Main Hoon Aparajita 26th March 2023 Written Update

Main Hoon Aparajita 26th March 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Main Hoon Aparajita 26th March 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Aparajita scares Mohini with a syringe. Mohini goes from there and says what is she up to? she looks for the injection in the kitchen but can’t find it. Aparajita comes there and says are you looking for something? I can help you if you want? Aparajita gets a call and leaves from there. The doctor tells her that he is sending the reports.

Aparajita is outside the house and tells Disha that the doctor sent his man to send the reports, I am waiting for him? Disha nods and goes from there. The man comes there and says we are here to get money. Aparajita says I don’t have money right now. The banker comes there and says if you can’t give us money then we will ask your family. Aparajita stops them and says I will do something, she goes in the house and is stressed. She opens her cupboard and finds her jewelry. She recalls how she told Dadi that these are her family pieces of jewelry which she would give to her daughters. She looks at Dadi and says I am sorry but I have to give these off to pay off the loan. Dadi silently cries, Aparajita says don’t cry, I am not sad so don’t worry about me. I will get this jewelry back so don’t worry, just trust me and don’t cry. She goes from there. Disha comes there and asks why is she crying? Aparajita says I have some work so take the reports. She goes out of the house and takes the loaner with her.

Chhavi finds the admission form on her room and recalls about Mohini’s offer. Mohini hides and thinks once she gets these papers signed then my problem will be solved.

The doorbell rings and Disha goes to open the door thinking the man brought the reports but its Akshay. He says I went to the police to find out if they can investigate anything about what happened with Amma. Mohini asks if they said anything? He says the police said the person should have a motive but who would get benefit by hurting Amma? Disha brings water for him and he is surprised. Niya comes there and sees that. She thinks dad is giving his attention to his other daughters only. She goes from there. Akshay says the courier came for Aparajita, Disha takes it and says why did he give it to you? Akshay says what’s in the letter that you are so ansty? Mohini takes it and says I will give it to her but Disha takes it from her and says I will give it to her, its important for her. Mohini tries to snatch it but Aparajita comes there and says I will tell you all what this paper is about. She tells Akshay that I found the injection bottles in the kitchen and asked the doctor to test it, these reports will show what those medicines were. Akshay reads the report and says it says the medicine was just energy booster and not harmful at all. Aparajita is surprised and reads it. The flashback shows how Mohini followed Aparajita and called Manish to change the reports. The flashback ends. Aparajita says this is a lie. Akshay says you got this test done so stop all this, we won’t talk about it and I will find out what happened with Amma, he leaves. Mohini asks Aparajita to not take stress as she might need a booster too. She leaves. Aparajita says how can this happen? the doctor said the medicine was dangerous.

Mohini laughs for fooling Aparajita and says once Chhavi takes the sign on the papers then my work will be done. Chhavi comes there and thanks her for admission form. Mohini asks if Aparajita signed the papers? Chhavi says yes, I got her sign. Mohini gets excited and says you have done my work.. I mean your work. She takes the form and hugs her. Chhavi thanks her and leaves. Mohini says I can’t believe this. She checks the form but can’t find the divorce papers inbetween. She turns around to see Aparajita taking her picture and says I like seeing you shocked. Chhavi says I am not a fool to think you would think about my future.. don’t ever try to harm my mother. Aparajita tells Mohini that I will finish this game soon. You can win some bets but I won’t let you win this battle. I will expose you to Akshay before Navratri. She leaves from there. Mohini angrily screams and calls Kalpana, she says didi your Akshay is in trouble so please come and help him.

The episode ends.

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