Maharaja Ranjit Singh 5th July 2017 Written Update

Maharaja Ranjit Singh 5th July 2017 Written Update by Atiba

Maharaja Ranjit Singh 5th July 2017 Written Episode

Scene 1
All Sardars get the invitation. One says a 12 year old will stand with us. Nidhan says so now we will call him sardar? Dal says we have to control things. This 12 year old shouldn’t sit on our heads. People are celebrating him everywhere. Nizam comes in and says there is him, he can stop you all. All Punjab loves him. What if he takes over your states too? We have to do something carefully. Ranjit has time till tomorrow. He is the first sardar at 12 and the first one to die at 12 as well. Tomorrow the celebrations should be converted into sorrow.

Scene 2
In Sukarchakiya, people are celebrating everywhere. Jai, Mehtab and Sada come there. Ranjit says give me strength God. Make me like my father. Make me like him so I can protect my state. Give me blessings dad.
All sardars come in. Mehtab comes in and gives ranjit something. it is covered with a cloth. She says this is your gift. Ranjit takes the cover off from it. Its a tree full of pricks. It pricks Rnajit’s finger. She says I hope you like it. He says flowers stay for two days, pricks are loyal. He says your choice is so good. As sardar my way will be full of pricks like these. Mejtan says some enemies live close to you. Ranjit says if you want to make this relationship wear animosity then you are my closest enemy. An enemy whose animosity I am ready to tolerate.
Jai welcomes the guests. He sees Ranjit coming. Jai says God bless you always. Hope you become Maharaja from Sardar. The protector of this state is here. The lion of Punjab. Ranjit does the rituals and pooja.

Jai says go sit on your throne. He gives Ranjit sword. Jai says don’t call me dada ji. Call me SArdar jai singh. you are one of us now. You are a sardar too now. Ranjit walks towards throne. Ranjit recalls mahan sitting there. He stops there in shock. Mahan stands up and asks him to take over. Mahan smiles at Ranjit. Ranjt sits on the throne.
SAda says to Mehtab pretend to be happy even if you are not. She says I can’t. I want my face to remind ranjit of my hatred.
Ranjit says a close person gave me this bouquet. It is not an easy bouquet. It reminds me of the troubles that will come my way. Some of you might not like the way I do things. But my goal is unity. A punjab that is known as Punjab not as states. I want us to be named only Punjabi.

Dal says sardar ji people are here to congratulate you. They brought you gifts. Ranjit says I am here to serve them. People start giving ranjit gifts one by one.
Nizam says you became sardar. But your height is still low. You would have a problem in hugging me. You can accept my gift thought. Ranjit takes the gift and leaves it. The dagger falls from it. Ranjit says you better didn’t hug how would i know you made this dagger. Nizam says I am nawab. I don’t make knives. Ranjit says I was joking. You all our guests for next two days. Tomorrow is langar. Nizam says in heart these two days will be harsh on you ranjit.

Precap-Ranjit says you all were looking for a chance. Now pick up dagger and kill me. But if I stay alive I won’t leave any four of you. They stab ranjit and injure him deadly.

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