Main Hoon Aparajita 25th May 2023 Written Update

Main Hoon Aparajita 25th May 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Main Hoon Aparajita 25th May 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Aparajita and Akshay bring Disha to the mandap with veil on. The flashback shows how Mohini made Niya wear the fake family bangles too.

The neighbors have cooked food in Disha’s wedding and they are all excited.

The guests gossip why Disha is wearing a veil now? Mohini thinks I have to distract everyone to do what I want to. Disha sits in the mandap with Arjun. The priest starts the wedding. A guest goes from there and Mohini sees that. Arjun asks Disha why is she wearing a veil? Disha says I have bad rashes, he says I don’t care, my Disha is the prettiest, I love you. Disha tells Chhavi that her face is very itchy. The priest asks them to stand up to exchange garlands. They exchange garlands while all smile. Chhavi tells Aparajita that her rashes are growing, she says I will go and check for the medicine. The priest asks them to do gath bandhan but a guest says that this wedding can’t happen. She says my necklace got stolen, Ashmit asks what happened? she says they are hiding something as Disha is in the veil. The woman Sarika says these people have stolen my necklace, I won’t let this marriage happen. She is Ashmit’s sister and is angry. Kalpana says we will search for it but let the wedding happen first. She says I want to get my necklace first, Aparajita says please don’t interrupt the wedding. Sarika says I won’t stop till I find my necklace. Arjun says stop all this. She says this family is corrupt. Akshay says we will start looking for it. Mohini hides and thinks I have it. The priest says this marriage is cursed. Disha cries and tells Arjun that nothing is going well. Sarika says I am sure someone stole my necklace. Aparajita says I promise to find it otherwise we will gift you a new one. Sarika says I know you people are in debt. The flashback shows how Mohini talked about Akshay taking loan for the marriage and has no money. Sarika heard all that. Mohini stole her necklace. The flashback ends. Sarika says Akshay must have stolen my necklace becuase he took loan for the wedding. She tells the guests to check their jewelry too. Akshay says please don’t insult us like this. Sarika says you want to pay off the loan by stealing? Aparajita says enough, everyone takes loan for their kids’ weddings. You are blaming us for taking loan but can’t you see that we want the best for our daughter. She cries and says I am begging you to let the wedding happen and then we will find your necklace.

Mohini takes the medicine that Aparajita ordered for Disha and changes it with another one. She gives it to the servant to give to Aparajita.

Ashmit tries to calm down Sarika. Disha asks Arjun to help them but the priest says we are losing time. Chhavi brings the necklace and its this one right? Sarika says yes. Chhavi says it was under the chair you were sitting on, you should be careful of your items and stop blaming others, don’t insult my parents like this. Sarika says I am sorry, I thought it was stolen. Chhavi says your sorry won’t take back the allegations. Aparajita says you shouldn’t have created a scene like this. It has hurt Arjun and Disha. We planned all this to have a smooth wedding, why did you bring up all that? we took the loan to prepare the best for our daughter. This is the reason that parents think daughters are a burden, we shouldn’t threaten parents like this. Akshay says my girls are my pride. All guests agree. Akshay says lets continue the wedding. The servant gives the medicines to Aparajita and she gives it to Disha. Mohini smirks seeing that and thinks I will not let this mariage happen.

The episode ends.

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