Main Bhi Ardhangini 29th July 2019 Written Update

Main Bhi Ardhangini 29th July 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Main Bhi Ardhangini 29th July 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Tantrik telling Nilambari that he will not do her work even if she kills him. Nilambari shows his videos and says Police treats such baba’s badly. She says I have proofs that you have done many murders and says I have many copies. Tantrik says I am ready. Nilambari asks him to start the vidhis. The tantrik puts water in the bowl and it starts boiling. He asks her to put the Chitra’s doll in the water. Nilambari puts the doll in water. She then puts her bangle and keeps her hand in it. Chitra feels burning sensation. Tantrik chants the mantra and asks Nilambari to get Chitra’s evil powers in her body. Nilambari gets the evil powers of Chitra. Chitra falls down in the doll. Tantrik asks her to wear this bangle now and asks her to remember that it is not an ordinary

bangle. Nilambari sees the bangle which has turned black. The black smoke comes out from Chitra’s soul and gets in Nilambari. Nilambari feels pain and falls down the chair. Her evil bangle shines. Vaidehi asks Jaichand to go and save Vaidehi, says I am sure that she is alive. Jaichand says I can’t do this, I have sympathy with her, but I am not foolish. If sasumaa comes to know then I will be unknown. Nilambari gets up and has become evil. Tantrik looks on shocked. She moves her hand and makes the book falls and fly in air. She blows up the candle and makes the flower black. She laughs.
Nurse tells Doctor that Patient’s health is deteriorating. Jaichand says we shall inform sasumaa that Madhav is taking his last breath. Nilambari says you are good tantrik, but stubborn. Tantrik says you have become evil woman now and can do any work except one thing. He says when you comes near sacred place ore pure soul then your powers will get weak. Nilambari shouts at him and says only she can do anything. She makes tantrik as rat and then makes him lizard. She laughs and is about to smash lizard under her foot and thinks he is looking very happy. She then makes him a wooden doll. She says your place is here and keeps him on table. Rani calls Nilambari and says Madhav is critical and asks her to come fast. Nilambari says I will come. She stands infront of mirror and sets her make up fine with black magic.

Nilambari comes to the hospital. Rani says Madhav Bhaiyya…Doctor says he has no time left now. Nilambari says I want to be with Madhav alone. Doctor and everyone leave. Nilambari keeps hand on his forehead and shakes her bangles. She then chants some mantras and puts finger on his forehead. She shakes up her bangle and do some black magic. She then laughs. She comes back home and laughs loudly. She brings Chitra’s doll in her hand and breaks it. Chitra comes out of doll and appears before Nilambari. She says the relation between us is over now. Nilambari says when you was alive, I used you and I used your soul also. Now you are of use to me or for own self. Chitra says you couldn’t become a good mother and human, has snatched Madhav’s love from him. Nilambari says my destiny is written with blood of people like you. Chitra tries to attack her, but nothing happens to Nilambari. Nilambari says your Madhav, Vaidehi and your powers are all gone. Now see what I do with you and says you will be trapped in this bottle and beg infront of me, but I don’t give charity to anyone. She reads mantras and traps her in the bottle. She says whoever comes my way, I leave the person to yearn in pain. She says whoever bends in my rule will be alive and whoever rebels will be dead. She laughs.

Vaidehi’s injured or dead body is still in the temple and the temple bells rings. The Trishul becomes Shivji’s snake and it comes near Vaidehi. Many other snakes comes form the temple and surrounds her. The trishul snake bites on her head.

Precap: Someone makes Vaidehi’s body turn into naagin and her face is changed. The new story begins of a naagin and a vulture.

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