Mahakali 11th November 2017 Written Update

Mahakali 11th November 2017 Written Update by Atiba

Mahakali 11th November 2017 Written Episode

Scene 1
Shiv says you have to stop on the border parvati. Parvati says are you stopping me from coming to my home? He says no I am stopping you from bringing the one who doesn’t belong here. She says he just came and you are not letting him in. He remember your promise. She says that was a wife and this is a mother. How much pain will you give me? He says this will only bring pain to your future. You bringing Andhak here will ruin everything. Think before you decide. Andhak has darkness in his personality. Parvati says he is my child and he has to live with me. He will come to Kelahs with me.
Ganesh comes and says ma.. Both of you are right. Dad means that he being in Kelash can not be good. But he can come here a guest. We welcome all guests. Parvati says in that case I also invite

Saniyashk who brought Andhak up as well. Shiv leaves.
Parvati says to Andhak I have something for you. He says what is it ma? Everything turns a light a beautiful place builds. Andhak plays with flowers. He picks animals and plays with them. Parvati says you will live here. He says thank you am. She says this is your right. Ganesh says a son has right on his mother’s love. Parvati says you always bring smile on my face Ganesh. You are great. Andhak gets angry. Parvati says both of you rest. Ganesh let Andhak rest. Andhak says I want to come with you as well mata. She says rest here.

Vishnu says we didn’t want this to happen. Shiv says PArvati will realize soon too.
Ganesh says mata do you trust Andhak? Parvati saays if there is darkness in him I have to clean it. He is my son.
Shiv says the trouble is coming towards Parvati.
Parvati comes to her cave. Andhak is there. Parvati says you here? He says I want to be with you. Parvati says don’t worry I won’t leave you now. He says why did you leave me mom? Because I am blind and ugly. She says no son for a mom her child is always perfect. He says why did you leave me? Why you left me? I want answers. I was kept away from you. Parvati says I love all my sons. He says will father accept me? I will win his love. She says you don’t have to.. He says I have to because he doesn’t want me here. I want to make a space in his heart.

Scene 2
Saniyashk says to Shiv i know you must be thinking why I brought him here. Shiv says I know you were scared of losing him. Andhak comes there. Saniyashk says lets go from here. He says I want to ask Shiv a question? Shiv says what is it. He says why you hate me? Shiv says I don’t hate you. Andhak says because of you I lived away from my mom and lived as a blind person. Saniyashk says he is Mahadev. Andhak says he has to answer me. Parvati says calm down Andhak. You can start your life anew. He says only you understand my pain mom. No one else here is mine. Saniyashk says I am sorry on his behalf.

Andhak comes to his place. Ganesh comes and offers him modak. He says don’t disturb me. Ganesh says okay then I will sit here and eat alone. He says this is so tasty. Ma makes such good food. Taste it. Andhak tastes the modak. Andhak says who will become the prince of Kelash? Will there be a battle between us? Ganesh says we all live here as family. We have another brother. He is Kartika. He will be the price. Andhak gets angry. He says Kartika.. Shiv says Andhak living here is not right. Parvati says he is my son;. Shiv says he is not born in right time. He is full of darkness. I will accept whatever you decide.

Andhak says I don’t wanna lose you mom. Kartika comes there and says who are you and why are you here? Andhak attacks him. Kartika stops his fire. Andhak and kartika fight. Paarvati comes there. She says he is your brother. Kartika is dazed. He says I am sorry ma. He picks him up. Andhak says I am sorry. Saniyashk says I should send him back. Andhak says I won’t go anywhere. Parvati says I have decided this Andhak. Andhak says I am sure Mahadev forced you into deciding this. He wants to keep you away from me. Saniyashk takes him. Andhak says I wont leave anyone.

Shiv and Ganesh comes. Ganesh says I know you are sad ma. Sometimes we have to take hard decision for our kids. I know Andhak will become a better person. Parvati says yes. Parvati says Kartika this is.. Kartika says I know he is my brother. Kartika says I heard this news and came here. My parents had a son and no one called me here. Parvati says no there so such thing. He says I know you were busy with younger one and forgot the older son. Its okay ma. Ganesh says brother..

Scene 3
Andhak sits down and thinks about Kelash. He says I dont’ wanna come with you Saniyashk. He says meet your guru. Andhak says I don’t want to learn anything. I will make Mahadev regret his decision.
Parvati recalls Kartika’s words. She says how do I tell you son a mother never forgets her child. Shiv comes. Parvati says why a mother is always in trouble. Should I tell Kartika that he is really important to me? He made my mother first time. Whenever he goes away from Kelash i feel the same. I could never give any of my kids a proper happiness.
Shiv says don’t worry. He says look at these flowers. She says why are my kids questioning you? Shiv says you are not understanding that kids become what they strive for. They decide for their lives and parentss can make them walk on a road. We can only show them the way. Our kids will test us.

Precap-Kartika says lets have a challenge between me and Ganesh. They both do a competition.

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