1. Aarya
    October 15, 00:13 Reply

    After a long time here 🙂

    • aarya
      April 08, 19:09

      Long time 2020 Lockdown effect

    • aarya
      March 30, 13:13

      Hi biwi 😀

    • aarya
      March 30, 22:22

      Mera Dil Tere pe fida re

      Whenever u use *Kya re* word style movie song come in my mind

  2. Aarya
    June 09, 18:34 Reply

    It has been 6 years.. and I can see this now…

    Happy anniversary Mythi enaai kathali

    • aarya
      March 30, 22:19

      U mean 7 years Corona

  3. Mythi
    February 14, 12:26 Reply

    hi & hello to Chota admin too!
    it’s been a long time here… 😉

    • Mythi
      February 14, 12:29


    • Azalea
      April 05, 07:14

      I knw right ka, how are u in between missing u guys

  4. Mythi
    February 14, 12:26 Reply

    hey aarya & Chhota packet.. 😉

    • Mythi
      February 14, 12:25

      Happy 4th Anniversary of Junoon… 🙂 😛

    • Ayrus
      November 18, 15:22


  5. Ayrus
    November 18, 15:13 Reply

    Did you watch crown jewel? It was a joke.

  6. Ayrus
    November 18, 15:11 Reply

    Btw its surviver series night. Very excited. 😊😊

  7. Ayrus
    November 18, 15:07 Reply

    Hiii Aarya. How are you?

    • Drishti
      November 09, 23:18

      aarya baby is still here 🙂 🙂
      so good to see u 🙂
      how r u???

    • Ayrus
      November 18, 15:11

      Seth rollins was injured on knee and out for two months and gave up his title.
      Dean was injured for 9 months.
      And now roman battling leukemia.
      Everytime it happens with the members of shield only.

  8. aarya
    August 26, 15:32 Reply

    @Sun.. varun dhawan looks like Rajpal yadav in front of BS ..

  9. aarya
    August 25, 13:15 Reply

    @Sun check ur mail.. if u haven’t.. ka ne kuchh bheja h.. 🙂

    p.s didn’t saw the you tube video yet.. will saw later

    • aarya
      August 27, 12:36

      lol… *will saw* which type of grammar is this…

  10. Ayrus
    August 24, 15:02 Reply

    Joe got another chance against AJ at hell in the cell. He had crossed the lines i dont understand why they give him another opportunity.
    Btw “Heyyyyyy Wennndddyyyy”.. 😊😂😂

    • aarya
      August 25, 11:23

      I used to follow Raw more keenly..
      SD.. interested in Randy Orton match & Usos..

      but DA should have a match against Joe.. he only injured Him which lead to his 9 month HOLIDAY

    • Ayrus
      August 23, 17:39

      Haha.. Read the comment of “akarshvaani akarsh gupta” under this video. Epic!! 😂😂😂

    • Ayrus
      August 23, 17:42

      Can’t stop laughing… 😅😂😂😂😂

  11. Ayrus
    August 23, 17:33 Reply

    Nick ne priyanka ko leke chale gya and ab Yeh monster sonakshi ko impress karne lage hua hai.. 😂 😂
    What you feel about Alexa and BS jodi Arya? 😋😋

    • aarya
      August 25, 11:25

      Not “Beauty & Beast ” 😀
      but “Quinn & Monster” 😉

    • aarya
      August 25, 11:28

      congrats.. Congrats

  12. Ayrus
    August 23, 17:22 Reply

    Vasu is busy.. Her sis getting married today.. 😊😊
    Vasu dancing as she got a handsome Jiju… 😝😝😝

    • aarya
      August 25, 11:26

      U mean Vasundhra..

    • Azalea
      August 25, 12:56

      Yup aarya its vasunthra
      @ayrus I know right her sis s getting married
      Hahaa dancing handsome Jiju 😂😂😂

  13. aarya
    August 20, 14:00 Reply

    Renne young become the first full time female announcer or i should say Commentator, for Monday Night Raw..

    • Ayrus
      August 23, 17:08

      Ohh. No doubt She is so good on mic..

  14. aarya
    August 20, 13:58 Reply

    KO loose which he deserves.. as He has no chance against Braun..

    cash in.. it was almost there but don’t know y after a few beating Braun did not challenge RR..
    & Brock loose it in just 1 spear (not counting prev spears)
    I don’t understand the meaning of Overrated.. Ronda is good.. she may have 1 or 2 moves only but that is enough for Wwe Divas..

    & I don’t understand one thing, if Wwe is so obsessed with UFC palyes then y they want their female wrestler to look like a model..
    Lita & Trish were better & I think Trish v/s Ronda would have been a great match.. just my thinking
    suppose if chyna was there..

    • Ayrus
      August 23, 17:18

      Lol.. Even Jindar didn’t come out. Btw I waited for jinder’s independence daydidnt h celebrations in ring this year which didn’t happen. 😂
      As he said he waited for the match to end and then someone would “Get Those Hands” 😂😂 BL didn’t let that happen. 😂
      I actually listening about lita, trish about you only… Seems they are too good.. Never seen a single match any of them actually.

    • Ayrus
      August 23, 17:20

      *day celebrations
      *from you.

    • aarya
      August 25, 11:32

      yeah they wished online but not a word by jinder in Wwe event.. me too was expecting some jinder talk at least ..

      when I started to watch Wwe, both were Rival ..but they were great..
      & in old days.. I found Chyna Strongest

  15. Azalea
    August 19, 23:25 Reply

    @ayrus lol true enough only yesterday I got to know when was it haha hehe 😝
    You can pass the wishes through vasu
    I was trying to keep u informed but the I was the one who didn’t 😅😅

    • Ayrus
      August 19, 14:45

      Jindar may help KO and KO wins the match. And later on, he successfully cash in RR and BL match. Another possibility. Anything can happen.

    • aarya
      August 20, 14:01

      see above.. my reply

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