Maharaja Ranjit Singh 18th July 2017 Written Update

Maharaja Ranjit Singh 18th July 2017 Written Update by Atiba

Maharaja Ranjit Singh 18th July 2017 Written Episode

Scene 1
Ranjit says to zaman give us what is ours. Kohinorro is ours. Zaman grasps Bhawar. He says I will kill him. I won’t ever give you Kohinir back. Bhawar says attack him don’t care about me. Attack and get kohinorr back from him. Ranjit says leave Bhwar and take Kohinoor. You have my word. He leaves Bhawar. Ranjit says you can go because I gave you my word but one day I will come and take this from you.
Bhawar says why you did this. Ranjit says every life in Punjab is more important than any wealth.

Raj’s woman tells her that ranjit has won the battle. Sada and Raj are so happy. Sada says we will celebrate together. Lets prepare. Ranjit comes home. There are celebrations. He distributes wealth in poor. Mehtab recalls insulting him. Sada says he is a diamond. Ranjit is great. SHe says to Mehtab go and welcome him.
Ranjit says Punjab is united. This is win of Punjab.

Mehtab is in room. Ranjit comes and returns her Gurwaksh’s sword. She says stop. The one who respects this sword deserves to keep it. She gives him the sword permanently. She gives him Ranjit’s handkerchief. He says thank you. He says you don’t like me right? She says I made it back when I was learning embroidery. Its incomplete. Ranjit says incomplete doesn’t look good. She says I will complete it. He says I was talking about relationships. Will you complete it? Will you tie my name with yours? What does this silence mean? You have right to say no. Relationships are made on trust. One day this distance will abate.

Ranjit comes to palace. He recalls his promise to Mahan. Ranjit says I did what I promised you of. Ranjit says you gave me this strength. This is first step towards unity of Punjab, I wont stop.
All the sardars plan to take their wealth back from ranjit. Ranjit says to Mahan’s photo I will always protect Mehtab.

Precap-sardars ask ranjit to return their wealth.
He says Zaman shah took it go and ask it from him. All the sardars are mad and plan against ranjit.

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