Maharaja Ranjit Singh 6th July 2017 Written Update

Maharaja Ranjit Singh 6th July 2017 Written Update by Atiba

Maharaja Ranjit Singh 6th July 2017 Written Episode

Scene 1
Sada said why you came here Mehtab. Mehtab says I don’t care about what anyone thinks. Jai comes and says what is wrong with you both.
Roop and Ghulab come there. Roop says please forgive me I came here without any gift. I have nothing to give you. I am poor. Ranjit says you have to give me love thats enough for me. Sada says Ranjit left your husband alive. What else do you want now. Raj says Sada.. Sada says no. Her husband is the reason of us being widows. And she saved his life. Roop says I left him.
Ranji says she is the one who exposed him. We can’t punish her for Sahib’s sins. From now Roop and Raj will live in this house.

Mehtab overhears the sardars planning against ranjit. Nizam says we have to attack him when he is asleep. We have
only two days. Mehtab goes and looks for them. She can’t find who they are. But she heard everything.
Ranjit comes and sees his throne. He says dad as sardar I made my first decision. I gave roop and ghulab place in this house. Everyone is against it. Is it right or wrong? He sees Maha. Mahan nods and smiles.

Mehtab says I did right. I should have left the darbar. She recalls what those people were saying. She says who were those people? They were talking about attacking a lion. Who were they referring to as lion? Ranjit? Or they were talking about real lion?

Scene 2
The four sardars come in. They laugh. Dal says today will prove our unity. They laugh. They start attacking ranjit and stab him. Mehtba wakes up. She says this was a dream. This was horrible.
Raj comes and says mehtab get ready. What happened? I am your mother in law that means you won’t respect me? Mehtab says I respect you. Raj says get ready.

Mehtba gets ready and comes to langar. She tells a woman about the dream she saw. The woman says what did you see? She says I saw someone being murdered. The woman says if you see someone close dying then their age is increased. If you see some enemy dying their age is reduce. Ranjit feels like Mehtab is worried. She goes in balcony. Mehtab says this dream shouldn’t come true. I hate him but I don’t want him to die. Ranjit comes there. She says what was this. i consider ranjit responsible for dad’s death but I don’t want him to die. Ranjit comes there and says you have wished from heart God will listen to you. Nothing will happen to you. Ranjit says your mask of hatred will fall soon. Mehtba says because i am stuck with you. He says you saw a bad dream. She says I saw that sardars who congratulated you were stabbing you. Ranjit says what could this mean.

Everyone serves the poor people. Mehtab serves Nidhan. She gets scared when she sees those sardars. She recalls her dream of them killing ranjit. She goes inside. Ranjit is worried. He looks at those sardars. Ranjit comes to mehtab. Mehtab says how can you be so good to them? She says they were killing you in my dream. Ranjit says I know my enemies have increased. I want to win my enemies before killing them. I want to convert weakness into strength. She says so you have learned politics.

Scene 3
Nizam says that kid was making fun of me. I will kill him. Nidhan says we should be prepared now. He says where did our weapons go? A man comes and says ranjit singh has asked you to come to darbar. They come to darbar. Ranjit says welcome. I am a bit late but its okay. These special gifts for you both. They are daggers. He says these are you daggers, the same that you wanted to kill me with.

Precap-Ranjit says to Sada I gave sahib a condition to leave him alive. to tell me who was his partner and he took your name. Sada says he is lying. He accused me before as well.
Ranjit says he has proofs this time. how should you be punished?

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