Mahakumbh 9th July 2015 Written Update

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Mahakumbh 9th July 2015 Written Update by Amena

Mahakumbh 9th July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rudra seeing the Amrit manthan story depicted on the walls and sees Naags and Garuda fight, and lastly Dakshak killing Garuda head. He says it’s exactly how everyone died and how I will die, it means its all decided, then why should we fight, it will happen whats written, why did Garudas give sacrifice, this is not justice and shouts, they can’t protect Amrit, then why did they sacrifice. Shivanand comes and says her sacrificed as Pashuram guides him ahead, his fate is to go ahead. Rudra asks why are the walls showing we will lose the war. Shivanand says he will see the meaning by the vision he sees, nothing is same in the world, if he does not protect Amrit, humanity will end, will he go as he sees here and have courage to change this, promise me to do duty of Garuda head.

Rudra says belief can change the fate, human race has hope from me, I will fight on their belief, this is Garuda head’s promise, this is Rudra’s promise. Dakshak says why does Garuda come here to fight with me, if I m most powerful and the winner. Rudra asks him to come out. Dakshak appears and says its Shivratri today and Amrit will appear. Rudra says he is here to fight. Dakshak says it was all his plans and take smulti avatar. He says he has right to get Amrit. Rudra asks why. Dakshak says he is the most powerful, Naag will be Lord of the world. Rudra says their motive will be selfish, good will win over evil.

Dakshak asks him to see how he will end and he gets into one form. Rudra sees the stones moving. Rudra gets stunned seeing the multi headed snake devil. Rudra gets his Garuda wings and flies above them. Rudra stands away from the snake devil. Dakshak tries to attack and Rudra pushes him away. Dakshak says its time that Rudra dies. Rudra says Garudas does not have right on Amrit, we are just protectors, and gives him chance to go back. Dakshak and Rudra fight. Rudra gets hurt and falls down. Dakshak sits between the snakes and says he has warned him before, he can’t get equal to his powers, and asks him to go back, he will take Amrit, who will take this Vish, so maybe Rudra has come to take it.

He says Garuda will be known for Vish, this is justice. Rudra gets the weapon given by Pashuram and challenges Dakshak. The snakes try to bite Rudra. Rudra flies again and hits the snakes. The fight goes on and Rudra gets shirtless, showing his Garuda sign. Dakshak says Garuda and Naag can together reach Amrit, that wall has this written, where my end was written, so that your patience ends, I will pass my poison top you now, which you can’t bear. Rudra gets bitten by Dakshak and gets poisoned. He recalls Bhairavi’s words and uses the Mani given by Maya. Dakshak dies.

He sees the Amrit kalash appearing golden lighted. Bhairavi asks him to touch the kalash, earth will sign Ganga to return back. He crawls to that place. He says he was born for this motive and its fulfilled now, evil has lost and once again humanity won. He touches the Amrit. Ganga returns to the Ghat and people get happy seeing Ganga waters coming back and keeping their beliefs. Bhairavi looks on and thanks Lord. She greets Ganga Maiyya.

Bhairavi and everyone sing Om Jai Gange Maata…. And do the aarti of the Ganga. The minister’s granddaughter gets Rudra’s locket in the river and shows Bhairavi and Maya, that its Rudra’s. Bhairavi blesses her and leaves. Maya cries. The girl stops Bhairavi and asks will Rudra never come now. Bhairavi says he will come again after 144 years. Bhairavi smiles and leaves. After 144 years, little Rudra is shown running and snake devil Dakshak is shown behind him.

The show ended today with Garuda head Rudra winning against NaagGuru Dakshak and protecting Amrit, and it concluded by showing a leap of 144 years and Mahakumbh getting its protector Rudra again.

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