Maitree 16th March 2023 Written Update

Maitree 16th March 2023 Written Update by Tanaya

Maitree 16th March 2023 Written Episode

Maitree approaches Sachin and inquires if he discovered anything. Sachin requests that Maitree examine the CCTV footage. Sachin informs Maitree that this is Tiwari’s back house CCTV and requests that she examine it.

In the CCTV footage, a man is seen jumping from the Tiwari house compound. Sachin believes this individual came to steal or plant something. Maitree and Sachin conclude that this is the person who planted drugs in Ashish’s car.

Maitree recalls what happened and believes that showing this video in court will be beneficial to Ashish. Sachin believes it is still insufficient to prove Ashish’s innocence.

Maitree requests that Sachin locate the owner of the car in the video that the thief left. Sachin concurs. Maitree decides to look through Vasundhara’s phone for useful information.

Vasundhara’s brother and Sid question her about why she is so concerned about the case. Vasudhara says she is preparing for the case hearing tomorrow. Vasundhara believes Ashish will accept that he is the criminal in order to save his family. Vasundhara makes a remark about Ashish. Vasundhara approaches Nandini and declares that she will never let Ashish back into her life again.Om tries to console Kusum by offering her some water. Sona arrives and tells Kusum not to worry because Ashish will figure out a way to get out of this mess.

Kusum tells Sona not to give Ashish false hope and that he will never be released from jail. Om tells Kusum to relax. Kusum claims she is unable to relax. Sona requests that Kusum tell her face what she has to say.

Kusum informs Sona that Dinesh discovered drugs in Saransh’s room. Saransh borrowed Ashish’s car on the day of the wedding. Sona refuses to believe Saransh is a drug addict. Saransh, according to Kusum, is the man in Sherwani who is hiding his face with a handkerchief.
Maitree instructs Princy to obtain Vasundhara’s phone in order to prove Ashish’s innocence. Princy claims it’s dangerous and refuses to do it. Maitree asks Princy to notify her if anyone arrives and says she will go to Vasundhara’s room and get something.

Kusum warns Sona not to give Ashish false hope, as he will never be released. Om tells Kusum to unwind. Kusum claims she can’t unwind. Sona requests that Kusum speak directly to her face.

Dinesh discovered drugs in Saransh’s room, according to Kusum. On the day of the wedding, Saransh borrowed Ashish’s car. Sona is adamant that Saransh is not a drug addict. Saransh is the man in Sherwani who is hiding his face with a handkerchief, according to Kusum. In order to prove Ashish’s innocence, Maitree instructs Princy to obtain Vasundhara’s phone. Princy claims it is risky and refuses to do it.

Maitree tries, but the face pack prevents it from happening. Maitree uses Vasundhara’s photo on the wall to unlock it. She emerges. She informs Princy that she will save the video to her phone and send it to Ashish via his father. She asks Princy to keep the phone in Vasundhara’s room until her work is finished.

Dinesh provides evidence to Ashish to prove his innocence. Ashish inquires as to why he is assisting him. Dinesh says Maitre is assisting you with Nandini and it’s up to you what you do, but don’t lose your wife and son in the process of clearing Saransh’s name. Ashish observes.

Sona assures Kusum that Ashish will take care of everything. They appear in court. In court, Ashish shows a video of an unknown man implanting drugs in his car. He claims that drugs were planted in order to trap me, and that the person responsible is driving Netha Dhanujay Mishra’s car. Vasundhara observes.

Ashish plays a video message that demonstrates Dhanunjay is a true drug addict. The judge admires Ashish. He directs Dinesh’s team to look into the matter further.Vasundhara claims Ashish is diverting the case and that he still has two questions to answer. The judge grants her permission to question Ashish. Ashish enters the witness box. Vasundhara wonders why his car is near a drug dealer and why police discover drugs in his home. Ashish stares helplessly at Sona.

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