Main Hoon Aparajita 18th November 2022 Written Update

Main Hoon Aparajita 18th November 2022 Written Update by Atiba

Main Hoon Aparajita 18th November 2022 Written Episode

Scene 1
Aparajita hides Dolly from the rioters. She brings her back to the laundry.

Chhavi comes to Veer and he has decorated the terrace for her. Veer says I am sorry for lying and calling you here. Chhavi says I have to go as Disha and Asha are waiting for me. They hear some noise and look outside. Chhavi sees some rioters and asks what’s going on? Veer says some people are starting unrest but you can stay here. Chhavi says I am worried about Disha and Asha.

Asha and Disha are in the restaurant with Niya when rioters enter there so they hide from them. Disha calls Chhavi and says stay where you are. Chhavi says I am worried about you, she can’t hear them and the call ends.

Bappi thanks Aparajita for saving Dolly and leaves from there. Aparajita calls Disha and asks where are they? Disha says we are stuck in the restaurant but don’t worry. Aparajita says I am coming there. Disha says don’t come there, I will handle everything. She ends the call. Niya and Asha are scared so Disha protects them.

Chhavi tells Veer that maybe Disha and Asha went back home, I have to go back. Veer stops her and says it’s not safe outside, you can call Aparajita and tell her that you are with your friend and stay here till everything becomes fine. Chhavi says I can’t lie to her. I will tell her that I am with you. She calls Aparajita but can’t connect. Chhavi says I can’t even connect with her. Veer says you are safe here. Chhavi says why did you call me today when you knew about the situation? You could have called me sometime else.

Aparajita asks the inspector to let her leave the society as her daughters are in a restuarant. He says you can’t go anywhere, the situation is bad. Aparajita is worried. She says I have to go and find them.

Asha is crying so Disha tells her to calm down, she says we will run from there. She hides and looks for a way out. Disha starts crawling with Asha and Niya towards the exit.

Chhavi starts leaving Veer’s house and says Maa must be worried for me. Veer says don’t go right now. Chhavi says you don’t know my mother, she knows we are outside and she will put her life in danger for us. She starts leaving.

Aparajita comes to the market and is going to the restaurant, she hides from the police. She sees some rioters coming towards her but Akshay comes there and pulls her back before they can attack her. They both fall down and Aparajita hides closer to him.

The rioters say we have to find the MLA’s son and teach him a lesson, there is a girl with him, lets go there. They reach Veer’s house. Chhavi is leaving but Veer stops her and brings her back in the house. He shouts at Chhavi that I can’t put your life in danger. Chhavi says I am worried about Maa. I shouldn’t have come here. Veer says what if anything happens to you? I can’t let you go.

The rioters are in the restuarant when they find Disha, Asha and Niya. Disha starts fighting with them, they are about to attack Disha but Niya saves her. Disha is surprised. Asha and Niya help her in beating the goons. They start running from there. The goons follow them.

Aparajita is hiding with Akshay but she moves away from him. The goons are nearby so she clings to him. Akshay says what are you doing outside? Aparajita says I can ask the same, thank you for saving me. My daughters are stuck in a restuarant so I am going there. Akshay asks which restaurant? she tells him the name. He says daughters are there also? He recalls how Niya called him to the same restaurant. Aparajita says who else is there? Akshay says Niya, I was going there to meet her. It means Niya planned all this. Aparajita looks on. Akshay says she must have planned this to reunite me with the daughters. He tries calling them but Aparajita says there is no network. She cries and says I pray my kids are safe. I shouldn’t have let them go. Akshay says Appu.. nothing will happen to our kids. Aparajita says I won’t let anything happen to them. I have to leave from there. She gets up with Akshay. They both run from there, the goons start following them. Aparajita’s foot has pain and she can’t walk anymore. Akshay sees her getting dizzy and holds her. The goons are approaching them. Akshay and Aparajita hug each other. Aparajita prays for her kids’ safety.

The episode ends.

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