Main Hoon Aparajita 6th June 2023 Written Update

Main Hoon Aparajita 6th June 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Main Hoon Aparajita 6th June 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Aparajita brings aarti and tells Dadi that she will welcome Arjun as he is coming here as their son in law, he will live with us. Dadi says you are doing wrong, I should take the decision of letting Arjun stay here or not. Aparajita is confused. Dadi recalls how Ashmit called her and told her that only Disha’s father should take the decision, Akshay wanted justice for his daughters too, I don’t have issue with Disha but I want Niya to become our daughter in law as she took pheras, you are an elder so you should take the decision. Dadi tells Aparajita that people will taunt us, who will be his wife? Aparajita says we will find out who he really married but he loves Disha. I am allowing Arjun to stay here because I don’t want Arjun and Ashmit to fight, if he stays here then their relationship will be protected. If you don’t want me to keep Arjun here then I won’t. Dadi says fine but I have some conditions.

Aparajita blindfolds Arjun, Disha and Niya. She asks Arjun to tell them who is standing where? Arjun says I can’t see anything. Aparajita gives him rudrakash and asks him to promise that he will live as Arjun and not as Disha’s husband, promise that you will stay away from her. Dadi says you have to promise. Arjun says don’t worry, I know my bounderies, I promise that I will not form any relationship with Disha till everything is clear. Disha promises to stay in her limits. Niya says I promise to not come between them. Asha says how will we arrange money? Aparajita says we will start finding ways from tomorrow to arrange 20 crores.

Ashmit meets Mohini and says you did my work, we will take advantage of making Dadi go against Aparajita. She can’t arrange 19 crores in 15 days, we have to make her alone. We have to separate her daughters and Arjun from her. Ashmit is angry and says she separated my son from me so I won’t spare her. Mohini smirks and thinks he doesn’t know that I am using her.

Asha helps Arjun in unpacking and puts his and Disha’s marriage photo there. He says I will keep it away as I will miss Disha more. Asha gets a message and people are offering her money. She replies back.

Disha, Aparajita and others are reading files. Niya says I have seen Akshay handling projects, he was trying to secure a deal for which he wanted money. Disha brings his laptop but doesn’t know his password. Asha enters Aparajita’s name but it doesn’t work. She puts in Mohini’s name but its not. Asha puts Chhavi’s date of birth and its the password. They check his laptop and find a project file. Aparajita says we should talk to the investers of these projects. Niya says I will talk to Akshay’s manager. Dadi says you people think you can handle Akshay’s work? she tells Aparajita that you can’t handle his big business, you should clarify Arjun, Disha and Niya’s matter first. Aparajita says we have to protect this house first otherwise where will we go? I promise that I won’t do injustice with anyone.

A worker comes to Aparajita’s house. She says I saw you in the wedding, you work for Mohini? He says I need 1 lac and then I will give you information. Disha shouts at him so he runs away. Aparajita says why did you scare him? Asha says we should talk to the guests. The worker comes back, Aparajita says we don’t have 1 lac, we can give you 50K for now. I will give you 10K for now. He gives her the wedding footage. They all check it and Aparajita says Disha’s lehenga was torn and she is still wearing that in pheras so she took pheras with Arjun? Dadi says Mohini can tear Niya’s lehenga too, this is not a full proof. Aparajita says we will find a way to solve all this.

Precap: Mohini, on call, says to Goon do whatever you want to scare Aprajita and family, just make sure they are scared to step out of house. Goon says okay.
Goons in Aprajita’s house scare her and start vandalising her home. Aprajita says who are you people and what are you doing in my house.

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