Main Hoon Aparajita 18th January 2023 Written Update

Main Hoon Aparajita 18th January 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Main Hoon Aparajita 18th January 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Akshay tells Aparajita to not go far away from him as then someone else might come between us. Aparajita is hurt hearing that and thinks I can’t tell him that he left me and brought someone else between us. Mohini enters the house and comes to Akshay’s room. Aparajita looks on. Akshay thinks why is she here again? She is very cheap. Aparajita closes the door before Mohini can enter his room. Mohini goes to Aparajita and says you are fake, what were you doing in Akshay’s room? I knew you wouldn’t leave this opportunity, what was going on in the room? Aparajita says what do you think was going on? Akshay comes there. Aparajita tells Mohini that he is my husband in this house and I know how to take care of him, you don’t need to interfere. Akshay thinks she was angry with me a few minutes ago and now showering love. Akshay says morning. Mohini says Manish asked me to take you to our house, you must feel stuck in these walls. Aparajita says these walls are his house and if he wants to change then I will take him out. Akshay smirks and says she is right, I need to rest but I think I should take therapy from you. Can we start today? Mohini smiles and says let’s go. Akshay says you can come to my room then, he starts going with her. Aparajita sees that and feels hurt. Akshay thinks I just want to see Aparajita’s love and jealousy for me, do something. Akshay tells Dadi that therapy might take 1-2 hours so don’t disturb me, he goes with Mohini. Aparajita tells Dadi that Mohini went with him, he is doing all this to make me jealous like he used to do 20 years ago but I am worried that Mohini will do something. I don’t want Akshay to feel any pressure. Dadi says what will you do now?

Mohini comes to Akshay’s room and closes the door. Akshay says you didn’t need to do that. Mohini says so no one can disturb us. Akshay tries to open the door but she stops him and stares at him intensely. She asks him to take off his shirt, she starts unbuttoning it but he moves away and says what’s the need for this? Mohini asks him to relax. She makes him sit on the bed and tries massaging his shoulder. Akshay thinks why did Aparajita not come till now? Mohini comes closer to him but Aparajita enters the room and sees them like that. Akshay pushes Mohini and moves away. He says Appu.. he looks at her wearing a bright pale yellow dress. He smiles at her and says this is my Appu.. I was missing my Appu, your simplicity is what keeps me attracted and smittten. He moves closer to her while Mohini looks on. Akshay caresses her face and smiles. He says there is something still missing, he takes sindoor and applies it to her. Aparajita is shocked while Mohini fumes in disbelief. Akshay says when I see my sindoor on you, I feel very safe. he holds her hand and says thanks Appu. Mohini comes there and throws away the sindoor bottle from Akshay’s hand, she angrily leaves. Akshay says this woman is weird, what’s her issue? Aparajita says this shouldn’t have happened. She leaves from there.

Dadi asks Aparajita what happened? I saw Mohini leaving in anger. Akshay comes there and asks Aparajita why did you leave as if I did a mistake by applying sindoor to you? did I do something wrong? is there something that I don’t know? where is your mangalsutra? is it still not repaired? you would never be in peace without mangalsutra, remember? Aparajita recalls how she would go crazy if she couldn’t find her mangalsutra. Chhavi comes there and hears all that. Aparajita says it will take time to get it repaired. Akshay says you should call them, what’s your issue? Dadi asks him to stop questioning her. Aparajita leaves from there.

Aparajita looks at herself in the mirror and sees sindoor. She recalls a flashback how Akshay would apply sindoor to her every day and then how he left her. How Mohini took away her mangalsutra. Akshay asks Dadi what’s her issue in wearing mangalsutra? Dadi says she doesn’t have any issue with that. Akshay says then she will wear the mangalsutra today only. Aparajita hears that.

The episode ends.

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