Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 7th August 2014 Written Update

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Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 7th August 2014 Written Update by Amena

Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 7th August 2014 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Agni apologizing to Bhanu asking him not to kill her. Bhanu says I have to hide from police, and I will stay here in your room. She says my room. He says you are my sister in law, but I regard you my sister, so don’t worry, if I get a chance I will kill Dau ji. She is shocked. He eats the food and lies to rest. He says be careful, no one should come in your room, you have to stop Dau ji from coming here, else…… She says no one will come. Dida asks Madhu to bring her truck, in which she has old books which has medical remedies which may be useful for RK’s heart disease.

Madhu brings the trunk. She opens it and sees Madhubala’s diary. She asks whose diary is this. Dida says its 20 years old, I did not have courage to read it. Madhu says I will read it. Dida says no, keep it back. Madhu says I did not see my mum, I can know something about her reading this, please. Dida agrees. Madhu thanks her and hugs the diary. Agni gives all the files to Bhanu. He throws them and asks where did Dau ji keep the property papers. She says I don’t know, trust me. He says I will give you 3 days, find it out. The bell rings. Agni says Dau ji came. He says I m going in your room, don’t tell anyone that I m here, else….. he aims at her.

Dau ji says Agni…… She panics. Bhanu leaves. Agni runs to Dau ji and opens the door. Dau ji asks what was she doing, sleeping? Why is she worried? She says nothing. Madhu talks to Kanha and says my first fast is over, give one year life more to my RK. RK sees her and smiles. She asks him to make her have laddoos and he makes her eat. She drinks water and says lets have food together. He says today we will go out and have food outside. She says no, such food is not good. He says nothing will happen come. She says fine, but we will come home soon, as we have to go to meet doctor tomorrow.

Dau ji sees his room messed up and cupboard open. He asks what was she doing in his room. She says rat came, big one and I was making it go away. RK works at the garage. A man comes and says check my car. She says RK you, I m a film producer director. Madhu comes and the man says Madhu………He says do you know, your faces meet 20 years old superstars RK and Madhubala’s faces. I made four superhit films with them, they died in an accident, I was looking for faces like them, if you say I will announce film with you both tomorrow.

RK and Madhu are puzzled and happy. RK gives his card and asks them to call him of they agree, he will make them a star, its his promise. RK and Madhu smile. Madhu reads her mum’s diary, that she wanted to make a film with her husband RK. The flashback refuses to do the film as his marriage can’t be any film,a dn gives many reasons asking her to do something constructive. He ended her career and says this story, we can’t do this in this birth, and we will have to take another birth to do this film. Madhubala writes its first birthday of her daughter, I feel my daughter will fulfill my dream.

Madhu thinks we got the film offer together and today I understood why Lord sent my father’s face on my husband, now my mum’s dream will be fulfilled. Its morning, Madhu tells the doctor that she told RK about his disease. He asks how did he react. She says he is strong and said till I m with him, he does not get medicine. He says yes, I m sure RK will be fine with this positive approach. Madhu asks about the film offer, can he shoot. He says yes, not more than 8 hours and no action scenes. RK says I m fine because of Madhu.

Bhanu comes in living room. Agni worries and asks him to go as Dau ji can see him. He asks her did she ask Dau ji. She says if Dau ji catches me then what. He asks her to find the papers or do anything I two days, else he will not leave him. He says when Dau ji comes, ask him. Dau ji calls Agni and Bhanu hides. Dau ji comes there and says if I get Bhanu, I will kill him. Bhanu hears this. RK sees the diary and says Madhubala……….. do you write diary. He says you and me, when did we take this pic. She says no, they are my mummy papa, they look like us, I got this diary with Dida, I came to know my mum’s last wish, a film on her life, and people know how she was born. He asks how.

She tells her struggles and how her grandmum saved her mum, and then she was born on film set and was named Madhubala. She says her dad was her biggest enemy, and they came in this chawl. She says her journey and they died on film set. My parents died, and Dida took me out, so w got saved. She says I want to make a film on their life. RK says how. She looks at him. Ishq hai……………plays………………..

Dau ji tells Agni that he saved the papers very safe in trunk. Bhanu goes to take her. Agni asks why did he say this now. Dau ji says to send Bhanu, I will call RK now.

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  1. aarya
    April 27, 13:02 Reply

    Again hmmm…

    What is this again..
    Jr madhu says “her dad was her(sr.mb)
    biggest enemy”
    I have objection on this line 👿
    Wait ttt
    Also… What is this
    “He ended her career” 🙄
    Yeah Rk never want mb to be a superstar & madhu too but after some time he accepted her as actoress also

    Again wait.. The very next line..

    ‘Rk says this story, we can’t do this in this birth, and we will have to take another birth to do this film”

    No any objections on this .. Only Rk can say like this to his most beloved ones 😉
    & really this is the reason that Jr.Rk & mb has sr. Rk -Mb faces..
    I thought its because of TRP 😀 😆

  2. drishti
    April 25, 07:29 Reply

    madhubala ki diary..when she wrote. ??
    jr. mb’s 1st birthday?? what’s this??…R.M died on her namkaran day.. 🙁 then??
    hmm,finally there is someone on this earth who recognized R.K .. 😉 but, 4 films with R.M .. 🙄
    what happened to nf team?? 🙄 in happiness/sadness of ending the show they forgot these important things.. 👿

    BTW , nice too see once again real & rocking R.M with laddoji … 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    & liked raja-rani convo. & his expression when see that pic .. really raja u don’t who r they.. 😉 😆

  3. saru
    December 28, 08:24 Reply

    i miss u soo much ……..

  4. Sanam
    August 08, 10:30 Reply

    Plz rajbala dnt go how we live wthout u

  5. Sanam
    August 08, 10:28 Reply

    Tody epsd will b based on bhanu so only one epsd of rajbala……
    What the hell of this so angry on colrs for ending mb

  6. Sanam
    August 08, 10:25 Reply

    @aksa dear keep demanding of mb seasion 2 plzz

    • aksa
      August 08, 10:37

      Dont worry sanam I will keep on demanding for season 2 Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon.

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