Maitree 20th February 2023 Written Update

Maitree 20th February 2023 Written Update by Tanaya

Maitree 20th February 2023 Written Episode

Ashish and Saransh were awakened by Maitree. She requests that they perform aarti. They perform aarti. Maitree requests that they get dressed in order to dine. She then visits Om and Kusum in their room to accept their blessings. Maitree is questioned by Nandu at the dinner table about whether or not she prepared the questions. The pasta, muffins, chole, and paratha Maitree made are displayed to her. Sona makes fun of Nandu while praising Maitree for considering everyone’s preferences. Calls Saransh. Saransh shows up there without bathing. He is told to take a bath by Sona. Saransh’s hand trembles a lot.

Ashish is informed by Nandu that Maitree would no longer be in her care as of today. She is reassured by Ashish that Maitree can balance everyone. Drugs are injected into Saransh’s body. Everybody consumes their entire breakfast. Maitree is questioned by Nandu as to why she does not value her more. Maitree promises that she will wear the saree she was given at night. When Saransh arrives, he suggests that you visit the temple. Saransh insists on driving despite Ashish’s assurances to the contrary. Ashish concurs. In the car, everyone is seated.

Nandu and Ashish contend that they will hear their favourite tunes on the road. By turning on the radio, Maitree finds a solution to the issue. They like the music. Ashish observes Saransh speeding the automobile. He requests that the speed be lowered for Nandin’s protection. Saransh slows everything down. Nandu claims she is uncomfortable and takes her seatbelt off. The stone from the ring then emerges once Maitree’s hand strikes the door. When Maitree shows Saransh the object, he asks, “If this is a real diamond, why did it break?” Saransh wanders off. Their car is struck from the other side by the truck. They experience a terrible accident. Everyone in the car passes out.

Visitors make fun of Sona. Maitree’s parents are welcomed by Sona, who enquires as to their lateness. The atmosphere, according to Maitree’s mother, is not good. Sona assures us that everything will be fine. The mother of Maitree comments, “I’m delighted you said favourably and don’t know why I’ve been feeling downcast since morning.” Sona observes. Rain begins to fall. Maitree awakens from her injury. Everyone is severely damaged, she observes. Sona advises Maitree’s mother to have optimistic thoughts. Sona learns from Sachin that he purchased the Maitree-Saransh wedding video. He is asked to play it by Sona. Maitree seeks to awaken everyone on the opposite side. Ashish becomes conscious. He attempts to wake Nandu up after being shocked by her condition. At Vasundhara’s home, Nandu’s photograph is damaged. Vasundhara is concerned. Vasundhara claims that depending on how we interpret the situation, she believes Nandu is pleading for her pardon. She requests that the employee order a new frame.

The wedding video is something Sona and her family enjoy seeing. Saransh attempts to be awakened by Maitree. Despite Ashish’s efforts, Nandu is still unconscious. Om and Kusum talk about how it’s good to see Sona happy again. When Maitree tries to contact for assistance, her phone doesn’t work, and she finds that their phones also don’t work. The projector burns out abruptly at home. Everyone is anxious. Maitree asks Kuldevi Mata to intervene on their behalf.

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