Main Hoon Saath Tere 10th June 2024 Written Update

Main Hoon Saath Tere 10th June 2024 Written Update by Tanaya

Main Hoon Saath Tere 10th June 2024 Written Episode

Janvi tells Pushkar that she is breaking all ties with him and warns him to never show his face to her or Kian again. She then throws the intoxicated Pushkar out of the house.

Janvi reassures Kian that Pushkar is out of their lives and tells him not to worry. She apologizes to Reva for Pushkar’s behavior. Reva supports Janvi’s decision and tells her not to worry. Sadhu comments that it’s good Janvi will be staying with him after their marriage, and Janvi agrees. Kian worries about why Aryaman hasn’t arrived yet.

Meanwhile, Aryaman goes to the Ashram to meet Anya, but Vishan stops him, saying Anya is busy with the kids and that Aryaman can talk to her later. Vishan then leaves.

Lakshmi approaches Vishan, asking if she can use his phone to make a call for Parvati. Vishan refuses, saying he doesn’t lend his phone due to the risk of frauds. Lakshmi walks away, and Aryaman observes this from a distance.

Aryaman then offers his phone to Lakshmi, who asks if she looks like a fraud to him. Aryaman replies that she looks like a troubled mother and mentions he knows a single mother who is also troubled. Lakshmi takes his phone to make a call.

The lawyer arrives at Janvi’s house, and Sadhu asks why he took so long. The lawyer explains that he came earlier than the appointed time but was told by a neighbor that Sadhu and Janvi were out and to return after three hours. Sadhu realizes this was Aryaman’s doing and silently curses him.

Lakshmi returns Aryaman’s phone, and he notices Kian is calling him again. Aryaman tries to meet Anya, but she says she has to take photos with the kids to increase her followers and asks him to wait.

Lakshmi gives gifts to the kids. One child asks for another gift for a friend who is outside and shows a photo of the friend to Lakshmi. She recalls seeing Sadhu taking this child, Sumit, away and realizes something is wrong.

Lakshmi tells Aryaman that she suspects the orphanage warden is renting out kids, recalling seeing Sadhu take Sumit. She shows Sumit’s photo to Aryaman, who recognizes Sadhu as a fraud and plans to expose him. Aryaman asks for Lakshmi’s help, and she agrees.

Back at Janvi’s house, Sadhu asks her to sign the papers. Janvi notices Kian is missing and goes to look for him. Sadhu offers to get Kian and finds him, asking him to come along. Kian initially refuses. Sadhu accidentally sits on a walkie-talkie and, in his frustration, reveals his true nature, prompting Kian to comply.

Sadhu brings Kian back to Janvi. As Janvi, Reva, and Dadi prepare to confront Sadhu with sticks, Lakshmi arrives with the police, accusing Sadhu of kidnapping her son.

Lakshmi claims to be Sadhu’s wife, explaining she left him because he drank every day and abused her and Sumit. During the argument, Sadhu slips up and admits he never married anyone. Aryaman asks Anya to record everything to boost her followers, and she agrees.

Precap: Lakshmi tells Janvi what if you have a partner who can walk with you for your life. Janvi says but I don’t want to marry someone. Lakshmi says marriage is not the solution to your situation, but marrying to a perfect person who loves you, and you already have someone who can be with you forever. Janvi asks who? Lakshmi looks toward Aryaman and says to him.

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