say one more name!
    and also for K-Khan like Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan 😉

    • Mythi
      August 24, 00:21

      Who is that? ? ?

    • Mythi
      August 24, 00:23

      Nice name…..

  2. Mythi
    August 23, 13:32 Reply

    Orelse may be…..
    (plz leave that K-no idea about it)

    Hmmm let see…….

    • Mythi
      August 23, 13:35

      But i hope they try to give good name for dis char because they are giving so much buildup to dis char na! BTW He is a Hero or Villan of dis show sorry i mean story? ? ?

  3. Mythi
    August 23, 13:12 Reply

    Raj Kumar/Kapoor
    Rakesh Kanha
    Rohit Kumar/Kapoor
    Ram Kapoor 😉
    Rishi Kahna
    Ranjith Kumar

  4. harshi
    August 23, 13:10 Reply

    puri paga hai yeh roma i dont like her

  5. harshi
    August 23, 13:05 Reply

    may be ranbir kapoor 😛 i think RK stand for Ranbir Kapoor what say guyz ?????????

  6. harshi
    August 23, 13:01 Reply

    may be ranbir kapoor 😛

  7. Mythi
    August 23, 12:43 Reply

    @aarya, yest you asked about his name na! May be Rocking King 😉 yeah i am kidding with you 🙂 me too dont have any idea about his name! RK………. Arhhh…….

    • drishti
      August 23, 12:58

      Rocking King nice name,let’s see what’s the actual name ?

  8. harshi
    August 23, 12:13 Reply

    yup only in magazine it’s shown only his pose

    • Mythi
      August 23, 12:41

      Ya dear! So much buildup to dis char na!

  9. aarya
    August 23, 12:03 Reply

    rk k aane se pehle ye mukund kahan se aa gya…. show ka hero kaun h

    • harshi
      August 23, 12:16

      sayad ye madhu ka lover hoga 😛

    • drishti
      August 23, 12:36

      ya,who is the hero ?

  10. Mythi
    August 23, 11:35 Reply

    I want to know dis RK char Hero? or Villain? Because in precap they showed one new char na?

  11. Mythi
    August 23, 11:27 Reply

    Actually everyone give soo much buildup to Heroine char but in dis show they are give soo soo much buildup to Hero! ? !

    • harshi
      August 23, 12:07

      yaaa even i didnt remembered that episode

    • Mythi
      August 23, 11:33

      Ya she is soo good 🙂

  12. Mythi
    August 23, 11:24 Reply

    Today also No RK face ah? ? ?
    Its irritating…….
    Lets see wat type of Magic dis char do in our heart! ! !

    • Aarya
      November 14, 22:42

      A magic u can’t forget 😉

  13. Krish
    August 23, 11:16 Reply

    Sometimes i am scaring because of Roma s hair style! ! !

    • Krish
      August 23, 11:21

      me too 😉 😀

    • Krish
      August 23, 11:22

      I meant aarya

  14. Krish
    August 23, 11:15 Reply

    Nice episode! Lots of drama………

  15. aarya
    August 23, 07:43 Reply

    for today, here is mbians adda….
    bole to aaj yahan comment krne ka!

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