Maharaja Ranjit Singh 7th July 2017 Written Update

Maharaja Ranjit Singh 7th July 2017 Written Update by Atiba

Maharaja Ranjit Singh 7th July 2017 Written Episode

Scene 1
Ranjit says these are the same daggers that you brought to kill me with. You have the chance pick them and kill me. They pick the daggers. Ranjit says if I am alive none of you would be. NOw pick the daggers and attack me. They come towards him and the light goes off. They all attack ranjit on throne. It was a dummy. Ranjkit comes from back and says you lost the chance. Now its my turn.

Mehtab is worried. SHe says I can’t sleep. Nidhan says we are very sorry. We won’t do this again. He says Nizam provoked us. Ranjit says next time someone else will provoke you. Jai comes in and says now they will protect you every time. They will be loyal to you. And they will serve you and obey your orders. All the sardars say we will do whatever you say. Ranjit says I could
kill Nizam right now but he came here as a guest. Ranjit says you can go before my mind changes and don’t ever be seen around kasur. Nizam runs from there.

Mehtab tells sada about her dream and what she heard. She says I couldn’t find out who they were? Raj overhears. She says where is ranjit. She asks men. SHe comes to darbar. Ranjit is there. The sardars are hugging him. Mehtab recalls he said he wants to win his enemies. Ranjit says from today my enemies are yours and yours are mine. They leave. Ranjit says this is our punjab. The sardars leave. Raj says are you okay? Ranjit says Mehtab saved my life. Raj says but if they wanted to kill you then why you hugged them. Jaiu says because Ranjit makes friends out of enemies. This thought will make the dream of unity alive. Ranjit says this is the first step.

Scene 2
Nizam is angry. He says that ranjiut fooled me. Mansoor says we should shake hands with our Afghan brothers. Their army will help us fight ranjit.
A man begs a lord for mercy. He says there is no mercy in my dictionary. He burns an arrow and attacks him with it. The man dies. THe lord is Zaman Shah Durrani.

Ranjit is in his balcony. Sada comes there. SHe says I want to talk about what happened in darbar. I don’t think it is right. They were your enemies. They might attack you again. Enemy should always die. That is how hatred dies. Ranjit says it is useless. If enemy comes close you get to know whats in his mind. We will keep enemies close. Ranjit says liek I have kept you close. I told sahib to tell me who was with him. He said it was you. Sada says he is a liar. He accused me before as well. Ranjit says this time he has a proof. He told me that you used to go to meet him. You told him everything. What a nice enemy you are. how should I punish you then?

Precap-Raj says to Ranjit we had Kohinoor but Afghan took it from us. Ranjit says Zaman will be sent back to his state. Khinoor will stay here though.

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