Maitree 19th May 2023 Written Update

Maitree 19th May 2023 Written Update by Tanaya

Maitree 19th May 2023 Written Episode

Harsh is on the phone with his mother. Harsh’s mother inquires if he ate anything. Harsh informs her that he ate at the home of his event business colleague Maitree and is on his way back to the hotel. She requests that he speak with his father. Harsh says he’s running late and hangs up the phone. Harsh in rage recalls his father torturing him.

Ashish enters Nandish’s room and discovers that he is not in his bed and that his clothes are also missing. Ashish sets out to find Nandish. Nandish becomes disoriented on the road and attempts to find a way to Maitree’s residence. He walks around in terror, crying out for Maitree. He approaches the old man and inquires about Maitree’s address. The old man pulls Nandish away and walks away. Maitree wakes up in the middle of the night, concerned about Nandish and hoping that he is okay.

Ashish and his family searched the entire house but were unable to locate Nandish. Om requests that Ashish contact the police. Ashish contacts Maitree to tell her that Nandish has gone missing. Maitree said she will notify the authorities by alerting her father.

Nandish is depicted nearly getting into a car accident while trying to get Maitree’s address paper. Nandish saves time thanks to Harsh. He attempts to console Nandish. Dinesh phones Varun and requests that they look for Nandish. Maitree and Sachin set out to find Nandish.

Nandish informs Harsh that he want to visit his mother. According to Harsh, everyone wishes to visit their mother. He leads Nandish to the juice stand.

On the way, Ashish mentions that he has no idea why Nandish left the house. Nandini is sorry for scolding Nandish. She tells Ashish not to worry since they would have their Nandish. Kusum says she has no idea where Nandish has gone. Sona believes Nandini’s behaviour with Nandish is inappropriate and that he may flee the house because of her.

Harsh attempts to learn more about Nandish. Nandish claims that when my nasty mummy reprimanded me, I ran away from home to meet my Aayi. Harsh requests that he give him the names of his parents. Sachin and Maitree go looking for Nandish. Harsh requests Nandish’s address so that he can pick him up. Nandish claims that I misplaced the address and that I want to visit my Maitree Mom since she adores me. Harsh requests Nandish’s full name. Nandish says he has no idea. Harsh requests that Nandish tell him the names of his parents. Nandish adopts his parents’ surnames. Harsh realises Nandish is referring to Maitree. Harsh tells Nandish that he is a friend of Maitree and promises to take him to Maitree and asks him to promise him that he will become his friend. Nandish stands by his word. Harsh dials Maitree’s number. Maitree hangs up the phone.

Maitree answers Ashish’s phone call and tells him that Nandish will be found soon. Nandini says he could pay you a visit. According to Maitree, there are possibilities. They decide to look for a way to Maitree’s house. Harsh receives Maitree is busy, so he rides Nandish to Maitree’s house on his bike. Nandini notices someone following Nandish. She informs Ashish that their son has been kidnapped. Harsh is being pursued by Ashish. Harsh takes Nandish to Maitree’s house. Ashish comes to a halt in his vehicle. Nandini grabs Harsh’s collar and demands to know how he dares to steal her son. Maitree and her parents appear. Harsh questions Maitree about why she didn’t answer his phone calls. He tells Nandini that he is a friend of Maitree, not a kidnapper. Nandini takes off his collar.

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