Maharaj Ki Jai Ho 3rd April 2020 Written Update

Maharaj Ki Jai Ho 3rd April 2020 Written Update by Amena

Maharaj Ki Jai Ho 3rd April 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Suryabhan scolding and slapping the minister. He says I m very happy to drink the alcohol sent by Gandhari, Maharaj is so lucky, why can’t I be lucky like him. Senapati praises his courage. Suryabhan says I want the best queen, someone who can make my life better, my four wives have made my life hell. Suryabhan says you are the best, if you were a woman, I would have married you and made you my queen.

Sanjay hides from the guard and goes. A black cat comes in his way. Sanjay says I will give you a treat if I get the necklace. The cat goes. Sanjay says even the cats are corrupt. He goes to Suryabhan and falls over him. He hears Suryabhan talking in sleep with Gandhari. He steals the necklace and goes. Senapati sees this and wakes up Maharaj. Suryabhan asks what are you doing in my room. Senapati says its my room, you were drunk and took Gandhari’s name, you could have not gone to any Maharani’s room, so I got you to my room. Suryabhan asks was I dreaming about her. Senapati says if you were seeing the dream, then you would be seeing it. Suryabhan sees the necklace missing and asks where did it go.

Senapati says a thief has stolen it. Suryabhan scolds him. He asks him to go and catch the thief. Suryabhan sits worried. Senapati and the guards try to find the thief. Suryabhan says you think that the thief will be inside the barrel. Suryabhan asks minister to find out. Senapati goes with the sword. Albert asks the horses to run in such a way like they have few mins left. Albert runs away. Senapati runs to see. Sanjay gets the necklace to Shakuni. Shakuni says I don’t remember anything, we will go and give the necklace to Maharani. He goes with Pranpriye. Sanjay sits sad. He sees a kid Arjun coming. The kid says you told us that you will give us a demo. Sanjay says there will be a big problem, I have no idea. Arjun asks what will you do now. Sanjay imagines dancing. Arjun asks what will you do. Sanjay asks what can I do, there are many enemies and I m alone. All the kids come to help him. Sanjay gets an idea. Sunaina is taken for the punishment. The men see her and pray for her. Shakuni says I told you that I will dance when you die. He reads Sunaina’s crime. He says this girl dared to steal the necklace, because of which she will be hanged until death.

Sunaina gets the rope noose in neck. Albert sees something. Sanjay comes and stops the punishment. He asks Maharaj to do justice. He says this girl has done wrong, did you think why did she do this. Maharaj asks why. Sanjay says maybe her drunkard dad tied or her dumb mum had an illness, or her brother sold his kidneys for money, we make the criminals, its the situation that makes a person a criminal. Everyone claps and gets sad. Maharaj cries and says I think, its injustice… Sanjay says law is blind, law can’t see anything. Maharaj gets angry and says just hurry up and hang her. Arjun shoots the arrow. Albert threatens to shoot. He scares everyone and makes them run. Sanjay runs to help Sunaina. The guards try to catch him.

The princes come between and help Sanjay. Shakuni goes to Sunaina. He hangs her. Arjun shoots the arrow and breaks the rope. Sanjay gets the car. Sunaina falls inside the car. They flee. Shakuni comes in the way. Sunaina says drive the car. Shakuni falls aside and screams. Maharaj asks what happened. Senapati says something happened to Shakuni. Sanjay and Sunaina are in the jungle. He scratches the tree bark and writes SS. He says you should thank me. Sunaina says fine. He says you had stolen the cash, you lost it, its bad. She says I m not worried for cash, when I behead you and take you to Suryabhan, he will give me gold. Sanjay says she broke my heart soon.

Sunaina drops Sanjay to Suryabhan’s palace. Shakuni says I have an idea to get rid of Maharaj.

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